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  1. And they just posted another tweet that the screenshot is indeed from a dev build for the changes we don't have, haha.
  2. Yeah I was thinking that too. I really didn't expect any of that new stuff till further into April than this, and I still kind of don't. It'd be a nice surprise though.
  3. Yeah that would make sense. If so, I wonder if that means we'll get stuff regarding that tonight too, or they're just adding the slot but nothing to go in it yet.
  4. Do we know what the deal is with that S slot after the C skill? That's new.
  5. I'd guess that rather than do it every time now, they'll save something like that to fill in as an event when they don't have something else going. They probably wouldn't want to give us free stuff from the Twitter quiz AND an early hero battle right now, for example.
  6. Oh, oh yes I did... oops. I'm still dying though, please come take these old men from me.
  7. Good news for you, because Rhys is indeed in! Please, I have like 6 of him, take one! Really, please, I'm dying. He's even one of the free daily rotation hero maps. I don't remember which day of the week he comes up, though, but he's there.
  8. Welp, I've been trying to come up with something for a while, and I'd like a critique on what I've thought of for an Eirika build. I'm stuck with a -spd/+res one and -atk/+def one(I'm currently using the latter). Seiglinde Pivot/Rally Defense (usually use Rally Defense, but Pivot's still nice to use sometimes) Bonfire/Escutcheon Def +3/HP+5 Seal Skill (Really not sure which to pick here) Hone Spd So far Eirika's been mainly a buffbot for my Tharja, which as provided a powerful core for my team since she makes Tharja such a monster. However, I'd like to build her to participate more than buffing or occasionally thrown up to body block for Tharja or another teammate. I'm mainly not sure if I should go for trying to salvage some of her offensive potential (especially with the banes I've got) or to boost her tankiness so she can body block/bait for the team easier. I thought of slapping on Moonbow, obviously, but with her lower attack I thought Bonfire's flat extra damage off her solid defense might help her better despite the 1 extra charge turn. Plus using Def +3 as the A skill would both add to her physical bulk and Bonfire's damage a tiny bit more. Otherwise Escutcheon off of one of my many spare Gwens might help her body block better. I'd take HP+5 with that for the sake of taking magical hits too. I often find myself forgetting Pull Back is even there, as such I rarely notice it as a benefit and instead I thought a Seal skill could help more. I'm not sure what to pick here though, as Seal Speed would be more useful across the board I suppose, while Def/Res would weaken them for herself or teammates. At worst I could just leave Pull Back and try to actually, mindfully make us of it for a change. I really do just go "oh" when I end up pulling somebody back half the time. Guess that speaks for how often I attack with her. I'm sure Deathblow or something in the A slot would help her offense a lot, but with the boon/banes I have on her I don't think it'd be worth wasting my 5* Hawkeye or such on her for it.
  9. I'm gonna be praying I don't get orb trolled when those come in and get no blue orbs on my summons. That happened to be more than I care to remember on both Effie and Ninian's banners. I wish the orbs from the results of the gauntlet would come before the gauntlet's banners go away, but that's not what happened last time. At least I'll have them for Kagero/Effie's.. God speed to you my friend. I hope your next roll is eggcellent.
  10. It's truly dark times. I hope they drop another daily orb thing on us soon, like they did right after it ended last time, and don't actually leave us hanging without any free daily orbs for once. It hurts even more since Cordelia/Hinoka/Cherche/Beruka/Effie/Kagero are units at the top of my wish list and they decided to drop banners for all of them on us right at the same time, AND with a special Camilla and Lucina. I have only 11 orbs left right now and I'm crying inside(I at least got bunny Camilla)
  11. H-hey now! We're all still on Team Wyvern, why can't we all just get along?
  12. I like Camilla most despite Beruka set as my picture right now, so I'll be picking her. Except for Palla and Subaki, everyone in this gauntlet is among my favorite characters. Meanwhile Lucina happened to be the only one I cared much for last time, so I ended up going with her. (I promise I'm not a tier whore)
  13. Well, I dropped about 30 orbs and came away with a decent IV Camilla somehow. I'm really happy, since she's the main one I wanted. I'd like a Lucina too, but I really want Cordelia/Hinoka/Effie/Kagero, and now they decided to put all of those on focuses at basically the same time, so my orbs are way too crunched to go for Lucina too.
  14. I'm digging the Gronnraven + Triangle Adept combo idea for Camilla. I'm enough of a Camilla fan that I think I can stomach upgrading a Celica to sacrifice for her. Gronnblade+ seems damn nice on her too, especially since I already run Erika/Tharja as my usual team core, so she'd fit right in with that. Both seem like really awesome options, but I think the Gronnraven build sounds a little better for the added durability against blues/archers while still nuking them. I'll probably go for G Tomebreaker too for the sake of Nino/Julia. If Tharja's not in Desperation range sometimes she struggles to oneshot them safely. I think I like the Quick Riposte suggestion more for general use, but promoting Subaki to 5* in addition to Celica unless I roll him this banner is too rich for my blood. (and using a level 2 of it from a 4* will bother me..) How about that C skill, though? Threaten Speed to potentially not get doubled as often? Everything else but that or maybe Threaten Res seems kinda meh.
  15. I think Chrom and Xander look stupid, not to mention Xander getting his first release with the joke Easter outfit before we even get his normal version is weird. Lucina is fine I guess, though I personally have no real interest in bunny girl outfits so I'd much rather have a normal Lucina than this one. Camilla looks alright, but I'm more interested in her for being a ranged flier than her new costume. I prefer her regular one. I don't even find the female costumes especially sexual. Yeah, Camilla has her big boobs in the bunny outfit, but that's just how Camilla is, even in her normal design. And Lucina's too flat to even pull off a bunny outfit like that. Edit: I agree Panne and Yarne would have been a cool to introduce for the event instead. And maybe some other animal characters to go along with them, like Velouria and Keaton, to round out enough for a banner.
  16. I can attest to your imagining.. I blew pretty much all the free orbs we've gotten during Ninian's banner trying to get her and failed. I also failed to get Effie and Lucina when they had their banners the week before Ninian. I'm sitting at 17 orbs right now and wish I would have never bothered with Ninian. I never even played her game, I just wanted a good blue/dancer.
  17. Well, I really wanted Lucina and failed at getting her on all the other banners, but I don't know if I'll roll for her this time. I'm not feeling any of these costumes, except maybe Camilla. Figures she's the character I already have 3 normal versions of. I'll probably roll for her anyway since it's exclusive for at least a year. Hate the bunny Xander and Chrom though, they just look too ridiculous to me. Designs aside, Camilla looks pretty awesome if she is indeed a ranged flier. I'll be curious to see her stats too, given they're already pretty mediocre as a regular flier, and a ranged one they may want to make them even lower.
  18. Good luck getting your Erika too. :( I guess I can't be too upset since at least she's a nice pair with Tharja and all those buffs for her.
  19. So it was you! You're the one who's been pulling all my waifus out from under me! Stop that, stop that right now! Really though, I've still been dying trying to get all of those but Camilla (who I rerolled for to get when the game launched). I thought the Princess banner would be my saving chance after failing with the original banner with Lucina, but I got no justice. In about 100 saved orbs got 2 Erikas, plus Chrom and Marth instead. Annoyed me more than a bit to get Lucina's father and who she copycats instead of her herself. So far I have 12 5*, only 1 was promoted. Haven't bought any orbs. In the order I got them: Camilla, Fae, Camilla(again), Erika, Chrom, Marth, Erika, Hawkeye, Peri, Takumi, Catria, and Tharja who I promoted from 4*. I've been trying to roll blue orbs since Effie's banner, but Peri and Catria are the best I've been able to come up with. I'd even be happy with Effie, Cordelia or Hinoka as 4*.
  20. I'd say that goes for all of them. I couldn't touch F Robin's Lunatic mode since the only decent ranged unit I had at the time was a 4* Tharja, so I had no way to effectively bait the units at the start and survive.
  21. And the map's gone, just like they promised. Well that was fun, and a bit stressful.
  22. Wow, I actually pulled it off! Team was Takumi, Tharja, Peri, and Erika. Takumi has Vantage, Peri Swordbreaker. I lined up on the right side with Takumi just out of range and Erika beside him, with Peri in the back and Tharja to Erika's left. I moved up with Takumi, one shot the blue flier, and used Erika's Pivot to jump over him to block him from being attacked by the sword cavalry with bowbreaker. Next turn Takumi survived Michalis' attack and hit Vantage range. Then he shot over Erika to kill the cavalry, Tharja moved next to Takumi and killed Michalis, and Peri stayed back. Takumi Vantage-killed the red flier, and I moved my units back a couple turns into the bottom right so both Tharja and Peri could attack the blue knight that had walked around the map and kill him. Erika's pivot really saved my ass. I might have been able to tank the red cav and blue flier with Peri after a rally defense (which I also taught Erika) but I kinda doubt it.
  23. Mine's +spd - res and she lives with 9hp. But she can't retreat far enough away afterward and the blue flier still comes and kills her after.
  24. Wow you guys are fast. Without Camilla able to one round that blue pegasus I think I'm pretty screwed with my team. Nobody else can bait something and survive the attack of the second unit that'll inevitably attack them.
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