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  1. Since people are speculating on some kind of June marriage-themed banner I'm going to guess July. But even if that's incorrect I'd still bet July, being the height of summer after all. But factually, no, nobody even knows IF we'll get a summer banner, it just seems extremely likely since every other gacha game does it, and we already saw they'll do stuff like skimpy bunny costumes so bring on the bikinis and trunks.
  2. I'm glad defense wins now has more tiers for feathers, so it partly makes up for the loss from getting 2,500 from ranked before. Also surprised I got a defense win so fast last night. I'd actually accidentally set up my offense team in the first slot, so somebody lost to the team I was using to do my runs rather than one I actually set up for defense. I really wish this game let you see defense replays.
  3. Awesome, I couldn't beat her lunatic map before so now I can get my revenge. I have 2 -atk 5* Hawkeyes stinking up my barracks until I sacrifice them for Death Blow, so I don't really need that out of her, but more Threaten Res would be nice since I never roll Nowi.
  4. Hit 4,840 with Tharja/Cordelia/B Camilla/Ike. I actually like most of the new maps. Most of them make it easier to position to bait things, even not counting the defense tile bonuses. The map with the walls on each side is cancer though. I kept getting maximum meta teams including Azura on them, and I didn't want to move up to bait stuff like Linde or Kagero with B Camilla since if the Ryoma(which they all had too) got danced she was dead. Instead, having to wait for the enemy to move up on that wall map means they'll likely end up standing on one of the many fort tiles in the middle making it a lot harder to safely pick units off before they get too close.
  5. I thought they were fun. Easier than Ike's story chapters for me, but I liked doing them and it shows they can still make more interesting map layouts despite the size constraints in this game. The island one was fun, even though all I had to do was let Ike and B Camilla bait and one shot everything. I'd like to see more maps like these.
  6. So you guys think it could be a bride/groom costume banner INSTEAD of summer swimsuits or both? Unless they do Beruka in the former, I think I'll get to save some orbs.
  7. Well, it's confirmed that the losing side's point boost will also affect personal rank scores. That kinda sucks from the sound of it but I guess we'll have to see how it goes. I know nobody likes the clear cut winner meta where people bandwagon that we've had so far, but I don't think I'd like to see people ride the loser teams to boost their total rank as a new meta either. At least high personal ranking has been achievable by anyone so far (give you have unit for the team you're on and can battle often enough).
  8. Thank god I got into the top 5k for arena this season to get the feathers out of it while I could. I'm happy we get more free orbs with the new tier system, but looks like we'll get less feathers to make up for it. (unless offense/defense feathers have been boosted) Maybe I shouldn't have 4*'d all those skill fodder units recently..
  9. It really depends on the unit. Like @DehNutCase's example shows, some units get screwed out of a lot of match ups just due to your bad luck of rolling a poor natured one. It sucks when that happens, and I think it's unfair to call anyone spoiled for being upset about that kind of thing. Regardless of how competitive a player is, if a unit you've been wanting finally shows up and it's partly neutered in usability just because of another RNG layer, that's a bummer.
  10. Congrats to the winners and good on Rezzy for the generosity! I'd of entered too but I'm an iOS player.
  11. Collecting cute girls is the purest form of playing Heroes. Really, though, collecting is probably the biggest lure of this game. Then the competitive/gameplay side, now with skill inheritance, is like building Pokemon sets and teams which is fun too. Getting all your favorites from multiple games and using them together in the same place is really nice and something the main games will probably never do (not counting amiibos). This game's really been scratching those collecting and strategy/teambuilding itches I've been having.
  12. Tharja/Cordelia/Bunny Camilla/Eirika is my primary core team. Tharja rips greens and lots of other things apart, Eirika buffs up Tharja into more of a monster and can serve as a good blocker and clean up unit, Cordelia deletes most of the game's cast that's not green or tanky blue, and B Camilla does an amazing job baiting and deleting key blue and colorless threats. Eirika is who I drop to make room for the bonus unit in arena, which is a shame for Tharja's buffs, but I can still manage pretty will without. I think if I can ever get Azura she might be a better use of Eirika's slot since losing 2 buffs would probably be worth it for dance while still being able to emergency check reds, but otherwise I'm really happy with this team's effectiveness.
  13. Wow got Camus a lot quicker than the other max luck rolls. Only took about 5. Did we already pass all the reward thresholds for this thing? I'd guess we have, and it'd be cool if they added another tier of goals for more orbs. A man can dream, I need more orbs before this banner ends!
  14. I hope I can pull an Effie some day. She's continued to elude me. I need a big pink blob of armored muscle in my life.
  15. I'd echo this sentiment for using assist skills as well. Since you said you'd rather just remove them since you can't use them properly or use them accidentally. I'd really encourage toughing it out and trying to get better at utilizing them, since going without is just further handicapping yourself instead. You'd ease some frustration as well as win more often if you can get the hang of them.
  16. Yes, either Cecilia or Nino will basically solve your Takumi and Reindhardt problems. Plus there's nothing wrong with your Eirika, I have the exact same boon/bane combo as you do and she's served me great for weeks now. Not to mention that if you chose to use your Nino she makes an amazing partner with all the buffs she hands out, turning Nino from great to insane. (This is what I was doing with Eirika and my Tharja (my 2 3* Ninos actually DO suck, both -atk/+def). You have a lot of tools laying in front of you, but you're choosing not to utilize them to help yourself out.
  17. You did say she was a useless unit though, a couple pages back now, and so people have been trying to correct your statement, because that's really not true.
  18. You still have access to them, you just never bothered to get them.
  19. Hector only moves 1 space, he wouldn't reach her.
  20. Or just tickling with his little hands, no less.
  21. Reinhardt tickles Cecilia with TA. Even my TA+Raven Bunny Camilla, who has much less resist than her, loses like 1/3 hp and one shots him back. Cecilia does the same. She bodies Takumi too. Remember his resistance sucks, and TA mitigates the damage she'll take from him, and one shot him on the return. She doesn't need to double these units to kill them. Wow I got turbo ninja'd while writing this reply, but I'm gonna still post anyway.
  22. This. Reposition and Drag back alone regularly open up lots of options for me in matches I wouldn't have otherwise, and can save the ass of a unit after a mistake sometimes too. You should really just be more careful while playing and where you tap than remove them.
  23. Score of 4,814. I probably could have gotten a little higher, but I don't want to blow duel swords on surrendering until match ups with 690+ pop up (I usually get 686-88). And can I just say, man this season is pretty brutal. I used Tharja/Cordelia/B Camilla/Ike, all with filled out skill inheritance builds. None of my units are merged. Meanwhile I ran into merged and whaled teams out the ass. Even an all-armor team of +2-5 merged Sheena/Hector/Effie/Zephiel with all members carrying distant counter/wary fighter/armor buff skill. (thank god Tharja and Camilla could still murder them anyway) Enemy units are regularly between +2-6. I don't really understand why I run into so many merged units now, since it's not like they're merged and then have no inheritance skills to balance it out. I guess putting Ike on my team really must have boosted my rating up or something, although I'm not getting many points more than I did last week without him.
  24. Indeed. While the last few have been easy first or second try clears, I couldn't beat Ursula's hard mode back when it was out since I had no trained up units that could handle that map well enough. (and mkv's video came out too late for me to train up a subaki and co to copy his strat)
  25. Seriously. I haven't been able to get back to stockpiling in forever. And next banner I'm sure I'll want Celica, and after that I bet they bring out a swimsuit/summer banner. I'm gonna cry blood if I'm low on orbs and they put in characters I like for it.
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