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  1. only way i've found to do it is to edit the hex code directly (you can use HxD, a hex editor program). only allows one A support as well source: https://feuniverse.us/t/fe7-8-more-than-5-supports-fix/1291 it'd be nice if the dropbox for the patch was still around ) :
  2. i feel like i've seen speech bubbles, which look like normal dialog bubbles, but without a tail and that are centered on the screen, but i can't figure out how to do it. i've looked through the FEditor doc, and exhausted all the text/dialog related commands in FEBuilder's event editor. does it exist or did i hallucinate it ever having existed? EDIT: finally happened upon this in EAssembly files and with followup googling found what i needed SOLOTEXTBOXSTART SETVAL 0xB 0xFFFFFF setting val in 0xB to 0xFFFFFF centers the bubble this is labeled as Show Walla Text in FEBuilder's event editor
  3. iirc gifting isn't available early on, you'll have to unlock. think it comes on around the same time as lost items
  4. i'm a dunce, totally forgot about equipment weight, was only factoring weapon. he had a silver shield, so yes 5 str per 1 weight comes out with the correct AS, ty
  5. i figured it was just a small quality of life thing, so that you have the preset focus available to switch to and from instead of setting custom everytime you want to change out. you might be on to something though i haven't noticed any significant difference in gains by observation, i thought the attack speed calculation was: speed - (weapon weight - [floor of str/4]), which seemed to hold true until i saw my 31 str 28 spd Cyril with iron axe has 23 AS. 28 - (7 - 7) != 23. guess there's a more complex formula, does anyone know?
  6. i'd focus paralogues regardless. they give relics and if not relics just good loot, quests basically only give renown which is good but not one of a kind. check the expiration date of the paralogues and quests, some of them only become unavailable months later
  7. it really depends on if you want the skills of the lower classes or not. also, since promoting in this game is Echoes style with stat boosts (puts all your lower stats up to the class's base stats), it's better to promote early so you don't "waste a level up."
  8. the stat max +5 for the Saint Statues raise stat caps for everyone, right? just seems weird, considering how the massive stat caps i've seen are (86 magic for Lysithea!) and can't imagine ever capping them out. is it actually feasible to get that high? oh and @Owain Dark, the Saint Cethleann statue gives you bonus to class exp if you upgrade it
  9. yep so what's up with rescue spell, what determines where the person gets rescued to? i thought maybe it would be furthest from enemy range, but my friend just rescued and it put the person on the only tile that was in enemy range. also, i once had rescue put the unit about 4 tiles away from Flayn when she used it, which i'm assuming was a glitch speaking of glitches...
  10. yeah Stride, really busted imo, the moment i saw it i got it. "why not just turn your whole team into cavalry for a turn, except with more move!" pog. has been amazing so far i went Golden Deer, reloaded a pretty old save on 12/21 and there's no recruit option loaded my friend's save, he's on 12/14 Blue Lions, Gilbert has no recruit option maybe there are some requirements to meet?
  11. it doesn't seem to be too dependent on batallions, you could get by with just a few. on hard mode, i've only been using gambits on certain enemies. the stat boosts they give are always nice though. yes the upfront cost is the biggest cost yes
  12. the thing that makes me iffy about Alois, aside from the things that've been noted, is that he's Byleth's dad's friend, who has been a presence in Byleth's life for who knows how long. if the same situation applied to me, i'd be dating a guy who at one point changed my diapers and babysat me. he looks great, though, and the snips of his personality revealed so far make for a charming character.
  13. -weapon durability yesss (didn't remember if this was already confirmed) maybe they'll do Thracia style where the weapon breaks but doesn't disappear from inventory, and yeah maybe automatically repaired after battle or you can pay to get it repaired, certain weapons cost more. -dismounting. wonder how they're handling it in this one since it was basically pointless except to avoid horse slaying weapons. maybe get a bonus indoors instead of being crippled indoors for being dismounted? -canto...love and hate to see it return because enemies will have it lol can switch freely between already mastered classes whoo. i wonder if some skills are cross compatible between classes or if they're locked. the cathedral graphics aren't great, but i like the maps (nostalgia for PoR and RD) and the combat animations. they definitely spruced it up compared to the first stuff we saw. also yeah Byleth looks busted, as a Jagen (?) should be, but also they were also gaining...a lot of exp for a Jagen... and the customization looks great, so much potential for replayability. honestly i can't wait, first game i've really been excited for in a while
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