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  1. I'm here looking for resources again lol. Specifically a few of the set 1 cost 1 Chrom and Lucina. B01-053HN and B01-056HN respectively. I can pay with paypal.
  2. Bought cards from wooblinghood and they got here safely. +1
  3. Funny enough we've never had that situation. None of us use Lucina as a main character in any of our decks. I think if that situation were to occur for us, we would allow the lucina to be played alongside a marth card, but she wouldn't be able to class change into him as long as he's there. You can't class change or growth your partners units with your own cards. You could however use something like King Chrom's promotion ability or Tiki's to faciltate their class change. That situation happens quite a bit for us. If one partner doesn't get what they need. They end up being a little dead weight until they do. Usually the options are allow them to take orbs in hope that they get their promotion or else hide them in the back. But again, that's how we play. You could try it your own way if you're so inclined.
  4. If I could change awakening, I'd: -Give units supports who clearly should have had them, especially the robinsexuals. -Remove the valm arc. It was the weakest one and didn't really add much to the overall story. -Either add or expand story that has to do with the relationship between ylisse and plegia. Chrom's father did some terrible things, if I recall. The first arc was more interesting to me than the others. I don't know how you would intertwine it with the grima storyline though. Maybe they're better off as two separate storylines. -Give snipers close counter as a high level skill. Seriously. It'd also be a buff to bow knights. -Give Griffon Riders galeforce as well. Because it barely has purpose as it is. It also allows some first gen males to get it. And instead of them being balanced, perhaps tweak their stats so that they're more offense oriented than defense. -Give tricksters a higher magic cap -Give war clerics a slightly higher strength and magic cap -Give Say'ri and Flavia kids besides morgan. Maybe limit their choices in spouses so that they make sense.
  5. Why did maintenance start early tonight. I wasn't able to cap.
  6. very nice. noone in our FC has good design sense so our place looks a little lackluster. the most interesting it looked was when HW was just released and i managed to get a weird visual bug after doing ravana. i told people the house was on fire. they didn't believe me.
  7. Howdy. You don't have to like people, but you have to like fire emblem.
  8. Alot of people I know hate the guy, but I love Bakugo's explosion quirk. It looks fun and he uses it in versatile ways. Uses sweat to cause explosions. Getting worked up produces more sweat.
  9. I'll bite. I'm in the market for: B04-068HN Lon'qu B01-043N Est B01-039N Palla B01-041N Catria B09-093N Mist B06-041N Bridget B08-077N Shannan B05-012N Wolt I might add to this list. But those are ones I've run out of for my own decks that I could use. If anyone's got any spares and is willing to sell, PM me.
  10. For people who are devoid of energy, I highly recommend mountain dew kick start. It gives you energy by shaving off some of your lifespan. Plus it has passable taste.
  11. For people who are devoid of energy, I highly recommend mountain dew kick start. It gives you energy by shaving off some of your lifespan. Plus it has passable taste.
  12. I think if I were thirty, I'd cry. I got myself a BS in information security and have been looking for work for a while. I'm... im sorry. >_<
  13. Oh boy. I daresay if they added a rotating one it could end up being cash shop only.
  14. I'm Metal Rabbit. I've also gone by Metal Archer or Metal Arc here. I signed up for this forum the very first day I saw it was open, because I used SF as a resource site before that. Fire emblem has been one of my favorite series ever. Blazing Sword was my first, but I'll probably regard Radiant Dawn as the overall best in the series. I used to be a moderator here, but got fired due to a series of questionable acts. Or rather because I was 15 and dumb. I left after that, only to appear once in a blue moon to see how the forum was doing. And I'd have birthday wishes in my inbox due to long periods of being a ghost. I never did stop using this place as a resource though. Truly the best place to find Fire emblem info. Especially in regards to the TCG. I play it with my brother and friends who all love Fire Emblem. I've also played all the entries in the main series except Thracia. Screw that game. I recognize some people here from the older days but if anyone's changed their name since then, forgive me lol. I might not know who you are.
  15. Nah, nothing like that. We try to keep it as close to the standard rules as possible, with exceptions for cases where the rules would get confusing or unfair in the situation. Never thought of doing a grid tho lol. Might be something to try. We do have a couple of game modes for times where we have more than 4 players. It devolves into a free for all where you can only attack the players to your right and left side. To prevent ganging up on an individual. We also allow for everyone to draw and place a bond at the start to help get things moving. The first player gets to pick the direction for turns, the last player is the first who can attack. Everyone but the first player can draw a card on turn one. And if we feel extra dumb we add "Lloyd Mode". We place an SR lloyd in the center of the table with a special condition. Anyone who self supports during offense or defense is attacked by the lone Lloyd afterward. So you draw your support and hope he doesn't kill you. He still has his ability to steal support emblems, but its really only attacker's emblem that makes a difference. He will attack both parties if they both self support. If a unit self supports, but is killed by combat then Lloyd targets their main character instead. And finally, Lloyd will continue to untap and pursue units to continue to self support perhaps multiple times a turn. There have been two instances where he's killed all the players. So noone won. Or random MC mode, where you shuffle your deck and the first 1 cost card you reveal is your MC for the game. Trust me. You haven't lived until you've had Muarim as your MC.
  16. Do we already have a heart shaped bed with tiger stripe design? If not, it'll be the hot ticket item among roleplayers this fall.
  17. It'll be Takumi and Camilla. They need to pay more lip service to their newer games right? That said, Camilla might have an interesting moveset considering her canon class has magic and axes.
  18. Just curious. And if so, what race/job/server? I'm a femroe warrior on Cactuar. And here's a pic.
  19. As title stipulates, this is in no way official. This is just a set of special rules for when our group of players get together and decide to do team games. -Both players on a team select their own main characters and start off with them as usual. The game ends when one team has lost both of their main characters. -You share your side of the field with your partner, which means you can't deploy more than one of the same unit at the same time (without special exceptions like risen or anna). As such, that means you can't have the same main character. Your frontlines are their frontlines and their backline is your backline. -You and your partner take your turns at the same time. You both draw if it's not the first turn, you may each place a bond. -Bonds are shared. It's up to you to communicate with your partner on how to allocate usage for deployment/leveling up as well as flipping bonds for abilities. For example, one way to use a standard heal ability could mean both partners flip a bond, rather than one person using both. -When a main character takes damage, either partner can take the orb loss. For example, if a player had no orbs, but their partner had at least one, the partner could save them from one death. You may NOT however, dodge for your partner. If you can't take the orb then they will take damage. Sometimes it's useful to take the hit for your partner if your hand isn't great. This rule was instituted to prevent ganging up on one player and killing them off early. -When a main character is completely defeated (no orb to save them) then they must place their deployed units in the retreat. Their partner's deployed units are untouched. The defeated player cannot draw or deploy any cards for the remainder of the match. The bonds the defeated player has down are left in play for their partner to use. This allows the partner to possibly make a comeback because they have full control of the bonds. It has happened. And it has been glorious. -If an attack goes through where two or more orbs would have been lost, the partners may divide the orb loss as they see fit. -If you have overlapping cards with your partner, you are not allowed to dodge or crit for eachother. But you may both place whatever you wish into the bond zone as normal. -You and your partner's hands are deemed separate. This mean a dark mage's emblem wouldn't affect either of you as long as you both had 4 or less cards each. -You and your partner's retreat areas and decks are separate. You may heal a card from your partners retreat to their hand, but you may not put it in yours. You may also not place a card of yours on top of their deck. -You and your partner's support zones are separate. You would not be able to use the bride Lissa card to save your partner from a bad support, for example. You also can't draw a fate emblem and allow your partner to use the effect. -Card effects on the field apply to both partners as usual. A class changed set 1 Lon'qu could benefit from your partner's sword units, for example. Or kurthnaga's 3 stack ability can oblitherate all non main character units on the opponent's side of the field. Cards that affect main characters apply to both main characters on a team. Those are all the main rules I can recall at the moment. There are little rules or exceptions for specific cards but those rarely come up. We do this because it's fun. Placing two bonds a turn accelerates deployment and leveling up. The higher orb count per team and the ability to take damage for your partner can make it take longer than usual. So it makes for an interesting game. Especially considering your deck builds and ability to cooperate with eachother are the biggest factors.
  20. I've been seeing multiple Ikes on the same team, personally. Doesn't help that I've been using mine too.
  21. Most definitely DS2. Great story, good voiceover, and challenging gameplay. But then again, it's always harder for a first playthrough. You've got multiple endings again and you might decide to NG+ to see them. It's a cakewalk when you do.
  22. To any who ever wondered, this was an amalgamation of a bunch of threads deemed useless a very long time ago. Some jackass moderator was responsible.
  23. There probably isn't an internal battery in a legit copy of blazing sword. The only GBA games that had a replaceable battery were the pokemon main games (because that's what powered the internal clock) and a few earlier ones. It became standard to use flash memory for saving at around the time FE7 would have been in production. Pirated copies seem to have the 2025 type batteries to fuel their saving ability. I've replaced the battery in emerald before, it's not too hard.
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