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  1. so i guess full voice acting isnt back? such a shame echoes actors did a fantastic job bringing the characters to life
  2. lets hope the teacher wont end up being sth special like corin and robin
  3. the rpoblem i have with the lords especially with dimitri and claude is that they look like customized avatars :/
  4. well yeah masuda is turning the pkmn fandom into the FE one with his latest move ------------------ Do we have a clear picture of the characters so far?
  5. the pkmn fandom is ruined after that horrible masuda decided to dumb things even more --------------------------- well so far the FE art style is... well uninteresting tbh.... i will wait and see more character but i hope their designs get improved
  6. do w eknow who does the art style? so far i am not impressed by the characters they have shown :/
  7. There are plenty of things a person can do (especially in this day and age) ... not to mention its almost summer... so if people stick here i doubt we can persuade them otherwise
  8. Pokemon wont come this year! LOL its MAY if that was the case we would have at least 3 trailers (including starters and box legendary reveal)!
  9. There is nothing strong on the pkmn rumors... everything suggest that pkmn will release in 2019! Only here people keep throwing pkmn for 2018! it aint gonna happen! If pkmn were to release in 2018 we would already had teaser by now! S&M had their first teaser in February! X and Y in january! and both were released in the end of their respective years! Not to mention pkmn is the only game with a release statement of 2018 or 2019! If anything FE is more possible to release this year since it had a 2018 release date from the beginning!
  10. No i meant what @vanguard333 explained perfectly... I used Pokemon terminology because i thought everyone was familiar sorry... FE Magic is "weak"... u see it in the animation, its not like shonen anime magic where the characters can blast huge amounts of elemental magic in one GO.... Someone firing a FE spell doesn't seem different from firing an arrow...
  11. But FE mages are not that special.... they can cast an "ember" not a "fire Blast" And thsi happens in all fantasy games anyway... From warcraft to LOL
  12. Just because sth can deal with more serious issues it doesnt mean its dark... Anyway i have only played the 3DS games so i dont know if the previous ones were dark...
  13. u mean so friendly that it gets gay? yeah i agree although asia has a different culture.... guys are more friendly with each other there... even holding hands with each other is not weird.... i mean if u are into kpop u will know what i mean.... BUT obviosuly anime turn into a whole otehr level and make them str8 gay....
  14. The most fun time its the pre-release time.... From the moment the first trailer drops to the moment the game is released and u get to play... the journey is amazing! I havent done this with FE but i have done it many times with PKMN... the tease u almost 9 months before the release time but they are so consistent with their teasers that u have every month sth new to discuss with the community... FE should start hyping their game soon!!
  15. The funny thing is that Anime/Games/movies etc Are doing so much good job making gay couples/characters when they dont try it (i mean all the same sex friendly relationships "Bromances") but they screw it when they actually say that this character is gay..... i mean look at captain america and bucky... they scream gay...or Elsa from Frozen that many people see her as Lesbian
  16. well it seems that in Fates that was the forte of the good guys... Camilla, Peri, Raina...
  17. True about corrin the same goes with Robin but less... But the problem here is that they are customized avatars and thats why their designs are akward and kinda fakeish....
  18. This literally is the last reason why i dont take conquest story seriously.... and if PERI isnt edgy with that spelling introduction what it is? edgy doesnt mean serious its actually means someone trying too hard to be cool, almost to a point where it's cringe worthy... so i guess conquest was really edgy... Awakening has as many "ridiculous" characters as Fates anyway ...
  19. Try to play USUM on the old 3DS... and i actually hate that Nintendo tactic... i dont want to spend 300 euros on the switch only for a fancier improved version to come up later
  20. lets hope for both of u that Nitendo wont pull a 3ds on teh switch with all the new versions of it....
  21. FE isnt pkmn but pkmn wont come till 2019... zelda and mario have already released... Nintendo knows that they wont meet their expectations just by releasing the mini direct games.... FE is definitely coming in the first half of 2018! Nitendo needs to show people that is worth it to buy switch since they have big exclusive titles on the SHELVES not waiting them to come ...
  22. Nitendo wants to sell more than 20 mil switch this year... it wont happen unless they release a big title....
  23. they will figure another way... i doubt mycastle is leaving entirely.... My castle units ahd all sorts of illegal skills so thats not a problem.... i mean i have found 1st gen units with aptitude etc
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