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  1. the thing that makes me iffy about Alois, aside from the things that've been noted, is that he's Byleth's dad's friend, who has been a presence in Byleth's life for who knows how long. if the same situation applied to me, i'd be dating a guy who at one point changed my diapers and babysat me. he looks great, though, and the snips of his personality revealed so far make for a charming character.
  2. -weapon durability yesss (didn't remember if this was already confirmed) maybe they'll do Thracia style where the weapon breaks but doesn't disappear from inventory, and yeah maybe automatically repaired after battle or you can pay to get it repaired, certain weapons cost more. -dismounting. wonder how they're handling it in this one since it was basically pointless except to avoid horse slaying weapons. maybe get a bonus indoors instead of being crippled indoors for being dismounted? -canto...love and hate to see it return because enemies will have it lol can switch freely between already mastered classes whoo. i wonder if some skills are cross compatible between classes or if they're locked. the cathedral graphics aren't great, but i like the maps (nostalgia for PoR and RD) and the combat animations. they definitely spruced it up compared to the first stuff we saw. also yeah Byleth looks busted, as a Jagen (?) should be, but also they were also gaining...a lot of exp for a Jagen... and the customization looks great, so much potential for replayability. honestly i can't wait, first game i've really been excited for in a while
  3. think it's about time i drew the canon dancer nigo (bless)
  4. i'm trying to make a custom weapon (an anima tome) using the excess space in the item table - which worked fine, the weapon is there and with the appropriate stats, name, descrip, and stuff. so i go to the Custom Item Animation list module for Nightmare to give it an animation and nothing is working. i've tried giving other pre-existing items different animations too and nothing works. i've only been working with this stuff a few days so i feel like i gotta assume i'm stupidly missing something. nevermind, found out how to do it in FeBuilder
  5. i wish Rafiel was a TT or something...with Naesala, everyone else is added with their waifu/hubbie except Nailah and he doesn't get added with his siblings either Rafiel for armoured Heron bc of his move speed i love all these characters so i'm hyped, especially Nailah who has been top priority on my list of chars to be added. they drew her less thick/muscular than the OG art which makes me sad but it's not bad. don't even mind the powercreep because these are laguz royals...you know, the ones that you don't even have to level up once to take to endgame and have them still be busted. well Leanne maybe not but just spam Reyson with laguz gems for 4 man refresher unit with 8 movement, balanced. wish there was a fair way to implement the different styles of refreshing each heron has.
  6. i've had this sitting on my phone for a while and it still gets me every time i happen upon it
  7. got Hrid on my free summon! he's really all i wanted from that banner and i was planning to pass anyway to save for RD (esp Nailah the queen of my heart) but now i can just cruise on by with no regrets. unfortunately he's +Spd but i won't look a gift horse in the mouth.
  8. the difference between core and metal has always confused me. i associate any core with screamo hyper djenty stuff, but the line is fuzzy, even though i listen to both. plenty of core that goes harder than death metal tbh. i'd faster classify this as hard rock than any kind of core, but with some growls plopped in.
  9. is no one else getting this happening where none of your units move when autobattling (specifically on this map). sometimes they move but other times i'll look over from drawing and it'll be on turn 100 or something and they just standing there like goons. i'm guessing it has to do with the AI wanting to move units to a certain spot but there's already a unit there and that applies to every unit so they just do nothing...but also i had one time where only Robin moved for the rest of the map so...
  10. i found a song that fits the video down to almost every camera movement and scene cut and i'm flabbergasted. it's metal but no vocals. (dunno why the quality turned to garbage when i uploaded, oh well) i can't tell bc brain dead right now but i think i like this better and a no vocal period would've been better...
  11. as someone who listens to a lot of metal, my first reaction was to cringe. not because of the music, the music is okay. a lot of metal i've listened to from Japan just doesn't hit the mark for me at all (Sigh is like the only one). this does a decent job. i like the guitar riff, the drums are alright, and i always like to hear orchestral instruments in the mix. i'd love an extended version cuz it's so short and repetitive atm. if i listen to it without the video it's fine, but the video with it...it just...makes me feel awkward. with the prior tone set for FEH seeing Alfonse and Sharena super dramatic in this edgy atmosphere is just tacky. i can't deal with it. or it felt like the video just didn't fit with it at all? i think it'd be better with 2D animation too but that ain't gonna happen.
  12. Lolizura looks angery, i like I'll have every unit on the bottom row, that's a first! Finally i can field my mistak- i mean...my L&D +Spd Leo I hope to pull a Corn and replace Hinokalt tho, she'll get shredded on autobattle for her frailty even w stat boost
  13. i enjoy this type of thread because a) the way people describe what they don't like makes me giggle, and b) it's interesting to see why people dislike art that i like, or vice versa. as long as nobody gets aggressive or attacks anyone, which no one really has, it's all chill. i think my main one is Raigh, as others have reiterated...i seriously didn't recognize him until months into playing the game. this could be partially because i hadn't played much Binding Blade and his name was translated as Ray there which threw me off, but the style, face, and proportions just don't flip the recognition switch for me. works for Fae but not him...i wonder if Lugh will get the same artist....seeing as Flora and Felicia did, i have fear.
  14. Pahn, Lara, Tina, Safy is a banner i could see getting in. i'm conflicted about Pahn bc he'll (probably?) be dagger user, but the King Sword....maybe they could mutate it into our first Brave Dagger + some ally buff effect like Pezkhats or w.e Sothe's weapon is. GHB and TT unit: Troude or Salem? idk things i really want but make no sense: Ronan, Othin, Eyros, Dean
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