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  1. Voted somewhat bad for both. The state of FEH has just been wild powercreep this year and a huge focus on Aether Raids. Meanwhile the pve events are mostly auto-battle fodder or still not very interesting like Rokkr Seiges and Lost Lore. Hall of Forms was nice, though kind of sad a reskinned training tower with some gimmicks is one of the better new modes in a long time. Personally I'm unhappy with the game these days, but that's more from abysmal gacha luck than even the mentioned issues. I'll admit I'm mostly sticking with it out of inability to break a habit than having fun. Months and months of bad pulls really kills the enjoyment of a gacha all by itself, even without the other issues going on. There's been some positives like banner variety and more demotes now with these instant 3-4* Characters, though I can't say I've been too enthusiastic with the selection myself. As for IS, I think the greed with FEH has just become extra apparent between mythics, powercreep and now duo units. People used to make a big stink about powercreep but it seems the majority have just accepted it now. I think the comparison of old Ephraim vs the duo Ephraim says a lot about how bad things have gotten. Powercreep is normal in gachas but it feels pretty excessive here. I also don't like increased emphasis on legendaries/mythics to compete in pvp modes they've gone for. Mythics to have any hope of scoring well in AR, pair up legendaries for AB, now duo units as cheese buttons in AR and even more BST for arena, etc. Got unlucky with getting a second offense mythic? Goodbye AR rankings. Didn't manage to get lots of merges for your Legendary Alm? Goodbye AB rankings. The value of competitive rankings in this game just keeps going down. Aside from FEH, I didn't like Three Houses at all so I'm not too happy with the state of the main series either. If Three Houses' gameplay is their new direction then I might not be on board for the series much longer. If Pokemon Sword and Shield didn't appear to be such a mess then Three Houses would be my biggest disappointment of the year.
  2. I only went so hard on that banner since both Azura and Summer Camilla were blue, but of course pretty much all I got were Fjorms instead. Kind of insult to injury that she left the Askr bonus rotation shortly after that as well. Luckily I stopped spending money at the end of last year, since I realized it's not like spending never seemed to work for me either, but the sunken cost still remains from it. If I wasn't so invested after two and a half years I'd probably treat things as you did with that other game, but it's hard to shake I suppose. I've at least dialed back how much attention I give to the game, but I'll have to see if things do indeed manage to turn around soon since I'm running out of steam like this. I was hoping 3H would pull my interest away from FEH but sadly that didn't happen, so I'm still on this gacha rollercoaster. I hope your luck continues to go well, since I sure wouldn't wish the luck I've been having on anyone.
  3. Maybe I should have realized this wasn't going to be a good year when it started with spending 700 orbs on Azura's legendary banner for a -atk Azura and 5 Fjorm pity breakers(I hit 13% three times that banner, all ending with single Fjorm pulls). Then 400 orbs for a Libra pity breaker and -spd Bath Hinoka in the first month.. I might have quit then and there if I knew things would keep going that way for the next 9 months. I mainly like collecting as well, but without the good pulls AR is what's been left to focus on. I stay top 1k most weeks even with just 1 Naga for Astra, but I'd definitely trade it all for better summons. The paltry amount of extra grails isn't much payoff for that effort. I have been f2p this year but I spent quite a bit of money the previous 2 years, not that my barracks really reflects that. (usually spending would be like 2-3 $40 orb packs just to get a one-off -spd of a seasonal and and a couple pity breakers). I'd be curious what my pull record would look like from before if I could count out what took money. Maybe the luck's always been this bad and I didn't realize it before. That money spent definitely contributes to some sunken cost feelings that keep me playing.
  4. Unfortunately the quality hasn't been good either. I missed the vast majority of the units I wanted this year and most of what I did get is -atk/-spd. Out of the 51 units I've pulled only about 20 are new units from 2019, the rest just pity breakers like Sword Rein and Brave Hector. Legendaries also fared no better than the regular banners, like last week failing to get legendary Ryoma again with 350 orbs. (just got 2 Ikes and a Tiki, my least wanted things on the banner) Not much luck with 3-4* stuff either. I've really needed some basic Fury and WoM fodder and the 1 Hinata and Cain I got while going for Ryoma were the first I've seen since June. I had hopes of trying to +10 a 5* exclusive this year, but that dream was squashed when over the summer it took 500 orbs to get 1 copy of Naga for AR(obviously gave up trying for a second), 250 orbs for a -atk Summer Laegjarn, 250 orbs to not get Tibarn from the August hero fest and 400 orbs to get 1 merge for Brave Camilla(-spd) and 2 pity breakers. I've considered quitting a few times but keeping hoping things will turn around, but that has not been the case. Only thing going well is AR rankings, but I'd gladly trade my competitive AR throne streak for better gacha luck.
  5. 103 this year? Man, tell me where you're finding the luck for those pulls, I'm feeling pretty devastated with the gacha this year. I went and counted my own and I've only gotten 51. I can't seem to get anything in a reasonable amount of orbs anymore.
  6. I think those new heroes banners might just be farfetched heroes 3 and book 3 OCs banner. (Lif, Hel and.. Thor? Or Alm's dad? One of them could be an upcoming Mythic/legendary too, though)
  7. Same. I was immediately reminded of how much I enjoyed AR at its very beginning. Back when making your own map was a really cool new thing, cancer defense setups, powercreep, mythics and now duos hadn't all sucked the fun out of it. This mode's great and my only complaint is wanting more stamina to play it(and maybe make it longer at the same time, since I'm already done besides 1 final map).
  8. I got close to the last map in one go, but I stalled out a couple before it. My Alm is basically a deadweight still at lvl 22 and Celica is doing pretty bad, so it was all on if Sturdy Impact Mae + Reposition buddy Boey could duo the maps and they got overwhelmed finally. I'll have to stop and level up the others a bit this week before trying those again. Very fun mode though. Funny that basically taking the training tower and adding some skill inherit RNG to it is the most fun new mode we've gotten in ages. I really like it so far, just wish I had a bit more stamina to play with.
  9. This. They're not so limited because they're "just meant for your favorites", it's a matter of using flowers as extra incentive to pull new units. If you don't then you're stuck with what drip feed they give out through the different modes. I'll be interested to see if book 4 units go above 40 or not.
  10. New AR building, Duo's Indulgence (offense): You can use a Duo skill an additional time, max once per turn. Also Duo's Hinderance (defense): Attacker cant use duo skills between turns 1-3. You also need a duo unit on your defense team for it to do anything.(lol) I want to rub in the I told you so to the people who didn't think they'd work in AR, instead you can use them even more than once
  11. They were definitely undercooked. Again, it's a real shame, since I thought the things going on with them could have been cool to explore more, but they just didn't. I wish I could have enjoyed the main conflict more, but it was too dependent on caring about the characters I liked least. The students and teachers were mostly okay, but the actual main lords, Rhea, Sothis, etc. didn't really work for me. Edelgard's flawed ends justify the means methodology, Dimitri's "dark side" and the things Rhea did made me not like any of them. The sad back stories didn't really make me sympathize with them anyway. Claude was rather inoffensive, but like I said in my original post he just felt like a bystander tacked on to the other two.
  12. They're the worst because the writers evidently just didn't care about them, which is why I said it was a total waste of the potential they had and why I was so disappointed they did so little with it. How Kronya or Solon were completely wasted was just terrible, and then(spoiler) I would have much rather seen them better developed and explained and given more of a focus as your enemy. Instead the whole war scenario felt forced and I couldn't care about either Edelgard or Dimitri as antagonists since I wasn't invested in supporting whatever side I was on against them. The Slitherers getting more time in Claude's path was something but it was still just a side thing to the main conflict.
  13. It's still possible the symbol just shrinks down to make room the same as the blessing one does when you double S support a blessed unit. Duos would lose a lot of draw gameplay-wise if they can't be blessed since nobody would take them into AR and whales don't need them for the BST scoring bump if they won't score better than a blessed 180 BST armor anyway. It'd be odd for IS to shoot themselves in the foot like that. Pair Up got a new mode around it and they very explicitly stated which modes its functionality was limited to when pair up legendaries got their Feh channel debut. They didn't give any caveats for the usage of duos, so seems like a good chance they're fully functional in all modes. I would think they'd mention they can't be blessed either since that'd be a big deal.
  14. You can forget defense if you're not competitive, but it's not that simple if you are. Even if you score perfect 160 point matches with 2 Eirs during light week, if your defenses suck you might be at risk for even making top 3k. It's tighter these days, just like arena. I'm not saying this Hector specifically will ruin everyone's AR defense scores, but he'll certainly be very powerful for those who have him and there's only more to come. With the game's track record for powercreep this year I don't think it's cynical to dislike how hard it's been going, and here's another big jolt of it. You're missing that there's non-whales that are hanging in there too in the high ranks, and with moves like this it only increases the gap of what those people can manage compared to the whales. It really will just be people who shell out the most money in tier 21 arena and top 1k AR if they keep raising the bar like that. Duel skills had seemed like a bandaid to help that issue for arena score, but now those are 15 BST score behind this new Hector. It really doesn't matter if he has the actual stats, the scoring alone is not a good thing. Obviously powercreep is an issue in 99% of these games and expected, but the rate and degree at which they're doing it, especially this year, has only increased.
  15. As somebody who's been 20/21 for the past year I can say the last round of BST inflation (the 180 dragon armors and Surtr) definitely made it quite a bit harder to maintain 21 for consecutive weeks and this probably will too once we have more than 1 of them. It doesn't take much of an increase to make things noticeably harder for non-whales to score competitively. The duel skills that were helping f2p/low spending people without 180 BST armors to may not be enough for much longer at this rate.
  16. BST inflation is a core part of these Duo heroes so you can't really separate them. We've had the bar raised yet again and scoring well as a non-whale becomes even harder to compete. The duel skills that have been helping people use their other +10s who didn't just pay for max BST armors all the time are a full 15 BST behind now. You make it sound like grabbing a +10 duo hero to use for arena is a simple matter, especially if you have no interest in them besides their scoring. The duo special ability is the least of the issues, though it'll make certain AR offense teams be a lot easier to win with now which also means better prepare your defenses for it if you want to keep scoring well on that front. Who knows how powerful the next duo heroes' effects could be either.
  17. I like the new AR farming and cooking things, that's a step towards making AR actually have some function like I hoped they'd do. Still don't think I want to pay that tax, though.. I'm not interested in this selection of characters for Halloween myself, but some good variety for fans of those games. However, I really don't like the duo hero thing at all. 185 BST and an overpowered extra skill you can use on ANY map?(which could mean AR too) That's awful. And as if the Duel skills weren't immediately a joke to IS last year when 180 BST LTiki came out right after they were first introduced, now we have this.The powercreep has just been horrendous this year. New mode and free tickets on the banner are pretty nice. Overall I'm happiest about another way to get more dragon flowers at least.
  18. Unfortunately have to add myself to the unpopular side for this one. If not for SoV, this game would be my least favorite Fire Emblem I've played. It would probably my biggest disappointment of the year if not for the mess going on with Pokemon right now. Sorry for the wall of text but I've been sitting on these opinions for about 2 months and have yet to air them. I'll spoiler it.
  19. I'm really glad she's a flier. I was dreading her being an infantry or something, which would make me have to lug her around and figure out tactics teams for astra in AR. This should make things more comfortable for my units. I like her art, though too bad about her skills. She seems pretty boring, not to mention granting dragon effectiveness to allies is hardly useful in AR offense. That's much more potent for defense teams. Feels a shame to do, but maybe Lightning Breath and a flier buff may be the budget way to go for her. Not that keen on the A skill either, over just tossing on Fury or something else consistent.
  20. I hope Louise will be cool. Maybe we'll finally see somebody content with Lyn (more than Sue did anyway). Absolutely based.
  21. Indeed. This behavior is ridiculous, time and time again, too.
  22. Got my Fjorm guess right. It really was just the art that made her look loli-sized. Not really interested in these older characters, though Fjorm looks pretty cool. She'll also be amazing in AR with that assist-canceling staff. The pulse smoke is very nice for AR too, but I don't think I'd pull for that, especially not when the unit shares a color too. I'd like Fjorm but I'll probably be skipping for Astra and continued CYL savings.
  23. I'm maintaining my Fjorm guess. Only other thing it could be to me is Ylgr, but while I don't think they have any issue making another loli bride no matter what backlash happened, Fjorm just makes more sense to get a bride alt. Either way, it's basically for sure it's a Nifl sister, since the hair, seemingly Fjorm's earrings and the even the little sparkle effect line up. (Maeshima Shigeki is who uses those type of sparkles in his art)
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