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  1. I honestly think they should just take their time and release a full quality product. Not the shoddy thing they tried to pass with Sword and Shield. But thats unlikely to ever happen since pokemon makes a lot of money and even if a lot of people (generally an older crowd) refuses to buy pokemon for its lack of quality, they have new fans discovering the series every year. I'm a cranky old coot though, just give me my sinnoh remakes and i will leave.
  2. https://sarahcandersen.com/post/175076008811
  3. The switch sales have started in North America. Tempted to get Breath of the Wild but having borrowed and beaten it before i do question how worth it is. I think i might just get crash and call it a day. but Zelda is definitely asking for me :V
  4. It probably was just that store. It has a clearance sticker which means they want to get rid of it for a potential variety of reasons. Most likely though they didn't have the space for it so they just reduced it to 50% off. Happens a lot at the store i work for. Though it isn't a Walmart. 7% is ridiculous....? :s I pay 13% in Ontario and that is honestly not a bother lol @SullyMcGully Replying in the edit so as not to post with unrelated stuff, yeah taxes pay for things i would otherwise have to worry about on a very low income. 13% of non-essential purchases is a small price to pay for healthcare, education, and a ton of other things. Though if you want to continue this i suggest we move this to PM. I make minimum wage and work 24 hours a week. I make do just fine and no i am not loaded lol. Though certainly i hardly stress about money.
  5. Neither. I am hoping we will either get a third version, or even better, a remake of D/P/Pt. Also, I do have a few issues with Gamefreak. In particular how they keep churning out games and they sell really well, but despite the success they refuse to spend more money and resources to make them better.
  6. That is a pretty good idea. Thanks for the list.It should help!
  7. Thank you both for the replies. It is what i feared but oh well. I suppose exploring can be done a bit better just by focusing a bit more rather than wandering around.
  8. So how much does skipping hurt you actually? I have been wondering this since finishing my first playthrough, where i skipped classes and monthly events after the 2nd month of part 2. It didn't seem to hurt me much then, but i was playing normal/classic so i can't assume it would hurt too much in that mode. However, how much would it hurt to skip throughout the whole game in hard? Maddening? My only reason for asking this is because exploring feels super tedious. It was fine at first, but after a few explorations, talking to the students and exploring a huge temple over and over again for a few items, professor levels, and quests became really boring, really fast.
  9. Give me the Tellius games! Please! It can even be just a simple port, but a remaster of it would also be great. As long as we get it I'm ok with it.
  10. On the top right of the forum, you should see your avatar and name. Click it, select account settings. Under Overview you should be able to see your email, and to the right of it you should see the option to change it. You can also click Email Address right underneath overview to change your email address.
  11. I think path exclusive characters, or characters that require certain conditions like the death of another character are pretty neat. It can give a character more depth and make for interesting trade-offs. Not that this happens every time with exclusive characters, but since this is fire emblem, you aren't using every character anyway.
  12. A curious question. If i remember RD dodging mechanics, where they would jump after the sharp end connects, I'd say a lot of amputations or massive scars at the very least. In 3 houses though, there would definitely be some burn marks on many characters. Fliers I imagine have broken legs or limbs. Fist fighters probably have it the worst though.
  13. Sounds like it just has a set chance to ohko regardless of how much damage you do. And also gives you 15 avoid. Not too bad, but honestly, i feel like there are much better combat arts out there.
  14. Lady calls in asks for someone in the natural foods department. Now i am not very well versed in it, but my old department was merged with the natural foods section and I am the only one working that day so i pick up the phone. She starts talking about organics grape juice, that she thought was 4.99 but on the receipt it says 5.99. She then keeps talking and talking about something or other, I was barely listening because I figured she was just rambling at this point. After a minute or two of her just talking about being in the store when she bought the juice, she asked if I could go check the price. I said I could, told her I'd be right back and put her on hold. I checked the juice aisles for the normal food section, and the natural food section and I could not see the grape juice she wanted. There wasn't even any placement for it. So I go back to the phone and I tell her this. She was very much not happy about it. Now my department has a cellphone that we can carry around, and usually the manager does. I can take it if I want but I absolutely don't have to, and in fact never have past my first few weeks in the department. Anyway, she asks me if i am carrying this phone I say no. She then asks me which phone I am using, and I say customer service, which I was actually using. After that she proceeded to berate me for not using the pharmacy phone which is close to the department. Fair enough I suppose, though i don't say respond much to it. She is clearly very angry at having to wait, frustrated about me "not doing my job properly" [Which honestly I think she just has the wrong expectations as to what my job actually entails and what I am actually supposed to do] and tells me that she won't wait any longer but that the juice section is and she tells me that it is by the shelves at the end of the frozen section. I said OK and told her to have a good day and then hung up. Now what is funny about all of this, and I didn't realize until I hung up, is that the juice section she was referring to, was removed near the beginning of this year. She must have had a grape juice from January or February and was asking me what the current price (August) was to see if it matched the receipt. I find it funny when customers act so adamant and condescending about something, only for them to later find that I am actually doing my job properly, and have no way to help them with their request . In fact no one could unless you wanted to go digging for old planograms (which no one would do). Though in this case I could have perhaps used the phone in the pharmacy. I still won't. Usually customers who call are just wasting fucking time and I happily oblige to the opportunity.
  15. Spoilers hardly ruin the surprise for me. I very much find myself still enjoying stuff, even when i know what is going to happen. Sometimes the knowledge of what is to happen adds to the enjoyment.
  16. Sadness, but thanks for the quick response. Now i definitely have to give up on a healer Pegasus knight
  17. I was wondering where there might be a resource as to which weapons are available to which classes. I made one of my mages a thief and suddenly he couldn't use magic. I thought all classes could use spells but i guess not. Are all tier 2+ classes restricted to specific weapons or no? And where might i be able to see which weapons are available to which classes? I can't seem to find it on the site. I could be blind.
  18. I liked the name Zanarkand, the world of FF10, so I started playing around changing some letters and came to Zanarkin.
  19. This sums up my feelings pretty much. That and I also am unabashedly lazy. I don't belong anywhere near the military.
  20. I love this game and the IZSJ is pretty great. Makes each character a little more unique, or at least gives you the option to have that. It was a great time. Having said that, I wish i had known I was going to get a switch and it would eventually release on it. I bought it for PC and while I managed to get it to run fairly well on my laptop, I feel like the game would perform better on the switch than on my PC. My pc can't run quickenings without slowing them down and messing up the sound :<.
  21. I saw a video of someone beating the elite 4 with a level 3 metapod. Game is broken lol. Eevee and/or Pikachu will have no issues.
  22. Home run contest would be a fun addition. I always sucked at it, but I do enjoy trying it out. Would be specially great now that short-hopping is so much easier in this game than it was in Brawl (at least it feels that way to me). That Ganondorf Dair will probably be a really good tactic still. I hope. I would also really love to see a board the platforms and break the targets specific to each character. I guess that is a lot to ask for though, so I'd be ok with a few levels of both to try out.
  23. I use deodorant. Really Like Degree for Men for its price and smell. Arctic Edge is the one I usually buy. I bought Axe once, but I found that it would smell really terrible the next day. A problem for me since I only use deodorant when go outside (hardly any need to use it if I am going to be alone in my room) and don't shower daily. I only use Sunblock when I know I am spending a long time in the sun. I take a bit to burn, so I am usually fine without for getting around town. Don't really use many other products. I hate smelling people's strong perfumes and colognes as well, so I don't use those. I used to use moisturizer, for my face, but stopped after some time. I decided a few flakes on my face were not actually that embarrassing.
  24. That is true, although that HD rumble is used a lot in Nintendo's own games (like Mario Party). Can't Say I am thrilled to hear about a new Nintendo Switch Pro, but I am not too butt-hurt yet. As long as it doesn't block me from games I want to play, the current switch suits me fine.
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