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  1. I noticed that, too, with Leonie. Her other supports that I have seen have little to do with her Jeralt worship. There's quite a bit to the character that I really like, actually. She's a bit stingy, but she also isn't wasteful when it comes to using things (in the supports, I mean). In terms of gameplay, she's tailor made for being a Bow Knight, but that's fine with me, since bows are really useful in this game.
  2. After the timeskip, yeah. She's 26 before the timeskip.
  3. Not really. Actually, I kind of expected it.
  4. Do the chapters get harder when you grind more, or not? Do the enemies become higher levels after you and your students grind into later chapters? Or are they fixed to specific levels on specific chapters?
  5. Are Advanced and Master Seals unlock by getting a character to a certain level?
  6. I don't even know how to turn units into adjutant units. I tried, but I can't seem to understand how it works.
  7. I know that the S support conversation comes at the end. That was among the many things I found out about the game. What exactly happens in December? Is it the time skip, or something else?
  8. Or it could be as Moonlit Knight put it and I'll have to wait until December in game. Either way, I didn't expect the game to do this. My avatar got a B support for Marianne no problem, yet I have to wait for Leonie's. I don't get it.
  9. I can't even build support during battle, either. Is there something wrong there, too?
  10. I intend getting an S support for Leonie, but every time I try to see the B support conversation, all it says is "It will take some time to develop this bond"! What the heck?! Does anyone know how to fix this?
  11. Are there any enemies that can be recruited (apart from the students)? Has anyone made it far enough to know?
  12. A while ago, I heard from Gameinformer that certain enemy units can be recruited... Whether or not they were talking about the students post-timeskip or other units entirely, is what I want to know. For anyone who has played through the whole game, I must ask: Are there unique enemies that can be recruited that aren't the students?
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