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  1. Here I present Hinoka, with bow in hand, blotting out the sun on Duma. Easiest abyssal so far thanks to owning a flying archer and the AI being roadblocked by that breakable wall. I beat it with a more "fair" flier team first, but I noticed Hinoka did most of the work so I tried using just her afterwards. It ended up being a pretty easy but fun idea.
  2. Congrats on making it to the comfy tier! Welcome to relaxation time! (for a few more weeks, anyway) And no need for thanks, since you're the one who still had to play out the battles, after all. You're still the the one who had to bring it together to make it happen.
  3. I'm surprised to see Duma as the first one. I thought he could happen at some point, but I didn't expect them to lead off with him (Eir doesn't really count). I can't say I'm that interested in the FE god/dragon characters, though, so I don't think I'll pull for him. If I do pull on this banner, it's just to try and fix my Loki's IVs. Barring maybe Anankos, I'd probably pass most of the other likely picks in this category. I don't have any attachment to Naga, Mila, Yune, etc. to really care about them. (Anankos is just since I like his eyeball design, though his cloaked human form would be kind of lame)
  4. I know last year there were people using VPNs to spam votes for Tharja and Eirika. Not sure about the others, but no doubt each group has some people trying to do it. Hopefully IS detects this stuff, but I wouldn't be surprised they don't. And I haven't seen any concerted effort for vote stuffing behind any of the characters on 4chan or elsewhere. Just random individuals like this Robin person and the ones I saw last year. Hopefully it's not too widespread, for any character.
  5. I almost always roll the dice regardless. Rematching options usually aren't appealing when the majority of attackers I've gotten are whales and/or people with +10 Firesweep Lyn defense leads I know will just be a pain to deal with. It's mostly been better to take the chance on finding cancer than walking into it almost guaranteed. (and yeah, the majority of people high up seem to have bought that pack). There really is a fair amount of joke teams, though, so people hitting that 1000 lift range of the low 11,000's may still manage to catch some breaks.
  6. Gfaqs has become so bad now I honestly think it still might be worse. I think Edelgard is a 99.9% lock for first next year. Just like Celica, she'll be the lead girl of the most recent game and soak up attention and votes. The male side may be more dividided between the male avatar(or whatever Byleth is) and the other 2 male lords. So Eiliwood, Chrom, or whoever else could still take a top spot, if not both. The second spot for the female side would likely have whoever gets bumped to third this year, be it Camilla, Robin or Micaiah. If there's a strong enough popularity for a female side character in 3H then she could usurp that too, though.
  7. Good luck! At least 1/4 of the people I've attacked or been attacked by have either had joke maps or surrendered to my team. Luckily the competition for rank isn't needed yet in tier 21 so a fair amount of people are just taking it easy. In my second match today I did a conga line with my Camilla team until the timer ran out of time on a map where the guy had 6 lvl 1 Myrrhs set out. The meta certainly takes a turn for the better once you make your way here.
  8. I've been handing out surrenders and free defenses still this week. I've seen some other t21 people doing the same. I wonder if it'll make the jump from 20 easier for people as they get closer, since they'll have a chance at encountering more of these joke defense teams people on the top have out.
  9. I agree Aerete should make more sense, but like I said, I think they have her slated for something else so they may have not wanted to use her for it. So they picked out some other characters to go with the theme. At least they did something unique with Camilla by going with the alternate personality thing. They put more effort into that banner's theme than usual, even if seeing more alts kind of took most of the attention from people. I know that feeling! IF Camilla does still win this CYL, will you save up for her or just take the free pick? I may actually try to save up orbs for the first time to +10 a 5* unit. It would be really hard to save through all the summer banners, but I might still try.
  10. Yeah, it was a pretty random banner in general. And it seemed more like it was built around little Azura's special scenario than trying to be a true Valla banner, so I guess they decided to do some other ideas instead. My bet is Arete's in the pipeline to be a GHB at some point in the future anyway, at least. Perhaps Anankos could be slated for a mythic appearance, if they actually keep to the "godlike" descriptor.
  11. Still just seems like another seasonal-like one to me. It's more about being a part of special theme or not than anything else to me. And the others are mostly fitting for her, but they're still just themed stuff. Swimsuits, bunny outfits, kimonos, bath towels. I certainly like that fun stuff, but I'd like a more grounded kick-ass kind alt of her too. A legendary could do the same thing(Like personally I think Marth's legendary alt is about what I would have wanted from a CYL for him, already), though I think Xander's more likely out of Nohrian representative options.
  12. Personally, I don't find Adrift Camilla serious. She's part of the Adrift theme, which while it's not a real seasonal certainly feels like one. What I want out of CYL is an alt that's like Hinoka's kinshi one. No seasonal or thematic thing at all, just a more serious "cool" promotion/class change kind. Either way, I think generalizations and assumptions are getting all over the place.
  13. Indeed. They really need remakes or new Virtual Console releases to gain a bigger audience. The average person is not going to bother jumping through hoops to emulate or hunt down second hand copies of older titles after jumping in with the newer games. Even more so with Japanese-only titles that require fan translations. And I think that's perfectly fair. In light of that, I think it'd also help for the community to not draw such a line between the newer and older fans, making newer ones feel like the 3DS games are a different entity and incentivizing them further to not bother digging up the older stuff.
  14. I agree, people should be free to express their opinions here. But what you're saying just sounds like I shouldn't express my excitement about new alts because it might be upsetting when everyone's busy complaining about them. Well, I find some opinions in this thread upsetting too, but I won't tell them they shouldn't say them. They can express their dislike all they want, and I'm going to express my excitement too. It's sad when saying something positive about the game could get you in trouble. Indeed, yet you threatened people will dislike me and other Camilla fans for enjoying themselves right now. I'm not going to walk on eggshells about being happy any more than everyone else is about being upset. I'm not even making rude comments, but it doesn't seem I have to.
  15. What about time and place? I'm pretty sure this is the CYL3 discussion thread, not the "trash Camilla and alts" thread, unless I'm mistaken. My comments have been largely on-topic, just not sharing the group sentiment, it seems. If people are going to dislike me or anybody else over character alts in a phone game I don't think I'm the one with the problem. I could just as well make issue with the one-sided whining for the past 50 pages this thread has turned into, but since here that's the majority's opinion I'm the one with the problematic posts for not following suit. If anything, people here could use to see more differing opinions. The absolute bafflement I've seen about Camilla's placing shows that a lot of people may be more out of touch with the overall fanbase than they think.
  16. I don't really care about the alt issue, and I'm allowed not to. Be it more Camillas, Ikes, or whatever they may make. I want some characters not in the game too, but I'm still enjoying the new alts and seasonals as well. Trying to turn liking or even just not being against alts into a morality issue lately is ridiculous. Gloating is not my intention, but yes I am enjoying that Camilla has another alt and may get a CYL one this year. I'm not going to be scared away from discussing something positively because of the community's whining.
  17. I still don't like her attack art, but bathmilla is pretty fun. Ouch Pouch fiting perfectly in a multi-map mode like TT helps too. Based and cute team.
  18. It may be a bright future for Camilla emblem. And the best part is IS has a habit of giving her such good variety (as long as she's a flier), so they promise to all be fun.
  19. I don't like the idea of it period. They just make a mess and the end results less "legitimate". It just turns the whole thing into a fight of bandwaggoning votes and community drama (more so than it already would be). That includes people that would be positively affecting me too, like salt miners voting Camilla this year. Midterm results are as close to an unspoiled result as we can get now, but it's only 3/7 of the way through. Hope you get her! You deserve to see the glory of the full 6milla AR team.
  20. A voice of reason. Too many people forget about the wider playerbase and their opinions. It seems there must be plenty that don't care about alts, too many Camillas, or pushing less-represented characters into the game. Just because a lot of hardcore people that care enough to be on a forum about the game lose their minds over that stuff doesn't mean everybody does. The fact that people 50 pages into this thread still seem to be in "disbelief" that Camilla could be the top spot right now already shows how out of touch they might be. Indeed. The whole spirit of it being a popularity poll voting is ruined when it becomes a war of people voting for salt or spite. Midterm results are such a dumb idea.
  21. Absolutely. No issue if anybody hates any character or says it. Just it can still feel hostile at some times being a fan of them, especially at volatile time like right now where some people are so pissed off. (which in itself is ridiculous, over a phone game) And the rallies to vote against just for the sake of the upset doesn't exactly sound in good spirit either.
  22. True enough. It can just get really hostile sometimes by those vocal people, especially on other sites. Also I just saw the flood of Camilla hate/hate for her fans on twitter right now so that hasn't helped today.
  23. Pretty much. I would be voting for her regardless, but seeing people constantly hurl trash at your favorite character all the time just makes it feel even more satisfying if she does manage to win. it sucks that the community will have a huge meltdown either way this year. If she wins, people have fits about it. If she loses, they all gloat they managed to ruin her victory. What sucks most is just the attitude of a big chunk of FE community itself, honestly.
  24. I want one that's not just seasonal/theme alt for a change. I like the special promoted class/special class treatment of the CYL alts. Something like Hinoka's kinshi alt or Chrom's horse alt were similar and cool too. I like alts, and I'd like something along those lines for her. My other favorite is Cordelia.
  25. Exactly. My favorite is my favorite. And not like anybody asked IS for the Adrift or bath banners, but we are asking for a CYL version.
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