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  1. this! -------------- Anyway i am disgusted! instead of making the logical option and make claude Bi (as it would to make sylas in fates) they gave us one option and its below average.... why cant we have a hot dude! 🤣
  2. people were too dense about this issue so i wasnt sure if were joking or not... glad u weren't serious As for that's sentence grammar i guess u dont speak the lingo ... its ok
  3. well its a game not real life... you give me "kids play violent video games so they will turn into criminals" teas
  4. If there's anything i would complain about the relationships is that i cant at how unrealistic it is for Nobles to marry peasants... Maybe one or two can or a country like hoshido which seems more democratic but in which universe would king garon accept Xander to marry a servant like Felicia for example....
  5. people read way too much on this teacher/student thing..... your avatar and the students look exactly the same age.... and its not like if u pair them together that reflects how u behave in real life....
  6. cool no one is forcing you... as for the other thing let me not get into it cause i really dont want to go there...
  7. i just wanted to make it explicit! No more vagueness
  8. what about a Heroes original character? I like Eir
  9. maybe he could return with his husbando soren
  10. i am not familiar with any pre 3ds games, so no one else makes sense? echoes has many recurring characters but i guess gaiden was a somewhat a direct sequel of a previous game, right?
  11. I would love to have Ike especially if he is going to be our gay choice
  12. Many FE games have at least 1 previous character returning. So who do you think might be this time or who do you want to be? I would prefer to have at least 1 from pre-awakening games. Since Heroes has introduced previous characters i think that's possible.. In the end i hope its anything than what they did with Fates with awakening characters...
  13. Maybe Dimitri but tbh the cast has been pretty disappointing to me so far....
  14. i am not familiar with the first example that's why i didn't dive into it... As for the death of Author i disagree because people and especially YTbers have run with it the same way they did with the term plot hole... the Death of the Author is not as broad of a term as it might seems... and of course as everything is depends on the particular work we are discussing.... They might had this idea based on what they saw BUT that's why research exists.... especially in today's word with the internet there is no excuse.... I am sorry but this one is something i wont even agree to disagree with you.. i am firmly supporter of the original's creators story... sure revisions can exist and can be welcomed but if we dive into discussions like this its always the original that provides the biggest evidence.... i wont allow America's homophobia to take away some great gay representation... sorry no... Priam could be Misty's son tho... No, i actually saw these comments in threads and YT videos discussing Ike's sexuality... i wasnt aware of this debate before yesterday as i haven't played the games.... Anyway to end this, i do agree with you that its ambiguous if he is or he isnt... and since we hardy get any explicit representation for us gays things were always like that (reading among the lines) and that's why i do think he is... anyone can interpret it tho however he wants, i just find it funny how strong the straights deny this fact as if a gay lord existing would harm their franchise... Again not referring to you it was great discussing with you...
  15. All these 3 examples are "what could have been" if they were written differently BUT in this case we arent discussing something like this.. we are talking about an intentional or not ambiguity.... in which in an interview of some sort the creators make a comment about the relationship pretty much conforming that it was a romantic one.... And tbh when it comes to Ike the evidence of him being gay is pretty strong and the only evidence towards his straightness is Heteronormativity... and watching all the heteros going crazy any time this issue comes up its no wonder the creators didn't make it explicit... (i am not referring to you) sorry for my typing mistakes I actually find Ike's example perfect for the discussion, cause it truly highlights the problem. When gay characters aren't explicit and only vaguely suggested we have issues like these where the str8's call us delusional and don't want to accept the ambiguity or even the possibility... ( again not talking about you but if u visit a forum or YT video discussing Ike's sexuality u will see the negative responses) Of course NA doesn't count.... That's like saying that sailor uranus and Neptune wasnt gay because the American Dub censored their relationship and made them cousins.... its always the original that counts... even if IS doesnt make a gay character in 3H and the NA branch change it i wont accept that character as truly gay and pretty much no one will...
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