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  1. I'm here looking for resources again lol. Specifically a few of the set 1 cost 1 Chrom and Lucina. B01-053HN and B01-056HN respectively. I can pay with paypal.
  2. Bought cards from wooblinghood and they got here safely. +1
  3. Funny enough we've never had that situation. None of us use Lucina as a main character in any of our decks. I think if that situation were to occur for us, we would allow the lucina to be played alongside a marth card, but she wouldn't be able to class change into him as long as he's there. You can't class change or growth your partners units with your own cards. You could however use something like King Chrom's promotion ability or Tiki's to faciltate their class change. That situation happens quite a bit for us. If one partner doesn't get what they need. They end up being a little dead weight until they do. Usually the options are allow them to take orbs in hope that they get their promotion or else hide them in the back. But again, that's how we play. You could try it your own way if you're so inclined.
  4. If I could change awakening, I'd: -Give units supports who clearly should have had them, especially the robinsexuals. -Remove the valm arc. It was the weakest one and didn't really add much to the overall story. -Either add or expand story that has to do with the relationship between ylisse and plegia. Chrom's father did some terrible things, if I recall. The first arc was more interesting to me than the others. I don't know how you would intertwine it with the grima storyline though. Maybe they're better off as two separate storylines. -Give snipers close counter as a high level skill. Seriously. It'd also be a buff to bow knights. -Give Griffon Riders galeforce as well. Because it barely has purpose as it is. It also allows some first gen males to get it. And instead of them being balanced, perhaps tweak their stats so that they're more offense oriented than defense. -Give tricksters a higher magic cap -Give war clerics a slightly higher strength and magic cap -Give Say'ri and Flavia kids besides morgan. Maybe limit their choices in spouses so that they make sense.
  5. Why did maintenance start early tonight. I wasn't able to cap.
  6. very nice. noone in our FC has good design sense so our place looks a little lackluster. the most interesting it looked was when HW was just released and i managed to get a weird visual bug after doing ravana. i told people the house was on fire. they didn't believe me.
  7. Howdy. You don't have to like people, but you have to like fire emblem.
  8. Alot of people I know hate the guy, but I love Bakugo's explosion quirk. It looks fun and he uses it in versatile ways. Uses sweat to cause explosions. Getting worked up produces more sweat.
  9. I'll bite. I'm in the market for: B04-068HN Lon'qu B01-043N Est B01-039N Palla B01-041N Catria B09-093N Mist B06-041N Bridget B08-077N Shannan B05-012N Wolt I might add to this list. But those are ones I've run out of for my own decks that I could use. If anyone's got any spares and is willing to sell, PM me.
  10. For people who are devoid of energy, I highly recommend mountain dew kick start. It gives you energy by shaving off some of your lifespan. Plus it has passable taste.
  11. For people who are devoid of energy, I highly recommend mountain dew kick start. It gives you energy by shaving off some of your lifespan. Plus it has passable taste.
  12. I think if I were thirty, I'd cry. I got myself a BS in information security and have been looking for work for a while. I'm... im sorry. >_<
  13. Oh boy. I daresay if they added a rotating one it could end up being cash shop only.
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