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  1. Surprised it was pretty easy this time. I thought this was gonna be another hard one when looking at it. Team was Tharja/Ike/Bunny Camilla/Cordelia Just lined everybody up just right out of range, then had Ike reposition Tharja above him so she could reach the red sword and kill him, then on the enemy phase the green horse mage suicided onto tharja and everyone else bunched up by the opening in the walls. B Camilla killed the blue lancer, Ike killed the healer and Tharja wiped Xander out. Just another day of loving my MVP Tharja.
  2. I'm still un-paid but I sure have been feeling the call with this banner. But I get the feeling with my luck I'd spend $40 and get nothing while feeling terrible. (Since after all, $40 is the same cost as I could have used to buy Echos when it comes out) All I really want is Azura, even over Hector, just so I have a usable dancer. IS sure knew exactly what they were doing with this banner placement to squeeze people dry of F2P orbs.
  3. Looks like I really did use up all my luck pulling Ike last week. Got to 20 orbs using most of the May quests, 2 blue, 1 green, 1 red, 1 colorless orbs came up. I only rolled blue/green since I'm really gunning for Azura and Hector would be nice. I'd roll for Ryoma too if I didn't already have Ike, so I need to conserve orbs, and I already have Takumi. 3* Donnel, 3* F Corrin, 3* Cecilia. Like come on, at least give me one of the 3* units I don't have already.
  4. Woah look at all those double posts. Well, I got to 5 orbs last night, and I factored in how many orbs I'd have by the end of the new banner's run between log in and expected May quest orbs, so I decided I'd have just the right amount to single pull now without being short later. Wanted to roll blue, but no blue stones showed up. So I pulled green for that shiny new Hector. .. Got my second 3* -atk/+def Nino. This about sums up my reaction.
  5. I'm missing quite a few. I usually get a lot of doubles of the shittier ones instead of the more useful skill fodder ones, or the few I'm really looking for. Of the notable missing ones: Never seen Kagero pop up. I'd gladly spend the feathers if I could even roll a 4*, but nope. Would like a Setsuna, even though I have a Takumi, but I never roll any archers at all besides the occasional Virion. I'm missing Hinata, which means no Fury 3 for any of my units. I've had to settle on Fury 2 from Jagens so far. I really can't believe I've never seen him once, even when I dumped like 120 orbs into the princess gauntlet banner trying to get Lucina rolling lots of reds. (Not like I got her, either) I can't for the life of me get a Beruka. It's always 3* Barst, Batre and Gunter. I'd love to roll even a 3* of her and I'd raise her to 5* if I get a good IV one, since I just want to. Haven't seen a Cerche yet, either. The flood of Barst and Batre are really just drowning out all other 3* greens for me. Also, while I've techincally gotten her, I've only rolled 2 Ninos and they're both +def/-atk, so yeah, just end me.
  6. I agree that'd help, even if not much just due to how massive the blowout caused by the top characters ends up regardless. But yeah, it seemed dumb ever since the beginning that everyone could see Lucina instantly crush Sharena and it just led to tons more people to join her side. Then again we wouldn't get the entertainment of stuff like the last day of Camilla vs Cordelia where within an hour after the daily reset Camilla showed her cup size wasn't the only thing that was enormous and came out swinging with a 1 billion lead over Cordelia. That was hilarious, honestly.
  7. I'll be interested to see how it works. If it comes down to a Camilla vs Cordelia-like popularity fight, even 3x the points wont be enough to save Tharja's opponent. On the other hand, maybe it'll turn out closer if it's Tharja vs M Robin (my expectation for the finale) and the 3x bonus could actually be an overcompensation. I wonder if their intention with it is to bring matches to 50/50 and then keep flip-flopping due to the point boost switching sides. Still going Tharja regardless. She's my favorite here, plus she's the only one out the selection I both have and actually use. That's why I said earlier that I hope the bonus isn't applies to your total ranked score. Maybe they can do it so it just applies within the current battle's point value, otherwise yeah, the rankings would get fucked. We'll have to see, but I hope it doesn't become pointless to try and get a good rank if you're on the winning side of all or even most of the battles.
  8. I have the same problem. I was lucky early on that they were adding banners from older games I hadn't played, so I was able to hoard orbs for a while, since last month they've been nuking us with banners I want multiple things from..
  9. I, too, haven't played a lot of the older games. I really like Catria out of the unfamiliar heroes I've summoned. Palla's cool too (even though she's been sacrificed for Moonbow multiple times instead of used). I know those two and Est are in Echos so I look forward to using them when I play it.
  10. It seems you're finally understanding how this game truly works.
  11. See, that was your mistake. You were supposed to give those orbs to me so I can roll an Azura too!
  12. I haven't kept track of every use, but for the most part what I can remember: Upgraded to 4* 2-3 Odis and 2 Pallas for Moonbow inheritance. Upgraded Ursula 3* to 4* (I couldn't beat her 4* map at the time so all I had was the 3*). Upgraded my +atk/-hp Tharja to 5* (never regretted it even once, she's been an ace team member and I love her). Upgraded a Cecilia to give her Gronnraven+ to Bunny Camilla (totally worth it, she's been amazing with it). Upgraded a shitty -atk Hana to 5* so I could rip her LAD 3 off to give to Cordelia (this one hurt to 5* just for a lvl 3 skill, but I love Cordelia so I did it anyway to make her as good as I can) And then spent some on a few characters here and there to make 4* for other skill inheritance that I can't quite remember. I'm currently sitting on just over 20k. I could 4* a few things like Sharena for future uses (she's still a 2*), but I'm also hoping I'll pull a Kagero and/or Beruka and I'll 5* either of those if I can get them. Xander's a contender for getting 5*'d too, but since I don't run any kind of cav meme team I'm not sure if I will or not.
  13. I just want to say how funny it is that I hadn't gotten any defenses yet this season, so I decided to change my team up a bit. I'd tried putting up my best units and got nothing, then tried putting my 3* Olivia with Cordelia/Bunny Camilla/Tharja and still got nothing. So switched it to my Peri/Cordelia/Tharja/Bunny Camilla last night, and I've already gotten 2 defense wins, and one was a skill-inheritance Julia somehow. Forget dance, what I needed was Peri for the job of cutting the crust off some sandwiches.
  14. Man, I really wanted to roll for Beruka during that banner, but I'd just dumped pretty much all my orbs trying to get Ninian right before so I'd have a blue dancer (and never got her). Then during that gauntlet I had to priortize with the orbs I had, and Cordelia was one of my top wish list units since the game came out, so I rolled her banner instead. (Also didn't get her.. but I did miracle pull her on the Nowi/Rein banner we just had!) If I can even pull a 3* of her, I'll probably 5* her. Unless I get the IVs you got, God help me.
  15. Edit: What in the world, I refreshed the page and it posted my other post again. It DID hang while posting earlier, so I guess that's why. Please ignore.
  16. I'd definitely put the stat booster on her instead. Ideally she's never seeing combat, and when she is it's just to check a red unit nobody else can take care of instead or to finish off a weakened enemy. In other words, you'll be dancing 90% of the time, which makes breath of life not nearly as useful.
  17. I'd definitely put the stat booster on her instead. Ideally she's never seeing combat, and when she is it's just to check a red unit nobody else can take care of instead or to finish off a weakened enemy. In other words, you'll be dancing 90% of the time, which makes breath of life not nearly as useful.
  18. First up is Ike for sure, since I just got him to 40 but haven't put any skills on him yet. Then probably my 5* Catria and Marth which are both still un-inherited too. Not sure what I'll do with them, but out of my non-main 5* units they'll be the most likely for me to use. With the upcoming perma-death event I might as well get a bigger skill-inherited roster while I can. I might even raise up my 4* Oboro and inherit her a little bit, but she's -def/+spd and I'm not sure if that compromises her too much. However I'm an Oboro fan so I might anyway. Good lord. I don't know how I didn't expect there to be art of her in that. God bless. I really wish I'd roll even a 3* of her already. Get out of my face Batre and Barst.
  19. Yes! Cute assassin art and grinding leftovers! Who needs Azura and Hector!?
  20. Yes, yes, let's look at the bright side. Please continue to distract me from the distress my 0 orbs is causing me!
  21. Oh shit I forgot about the May quests. Looking forward to more Barsts and Gwens.
  22. Welp. Got up to 9 orbs, went in to roll. 1 blue, green, 3 colorless. Okay, Azura and Hector let's go. Gwen and Barst. I'm all out of orbs, somebody shoot me. God damn you IS and this out of nowhere insane banner, I thought I'd have a break to finally save again after Ike.
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