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  1. How did I get an ad on my About Me page... lol

  2. Happy Birthday!!

  3. :o Lina Inverse

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    2. Zanarkin


      Sorry I'm quite a fan of Slayers, always nice to meet another :D

    3. Chen


      IT'S FINE

      cause slayers is awesome as shit

    4. Zanarkin
  4. Out of the frying pan and into the fire eh?

    1. kingddd
    2. Zanarkin


      :awesome: :D. I love that game, it is so great. Love the airplane missions.
  5. Happy Birthday!!

    1. Junkhead


      Thanks, Ulki. =)

      Login more, Ulki. )=

    2. Zanarkin


      I try, but i can't really be very active. School keeps me sort of busy so when i'm here or doing anything else i take time from school which i shouldn't be doing.

  6. Anyone want a beta code for Infinite Crisis?

  7. Almost burned down the apartment.

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    2. Zanarkin


      Or atleast the apartment has no fire alarms.

    3. Quintessence


      8/ security thingies are always handy

    4. Zanarkin


      Yep. Hope shit doesn't turn on fire while i'm at sleep.

  8. I'm sorry, I missed it. I would have tied the vote too :<

    1. Quintessence


      Canas and his wife were killed by the snowstorm, indeed 8<

  9. Kidney stones-- not fun

  10. Passed Chemistry. Yay for no more pH bull shit :D!

  11. Monster beware, a new hunter has been spotted.

  12. Where is this terrible beastie from :3 ?

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    2. Zanarkin


      The problem is though that i don't have the money to spend on it yet :P I need to get it first, i wouldn't mind saving 300 dollars for it.

    3. Freohr Datia

      Freohr Datia

      Yeah I figured~ But it's certainly convenient to find sales! =D At first I would have had to have my dad help me pay for the wii u (though I'd have to pay him back), but once I found one selling for 150 I was able to by it just with my own money~

    4. Zanarkin


      Oh yes yes, I would definitely take advantage of sales and would appreciate them :D. Hopefully by the time i make all that money i have enough for the wii u, there is a sale somewhere.

  13. MHTri servers closed a while ago... I wasn't there for its final days T_T, I feel like I abandoned a friend.

  14. I got my laptop back yay! *Celebrates*

  15. Hello, I have been informed you have managed to do 2-E with just Nephenee. Could you tell me how you did this?

    1. Ciarre



      Basically I had Nephenee go right on the map where the armors are on foot. Her being able to ORKO with a javelin (especially the armors) is also really helpful (without wrath activated since it's really hard to get her to wrath range if she's tier 3). By the time she gets down there, the door should be bashed down. iirc I think I had her finish the door off with a javelin. Then she can walk ov...

    2. Ciarre


      er to the middle area where all of the dudes are. Then Ludveck should attack you on EP4 iirc. Then you can finish him off on PP5.

    3. Zanarkin


      Thanks. I don't think i can do it now because she is not tier 3, but maybe if i push for wrath.

  16. Do you happen to know where the thread with FE10 low turn count strategies went? It had the 4 turn strategy for 1-9 with Micaiah

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