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  1. And it also seems we may be able to drop(and I'd assume rise, then, too) in tiers, besides just time having played the game. I guess that makes more sense than how it is now, since new players start at rank 1 while day 1 players are at 13th rank by now, even though it doesn't seem to impact anything right now.
  2. Ready to watch Tharja roll over everyone unless the new comeback system is actually OP, in which case I could see Robin winning. I wonder if the ranking system will be adjusted, since if somebody picks a losing team every time and has their flags count 3x as much they'll easily blow past anybody on winner teams in the total rank catagory. Maybe for the purpose of total rank the flags will still only be counted 1x, and the 3x will only be within the team scores. Either way, going for Tharja since she's my favorite of the lot. Guess it's time for me to be hated for the 3rd time in a row.
  3. They better start flooding the green unit roster soon then, because these +5 Julias need to get off my case. When I have a team of no merged units with a 4*, non-skill inheritance Virion tagging along for the season bonus, you'd think they'd leave me alone. I haven't actually lost any matches to them, but they still spook me.
  4. It was about $70 total for all 3 books, so not bad in my opinion. Was just saying it's not terribly out of reach if you ever feel like trying. And on-topic, now I don't know what to do with the few orbs I have. I could really use Azura to have a non-shit Olivia dancer, but Hector and Ryoma would be great to have if I actually pulled them. I guess I can pass on the mage banners, at least, since Linde would be the only thing I'd want and don't have off of them.
  5. I'm currently trying to learn Japanese with self study and started by learning Hiragana/Katakana through youtube and other easy to find sources, and then bought Genki (the textbook + the workbook and imported the japanese-only answerbook(still usable and helpful) from Japan, it's basically a college grade textbook, but works perfectly well studying alone) and it's going alright so far a couple months in. Lapses of laziness are the biggest barrier, lol. You can find plenty of other Japanese language learning books and dictionaries at like Barns & Noble or Amazon. And sorry for contributing to being off topic.
  6. You better not be one of the jerks I keep running into in arena with a high merged Julia. For real though, I don't understand how 9/10 Julias I come across are like +3-6, and there's usually a dancer on the team to rub salt in the wound even more.
  7. I was literally about to post the same comparison, this is next level ninja'd. However, I still think it's in their best interest to let all players have a heads up on what's going on if it's something important enough. That Michalis early GHB event is a prime example.
  8. Maybe he portion of the Heroes playerbase we make up is a lot smaller than we think? I don't know. Either way it's lame though.I don't even think stuff like the early Michalis GHB challenge hour was ever announced through non-Japanese channels either. If nothing else I'm just saying I'd like if the info about the game came straight to us instead of needing to go through fan forums and fan twitter accounts to find it. Seems like bad business on their end too to not let a chunk of their playerbase not know what's up about some stuff.
  9. Same conclusion for me. Though we'll have to see if the new comeback system makes Robin able to beat Tharja, but if she gets as much support as Camilla did I think Robin's still going down.
  10. Yeah it's kind of a bummer they don't seem to bother with their non-Japanese playerbase. Not even an English Twitter account. I would have really liked if this stream was in English, too. Also I got Lucina's special attack animation for the rolling thing. Not that it seems to matter.
  11. I can't see Henry or Leo accomplishing much. I think Male Robin will likely make it to the final round, and Linde is my guess for being the Cordelia of this gauntlet and being who all the non-Tharja people jump to to fight her in the end.
  12. God damn it. I'm tortured for who to roll for. I really need a dancer that's not a total waste of a slot besides dance (my 3* Olivia), but having Hector and Ryoma would obviously be great to get too. Takumi's the only one I already have.
  13. Well, they'll be adding orbs to the arena ranking rewards it seems, and they're going to have some new event rewarding feathers and orbs, but not that many. This looks like legit orb crunch times this month unless they add even more stuff they didn't announce to get some.
  14. Wow, just fuck my orbs up, I have 5 right now, 9 if I finish the GHB orb quests. It's like they're taking a hoover to my pocket trying to get my wallet to open up. Azura/Hector/Ryoma banner, seriously? And Hinoka who I really want to, plus Linde on the gauntlet banner, AND looks like masked Lucina incoming. Shit. Plus I kind of wanted Celica from her no-doubt upcoming banner. I guess getting Ike in 2 orbs is the last luck I'll have for a while, since these banners are beyond overload for my orbs. I was hoping they'd chill out for a while since they'll no doubt have a summer costume banner in the upcoming months that I was going to stock up for, and I don't want to miss out on bikini Camilla or whatever other devilish thing they put in there. On the other hand, cool beans cause it looks like another free gauntlet win for me with Lucina, Camilla and now Tharja. Going for that three peat.
  15. I'd suggest never sending anyone home, period. The feathers are too few to be worth it, and you might always find some use for the unit, either as a bonus unit during an arena season or as skill inheritance fodder. (that Peri would have been really nice to hand off her Threaten Defense, for example) And Priscilla is pretty bad like all healers are, but she's a mounted one at least, which is nice, and she'll be useful when training other units in the training tower. Edit: Oh I almost forgot why I came to this thread. I had 5 orbs and thought I'd give it a shot for that 1 green orb Titiania snipe. Entered the summoning session, no green orbs. Picked a red one to get that second Ike.. and I pulled an adult Tiki 4*! +spd -hp. Obviously not anything good, but at least she's a unit I hadn't rolled before, so I guess that's something.
  16. Seems like Camus and Xander are on a lot of people's feather sink lists. I'd 5* them too, despite I don't have any kind of cavalry team going, and I only have feathers for 1 5* promotion right now. I've been hoping to roll even a 4* Kagero and using them to 5* her, but that hasn't been happening..
  17. I just wanna say how Ike's heavy blade skill can be inherited by anyone despite the name.(I saw some people think it'd be swords only) So even my Cordelia with Galeforce could inherit it for some fun memes. If I ever roll a second Ike I'd almost consider it.
  18. He actually alright speed, I'd say. -spd seems like it hurts, but he's not unusable with it. Lvl 40 stats, taken from /feg/ again. HP 39/42/45 ATK 32/35/38 SPD 28/31/34 DEF 29/32/35 RES 14/18/21
  19. Titania seems to have fallen into the same evenly-distributed-but-none-outstanding stat trap as Camilla. She seems to be similarly mediocre, as is Soren. Mist I don't even have an opinion on since she's a healer, though her new spur skill is kind of interesting but nothing that gets be especially excited. Ike looks like a monster as we all expected. I think he'll be up there with Lucina and Ryoma as the top swords without much doubt.
  20. Sorry man, good luck on a better one. Here's the lvl 1 stats breakdown. (source /feg/) hp 17/18/19 atk 24/25/26 spd 6/7/8 def 7/8/9 res 4/5/6
  21. WOW, holy shit I got Ike on my second orb. Well, now to just hope he's got a good IV once stuff's updated to check.. I'm not sure if I should roll the other 2 red orbs on this summon or go for Titania now. I only have 10 more orbs though, not including the new quest and lunatic mode orbs... I was NOT expecting this right now. Edit: Going off /feg/ comparisons I think he's +spd -res. It's not -atk, so I'll take it.
  22. Abel, Cordelia and Hinoka, off the top of my head. *Also Donnel.
  23. Inheriting weapons and some skills is really expensive, especially as a F2Per, but it can be worth it. I could have had 2 more 5* units to use, but I wanted to make my favorite units as good as I possibly could. So I made a Celica 5* to give Gronnraven+ to Bunny Camilla and made a Hana 5* to give Life and Death 3 to Cordelia. Brave weapons on some units like Effie or replacing other tombs with -blade and -raven tombs feels like the best justification for blowing 20k feathers on that sort of thing. My Camilla certainly felt worth doing it for, for sure.
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