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  1. Definitely invest in making Kagreo 5* at some point, especially since she's +atk. She's great and that's her ideal boon stat. Honestly, Matthew is pretty awful, but since he's a favorite of yours by all means feel free to invest in him anyway. Even crappy units can at least be usable thanks to skill inheritance, they'll just take a lot of work. Part of the fun of this game is using and building up your favorites after all. I'd still prioritize Kagero, though, since she's just so good and you can lean on her to help your team in the meantime. I'd just stick with Lukas as your lancer for now since it saves you from investing feathers in somebody else. Sharena is quite good as a 5* choice, but yeah that'll suck up feathers that could go to something else you need/want more. Abel is alright, but no real point investing in him over Lukas since he's not a 5* as well. He'd also be good to pass off his lvl 3 swordbreaker that he gets at 4* to somebody later on if you like. Holding out for Hector ideally means waiting for a banner with him on it, which who knows when we might get one. Either way, double check your Nino's stats. If she's +atk and her - stat is NOT -spd, then she's pretty great. Regardless of if you get Hector or not at some point, investing in a +atk Nino isn't a waste, even if she's just 3* right now. Unless you like Fredrick a lot (like Ana does), I'd just leave him be for the most part until you get somebody better/you like more/upgrade Nino. Takumi's good but Faye and Jeorge are perfectly fine. Since Faye is your 5* I'd invest in her some, and again Kagero's amazing. I don't remember what the best IVs for M Robin are, but if you have a good one he's very good. Honestly I wouldn't worry to much about him since Lukas should be perfectly competent as a blue unit for you team. But if you feel like dumping feathers on him he's great with with Triangle Adept at nuking sword and colorless units. Chrom is okay, but not that good. Tiki's going to be your best red unit overall right now. Either way, yeah he's probably better than Hana. She's not bad either, but she takes a lot of investment if you want to make her shine, while Chrom's at least passable without much help. Again, you might as well just use Tiki as your main red unit, she's very good. I'd 4* Sharena over Catria mainly since every 2 weeks the arena bonus units(that boost your arena score by having them on your team) rotate, but one of default 3 given to you by the game (Alfonse/Anna/Sharena) will always be up as one. So at least sometimes if you don't have the other bonus units for the week, you might be able to just use your Sharena and she won't be a total deadweight since you'll have her at 4* and leveled up. I say this as somebody who has NOT done this, and so last week and this week I'm using 4* lvl 39 Virion on my arena team and it sucks since he's basically useless against the stacked opponents I'm facing. It'd be nice if I had leveled Sharena to be in that spot instead. I wouldn't send anybody home really. The pitiful amount of feathers you get versus potentially taking some skills off of them later isn't worth it in my opinion. Plus most of your other units have decent skill inheritance uses anyway. Don't worry too much about wasting SP. Unless it's a terrible skill or something you know you want to replace later, you're probably fine. You can always grind the training tower and get 3 SP per kill for units if the enemies are are around the level of your character (6 levels below max). It's slow and burns through stamina, but eventually that won't be a huge deal, just tedious. I'd just focus on leveling character for now and not worry too much about skill inheritance yet. Out of what you have, I think after making Kagreo 5*, Kagero/Lukas/Tiki/Fredrick is the best basic team you probably have. Replacing Fredrick with a better green unit like your Nino if you get her to 5* eventually would be good, since you don't plan to invest in him anyway. Also you might as well pull for Ike tomorrow unless you just don't like him, since he's almost guaranteed to be a really good red sword unit. Sorry for being long-winded and bouncing around with some of the answers, hope at least some of this was helpful.
  2. Got a score of 4,770 today, which feels pretty good. Mainly considering my 4th member was a lvl 39 4* Virion with no skill inheritance since he's the only bonus unit I had for this season who wasn't completely un-leveled or lower star rank. He was a complete dead weight that literally didn't make a single attack on anything, but it was better for my score than dragging 3* Celica or 2* Sharena, both in their 20's. I guess I should finally put some effort into Sharena/Anna/Alfonse since I'm kind of fucked for bonus units most of the time, and one of those is always a bonus unit. The only time I've gotten to use a bonus unit that hasn't been a useless slot on my team was when the Easter banner was active and I could use Spring Camilla, who I was going to build up regardless, so she was an amazing 4th slot. (And she's now part of the core team since she's so valuable) Also finally got a defense win for the week. It always seems like it takes until the last day or day before last for me to finally get a defense. Not sure how somebody with Hector lost to me, but I'll take it.
  3. Really glad F Robin's coming back. I couldn't beat her lunatic map back then, since I had shit for units that could tank the death zone of her map.
  4. My main team is Tharja, Eirika, Spring Camilla and Cordelia. Eirika is the one who usually sits out when I need to fit in the weekly bonus unit. I think my biggest threat is green mages. Nino if she's got a buffer with her, Julia (who I always seem to run into a +2-5 merged of) and Celica if on a horse buffing team. Tharja can usually deal with them if they're unbuffed, but otherwise she has trouble with her low res. Camilla has G Tomebreaker, but she still doesn't like trading shots with them, especially since she's usually baiting archers and blue mages to one shot them at the start of a match, so her HP tends to not be full enough to trade with a green mage after. Cordelia can drop them if she can safely be out of harm's way after doing so, but that's not usually the case. I see Reindhart mentioned a ton as a troublesome defense team member, but luckily Camilla can easily bait and destroy him off the bat. Otherwise I'd probably have trouble too. Worse than any particular character is the damn double wall map or lava map, though. On those maps dealing with dancers and mages is cancer.
  5. That's what I did. I got Palla up enough to do her quests for the orbs then turned around and sacked her for Moonbow on Tharja. I felt a bit bad, since I didn't have another double of her right now, but I was never gonna use her anyway.
  6. - I think being able to re-roll boon/banes would be a great addition. I feel like they might not do that one though, since that'd be something that lowers how much rolling people do if they can just fix the bad stat characters they have instead of trying to roll for a replacement. Like Ice said, even whales don't like how it is now, so maybe IS will listen to complaints if people speak up about it enough. (they listened with stamina after all) - Some new method, a special seal, or some other mode that allows better and faster ways of gaining SP. Being stuck with grinding the training tower for 3 SP per kill as the only method right now sucks. It doesn't really benefit IS by having us do it that way, and only creates tedium for players. So maybe have a seal to equip that boosts SP gain, and/or daily quests that give an SP potion or something to use on a unit. - A permanent daily orb thing for logging in. I mean, we've kind of gotten that since there's only been a short lull between when they cut off having some event that does that, but I'd feel better if it was just a solid feature of 2 orbs per day. - Seconding that the pity rate should stretch across all banners. I originally expected it to work that way but it's kind of lame it doesn't. I don't think they'd lose too much money by allowing that change and it'd help out players that are really getting fucked with luck. - More stuff that gives the units you've already maxed out and continue to regularly use more "progression" and stuff to be gained by using them. Hero Merit was a good start, but I hope they keep going in that line of thought. - I think player vs player battles sound cool, but I'm fine with the way things currently are where it's all AI. If anything, no-stakes friendly battles with people on your friend list would be as much as I'd want.
  7. Yeah, I'm just relieved I didn't get trolled with a -atk or -spd one. I'd have still used her, but that would have been painful.
  8. Wow, been rolling all my orbs for blues for a long while since there's a lot of blue units I really want and plenty of good skill fodder units I'd like too. I've gotten nothing but junk this month from blue orbs and was going to give up and start saving again, but the new banner with Nowi on it made me decide to do a couple more attempts since she'd be a nice addition for me. With the daily reset I got up to 6 orbs and hit the new banner for the second time so far. I got 1 blue orb and hoped for Nowi or at least some nice fodder.. and got 5* Cordelia.. the #1 blue I've been wanting since the game came out, and after utterly failing to get her all this time, including on the gauntlet banner. She's +def/-res but I'll take it, that's not too bad. I literally just complained about how bad my blue orb rolls have been like twice today, and this is what happens. More proof bitching on forums solves your problems. Really though, I'm in disbelief. I was even hoping to some day get a 4* and would gladly use my feathers to upgrade her. I was literally on the last pull before giving up and saving for like whatever summer banner or something might come instead. God damn gatcha knows just when to tickle you with good stuff I swear. Guess I'll bitch about not having Lucina and Kagero from now on so I can get them too.
  9. I hate Gwendolyn for the same reason. She kept showing up when I was rolling for Effie in March. "YOU'RE NOT THE BLUE ARMOR I'M LOOKING FOR."
  10. This is what my box of suffering looks like after weeks of pulling mostly blue orbs.(except when I went for Bunny Camilla) I've gotten none of what I've been looking for, just these. 3* Gwen, Robin, Est, Sully and Shanna just can't stop rearing their heads. There's also 4 more Robins you can't see, and I used a Sully and Shanna as skill fodder a while back. They all come as 3* too, so they force me to waste feathers if I use them for skill fodder. Blue orbs hate me. Please just give me even a 4* Cordelia.
  11. I hate you guys, I've blown all the orbs we've got rolling nothing but blues for weeks hoping a Cordelia/Hinoka would pop out and even on their banner I got shit. Not even so much as a skill fodder Odin or anything else passable to show for it, just Ests, M Robins, and junk. :( It's a good thing I'm still sticking as F2P, or it'd probably cost me more to pull Cordelia than it did to buy her Goodsmile figure last year.
  12. Wow this one just as easy as Navarre's GHB for me. My team was Eirika/Tharja/Bunny Camilla/Peri. All Eirika did was buff Tharja, and all Peri did was use Draw Back that I put on her a couple times. Tharja and Camilla easily wiped out all the enemies in about 2 shots each (thanks to Wary Fighter not letting Tharja double anyone).
  13. My favorite is a hard pick. I like a few, but I think Beruka is the best for me. I like her silent emotionless assassin thing and her backstory for it is decent. Her supports with a number of units are good and make her likable knowing there's something under her hard exterior too. Also as a unit I really love her, she's usually badass semi-tank for me and really fun to use. Others I really like are Oboro, Kagero, Niles, Selena and Peri. I completely get why people hate Peri's one-dimensional murderer thing, and they could have made her a lot better with less-lazy writing, but I dunno, it doesn't bother me too much and I enjoy her quips as she revels in taking out enemies. I know Reina is that way too, but something about her is a lot more boring instead. Plus being a top class chef on the side is pretty funny(and useful). Also got a unit bias with her since she regularly becomes an absolute monster of a unit for me somehow. I rarely get another less than 3 stats ups per level with her and it's great. Least favorite is much more clear cut. Azama. Can't stand him. I see how some could appreciate the humor his character tries to bring, but I just hate his shitty attitude and how he's an asshole to everyone just for the sake of being an asshole more often than not. Just annoying and unpleasant. Jakob is similarly bad and a runner up. The way he treats Felicia alone could make me hate him. Those two regularly remain un-paired for me.
  14. Conquest for sure. I hate the story so much, but the gameplay and maps are great, and I really like most of the Conquest-side characters. I definitely have to grit my teeth when replaying though, due to reading the abomination of a story each time. It never fails to piss me off how bad it is. I guess least favorite is Revelation. Most of the maps are just plain bad, the gimmicks are lame, and the character balance is fucked. Granted I love the ability to use almost all the characters from both main routes, and it's the most "complete" story, so I appreciate that. But the gameplay and maps just drag it down too much as an overall experience. I can't hate on Birthright since while it's not very challenging and the story is generic(but that's sadly a good thing compared to the others), it's not bad, just not great.
  15. So at least it's agreed Sophia is better than Henry, right? :^)
  16. Figures after I upgraded my nearly-40 4* Celica to a 5* so I could feed her tome to Camilla we now get that lvl 35+ kill quest for her. Now I'll have to raise that 3* one up..
  17. I get what you're saying about your 4* team matching against teams with 5*s feeling unfair. I guess star rank really doesn't carry as much weight as one would expect, but that happened to me plenty even on the old system. Like Banryu just said, were the 5* units always lvl 40? I often would run into 5* units in their mid 30's. Considering you were upset at arena before, I think the changes will have just made it worse for you since if nothing else they seem to give you more challenging matchups now.. I'm getting much harder matches than before. For the first time in a couple weeks I didn't go deathless my first 7 runs, and I DO have a team of pretty inheritance stacked units. I'm getting matched with a lot more competently decked-out inheritance enemies, and while I scored higher than I ever have before(4,650 despite 2 deaths) I feel that's pretty pointless since others who scored higher on the old system will probably just score higher now too. All it's really done is make matches more challenging from what I can see. Edit: And I think one of the main reasons you're drawing a lot of ire is your thread title, compared to what you actually said in your post.
  18. With over 1 billion in the first hour I think this round might out-do the Lucina vs Ephraim blowout.
  19. No. You give your orbs to me instead so I can get Kagero and Effie.
  20. You could try doing what I did when I couldn't make teams I was happy with. I just used a lvl 1 of one of the weekly bonus with my other 3 40's to bring the enemy team levels down. I managed to crack 4k just barely during the week with F Robin as a bonus unit with her as a lvl 1 and a 4* Peri, 4* Tharja, and 5* Camilla. Sure you may run into defense teams that also have a lvl 1 on them sometimes, but it's still easier than fighting a full lvl40 team if your units aren't very good. Out of your lineup I'd pick the Bunny Xander as the one to drop for a lvl 1 Alphonse, Gunter, etc. since that Xander is pretty bad anyway. Or you could keep him and have a low level Olivia with dance instead. I think you could muddle through a 7 streak that way. Even if you don't hit 4k offense, it's more feathers than you'd get giving up.
  21. I'd forgotten about the bonus points for using the unit that matches who's side you pick. Guess it's a good thing I'm going Camilla, since I have none of the other characters in the gauntlet anyway. Besides Subaki but hey.
  22. Hey, it just depends on your team and what you have available more than anything. For me, this one was easy and I did it on the first try. For Ursula and F Robin, I never even beat their Lunatic maps. My units just worked out for this one, and they didn't for those. Meanwhile, I feel like we should all 3* and train up the daily free units since this dude always comes up with a way to beat the GHB using only those(not even using skill inheritance). At worst one could just copy the strategy he pulls off.
  23. I just want to say that I used what SP I could and had just enough to get Gronnraven+ and Triangle Adept 3 on her for right now. She helped me absolutely tear through arena. Takumi and anything else colorless was nothing. One enemy team had a Linde and Takumi on it. It was that map with the 1 space pillars in the middle and 1 space water tiles on each side. I threw up up forward on the second turn, with Eirika to buff her. She easily baited and wiped out Linde and Takumi in the same turn. She didn't even need the buffs to do it since she overkilled both and had over 1/3 HP left. So yeah, really digging the Gronnraven+ with Triangle Adept route. I think I'll be going for Threaten Speed just since I decided to put Threaten Res on Tharja instead now, and that'd be a bit more diverse debuffing for my team(plus I don't have another Nowi to sack right now anyway). It'll be a while before I get the SP to add another full skill, so I'll still have time to think about what the B skill should be. Again, I'd probably just go for the Quick Riposte idea if I had the feathers to spare. If she'd had that in the Navarre GHB she would have probably killed both of the ninjas by herself, but she left them with 4 HP each as it was(she still greatly helped winning though). Didn't get to see how a matchup with Nino/Julia would work out since I ran into one Julia and Tharja just blew her away before Camilla was in range to check damage. Maybe I was worrying about her and Nino too much.. Edit: And if you're going to have flier buffs on her with a flier team, I can only imagine how much of a monster that'll make her.
  24. Threaten Speed's idea wouldn't be to expect to get a double attack out of it, but mainly prevent her from getting doubled herself. Anything 34 speed and under would no longer double her after being affected by it. She's bulky enough to take a single hit from a good number of things, but not eat getting doubled. Meanwhile she has to rely on killing in a single big hit from weapon and triangle advantage stacked in her favor, which Threaten Res might help secure on a few things. Neither really wow me still, but the C slot's not offering anything else that stands out on her like Triangle Adept in the A slot does, so it's more of just picking something reasonably decent. I do still like your Quick Riposte idea to bait and wipe out some things, but I'll probably go with the more budget G Tome Breaker for now. If Tharja's res didn't suck I'd be more comfortable letting her deal with green tomes herself, but she could use a hand with Nino and Julia. And a flier team would be fun, but only if I get a Hinoka this week to put on it too. Pray I get her along with Cordelia.
  25. Judging by the possible stats in the first post, she might not be able to muscle through them, even with Gronnraven+ and Triangle Adept. I hope that's not the case, though. I know I'll be trying anyway. If not, a regular Camilla might work since she'll likely survive the axe fighter and healer's attacks if she kills the ninja. I'll probably send Tharja in through the trees and try to one shot the axe fighter on the same opening turn, leaving that ninja out of reach in the back as the hardest thing to deal with. My Peri with Swordbreaker can probably take out Navarre, but will possibly be screwed by that ninja if Navarre damages her back enough.
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