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  1. Working on an FE fangame called Fire Emblem: Legacy of Fallen Stars. I made an r/fireemblem post about it which covers a lot, and the comments cover even more. Link I'm posting it here as well because, although I'm more than happy with the amount of composers, mugspriters, writers, and programmers that have stepped up, there are still a few issues I need help with, and, of course, more publicity never helps. First of all, what should I do for actual gameplay? I have this whole thing planned with a new skill system and branching classes and three tiers of promotion and all that, but...I can't do much of that with just simple romhack tools. Generally, would it be smarter to try to make a ton of new systems in a rom hack, or simply wait until FEXNA releases? I'd reccommend reading the entire thread above, or at least most of it, before commenting here as a lot of questions were answered there.
  2. Update. A few new characters, some blood changes, just general update. Galzus/Eyvel is also a thing, since that was a neat idea someone suggested on r/fireemblem. Still not sure if I'm keeping Leora forever, she's likely gonna be axed soon.
  3. Simon doesn't have Loptyr blood since since I remember having a discussion on r/fireemblem about Loptyr blood and the way it worked, he lost it, iirc. And yeah, I'm still not fully dedicated to actually having Linoan and Arion's kid be "canon", I just put it there since it felt like I should. Might remove it, idk.
  4. (New here so I just assume spoiler tags are a thing I should put) So after beating FE4, I've decided to make a family tree for Jugdral, with a 3rd generation of OCs. Now, there are a few things to be aware of before commenting on the tree. Ishtar and Julius have a kid via this set of events; Julius and Ishtar make a kid, Ishtar and Julius fight Seliph in the last chapter, Julius is killed, Ishtar is killed, Loptyr uses magic like Forseti did, and brings her back since she's carrying his next scion. I know that having 3 bloodlines is probably bs. But, I'm mostly doing this for fun, and 3 bloodlines is the most fun. Also on the note, this is not to meant to follow any canon; I'd just either choose pairings or go on r/fireemblem and ask "who should I pair X with". Lastly, before asking questions, browse this thread and this thread. They're the two I made on r/fireemblem before this and will likely sort out some questions you might have. I'm totally open to changes, but just don't be a dick about it. That probably goes without saying though. Source for tree
  5. Just mad an acct after a while of hearing about this place, since I mostly interact with the community for feedback and discussion and so logically, the best places for that are here and r/fireemblem. I'm elitist trash with an unhealthy Jugdral obession, dirty minmaxer, and staunchly anti-Fates. My main method of entertainement inbetween games is designing a set of characters that are the 2nd (or in the case of FE4 and 13, third) generation for my favorite game at the time, currently Jugdral. It's possible you've seen my Jugdral family tree if you use r/fireemblem often, and I'd attach it here but I'll make a thread right after this one that's all about it. Other than that, I...uh....My profile picture is a mixture of a revamped sprite of Leif and Nanna, since my favorite g3 character is their kid (also using the name Parzival, thus why I used it here). I've lurked here in the past, but not too often.
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