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  1. By the way, the King Mummies from the Lords of the Grave DLC map appear to be dead Spartans, if anybody hasn't already noticed. The sprite for the Spartan is almost a completely mirrored King Mummy sprite.
  2. Nope, this has happened to me once before in Doma's Tower, I used the turnwheel and the cursor wouldn't return to Celica and then the game crashed.
  3. A few of the overclass designs bear an odd resemblance to Soulcalibur armor, with the Greek aesthetic some of those designs have and whatnot.
  4. I must say, his name rhymes with bae and therefore I must choose Gray, eh. lol
  5. This is acceptable. It isn't ear grating like certain characters in Fates, and the characters sound like actual people, rather than caricatures. The only characters I can really say i'm not fond of are Celica, who just doesn't sound genuine. Luka whose voice is way too deep, like, WAY too deep and Alm for his speaking voice.
  6. I think if your unit's HP is below a certain point they'll go for it, it happened to Genny a few times for me, specifically, that one archer in the front of Grieth's Fortress attacked her instead of the 3/4 summonings that were in his attack range. This AI is pretty wack.
  7. You pretty much said it, fatigue is weird, and unnecessary. You get an over abundance of provisions, and making an offering rids your entire party of its effects. It also takes quite a bit for fatigue to actually take affect after multiple encounters, and even then you aren't(or shouldn't be) in THAT much danger after HP has been reduced. Its only function in my opinion is to make the grinding process lengthy and tedious(to punish filthy grinders) as fatigue doesn't even function outside of dungeons. I pray that they may never use this again, even though i'm grateful that it isn't Thracia 776 fatigue.
  8. I tried to do Chapter 6 without grinding my units to death and I had to pray I made it out alive from the final Sea map onwards. Having to rely on your glass cannon protagonist Celica and the one unit you shamefully dread looped is literal hell. You aren't even completely safe with a looped unit because of this game's nonexistent RES growths.
  9. I preferred Celica's route because it offered more of a challenge for me, and because Nuibaba's Medusa made me want to file a restraining order on Fire Emblem.
  10. I absolutely adore Genny, give her a Dragonshield and she is completely set. Many a time have I been saved by her summonings, physic,(which Silque does not have...urrggh)...and her strength growth, which kinda puts her above the other clerics, at least from my experience with the game. Also Leo(n)’s "ざっけんな!” gets me every time, definitely my favorite archer from now on. He's dethroned Marth as the Hero-King of fabulousness.
  11. She was using the blessed sword. A lot of the characters have several animations that they use when fighting. She usually only does the jump attack when getting a crit, or finishing an enemy off. It's not guaranteed though.
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