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  1. I like the strings. 8/10 Snake Eater from Metal Gear Solid 3
  2. Good 7/10. To Each Future from Pokemon Black and White
  3. ^^^^Like it, very much like J-Pop. 6.5/10 ^Loved it when I played XCX. 8/10 Ludwig the Holy Blade from Bloodborne
  4. I guess I'll try posting here again a little more.

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      It's like the reverse of what I did!

    2. TheKingOfTheDragovians


      You were a bit of an inspiration.

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      I am very inspiring.

  5. What I think they'd need to do. I'd like a more narrative driven game that aids itself to exploration. Weapon durability, I liked it well enough in, but they should go with a method that makes your weapons a little more personal, longer weapon durability, repair options for broken weapons. More playstyles and combat options, quests to get more techniques like the wons you learned in TP. Return to a Majora's Mask style of more personal sidequests. Also, raise the stakes, in BotW the fun came from mastering the world itself, which encourages exploration. Majora's Mask for example totally encouraged exploration, but their was always the fact that the Moon was hanging right there waiting to destroy everything. That's what I want, an atmosphere where your reminded of impending doom. Make the map size smaller to keep things tight, like %50 the map of BotW would be good. That's my idea for a better story driven Zelda game, but the Zelda team always does what it wants either way, they might think up something completely different than what's happened before. Like a Zelda game where the Link's a career dungeon crawler and the entire land of Hyrule has an economy based off of dungeon crawling or whatever unorthodox world they come up with to justify a new gameplay mechanic.
  6. Really I'd say every game in the series is worth playing(Let's not talk about VIII though). I think you should put Final Fantasy IX as your priority though. Returns to a more medieval style like FF-FFV. Plus, the game's got some amazing themes. Like loyalty, war, lonliness, nature vs nurture, death, reason for living, and it's presented it very, "maturely," like it's very matter of fact about the suffering and pain people go through, put is always sure to show that their are good things in life.
  7. The kind of feeling this creates, at least to me, is something mysterious, or rather the unraveling of a mystery, like the music in Phoenix Wright when you get a witness down to their final moments before confessing. 7.5/10 With the Stars and Us from Persona 5.
  8. Just for clarification, did you think I was referencing Mumkhar, or a guy named Griffith.
  9. 1. Zelda 2. Dragon Quest 3. Shin Megami Tensei 4. Final Fantasy 5. Fire Emblem
  10. Sounds pretty hype. 8/10 Zanza from Xenoblade Chronicles.
  11. Seeing those updated Persona 3 models make me want a Persona 3 remake. Atlus has said they are interested in remaking older Persona games.
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