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  1. But gothic is medieval Europe And Nohr is as Gothic as u can get... the Next step is to go full Leaks and put vampires and crosses
  2. obviously we are just discussing here... The characters of studio ghibli... they are not conventionally pretty! In any other case Chiiro would look like the lolis of FE and Nausica like a character from Fairy Tail... etc The style is kinda datish/old and the eyes are not the sailor moon eyes that are so popular in anime... (mononoke and teh pretty prince from the moving castle are the most conventional and the were drawn on purpose that way) As for One piece u dont have to go further than comparing Fairy tail with it... Mashima copied Oda's style and made it more conventional and generic.. hence why all his characters are pretty... The One Piece anime also made fun of the idea by making Luffy a generic Bishonen looking character in Boa's Dream The differences between dinstict styles and Anime "generic" are in the eyes, face shape, proportions, hair .. On teh otehr hand FE is generic anime style.. i dotn think anyone can argue with this since the creators obviously were going to this route in order attract the western audience... thats why the characters look like SAO, and its not just awakening/fates older FE titles were following the manga trends of teh past... Marth and friends look like saint seiya which was the popular style at the time... Heck some even argue that awakening was so popular because it ride the hype of SAO.. My point is some people like this artist some the otehr... BUT claiming that kozaki's style its not a typical anime style its not correct
  3. As far as i remember the person who draws the characters doesnt draw the armors... Also i am pretty sure the monochromatic pallet of echoes was to give a vintage look because the game was a remake... The only reason i dont want kozaki is by a fear that drawing 80 characters so far might have dry him ... otherwise i am good if he remains
  4. i am sorry but i dont see it... Studio gible its distinct because its not your typical popular anime style.. its not conventionally pretty.. some can even find it unattractive... its the same case with One Piece that interestingly some people also find unattractive... Kozaki's style is typical anime style and definitely not dinstict .... i like his art and he has brought many great character designs but i wouldnt call it dinstict.. i also dont see the anatomy difference with other FE games... An artist ahs already filled for kozaki for the echoes games and everyone praises the characters designs... whats your opinion on hidari?
  5. I just remembered one more thing i dont want... Freaking Ninjas! they were a disease
  6. arent 2-3 years a bit too much? after all FE ssems like one of teh easier games to make... the GBA era was giving a game each year...
  7. It wont be a 1st gen remake for sure! Its going to be a brand new pkmn game.. leaks have already start to spread and the creators have already given a 1st interview... They have already mliked gen1 these couple of years in a huge extend (megas, alola, virtual red/blue/gold/silver, "pkmn go")... U might not like sinoh but people do and are hyped for this and GF knows it... sinoh remake was underway for the 3DS but they had to change their plans due to backlash and thats why they gave us all the legendaries in USUM... GF has also found new ways to pander to gen1 stans and make them buy the new products (mega, alola and whatever they come up with in gen8) Also game freak has 2 teams... one works on the current project and the other on the next... And i think pokemon games are harder to be made than FE (dont take my word on that tho)
  8. i doubt the pkmn game will come in 2018 as well... But nitendo seems to pushing them hard for a 2018 release... so maybe they will be able to release in december there is no way they will start a new console with a remake... after all they were planing to release sinoh remake in 3ds and scrap it because of teh backlash... as for the design time GF has always 2 different teams so the sinnoh remake team isnt working on the main game anyway... But thats my point if FE wasnt sure for a 2018 they would say the same thing.... Mario and zelda came in 2017, pkmn will be in 2019 so that leaves switch with 0 monster title! Since teh switch has become such a hit Nitendo has increased the expectations for its sales there's no way they will leave 2018 dry of a big title... thats interesting but it kinda ruins Nitendo's remake policy a il no?
  9. Nitendo is pushing Gamefreak so hard to release pokemon in 2018 that they had to say late 2018 or early 2019.... If FE wasnt sure for a 2018 release they would be the same... Not to mention that in 2015 we had 0 pkmn news... FE will surely come in 2018! its not like GF cares for fans to say sth like this...
  10. why people are questioning that FE will come in 2018? they already said it, not to mention that Nitendo cant afford to stay a year without any big franchise
  11. fates could just make syllas gay/bi and be done with it.... it would be easy, believable and smart
  12. As far as i know a switch cartridge card can be 32 gigabyte! 3DS was 8
  13. Are we gonna act like budget is an issue for FE at this point? is this pre awakening time? Fire Emblem is a million seller franchise and one of Nitendo's prestigious titles right now... it can get what it wants If echoes a side project can afford VA the main game can as well and add everything fates had... i mean... and does anyone even know how much it costs to hire VA for a few hours of recording? or we just talk out of our butts? u all act like we want A list Hollywood actors and not just people who would beg for the job heck i know that Kirsten bell and Shara michelle gellar had voiced video games.. if companies can afford these 2 they can obviously afford a bunch of Saturday cartoon VA
  14. yes the money would be used for more fan service gimmicks like hot springs and pet your waifu .... we won
  15. I really dont want another game split in 3... i fucking spend 80 euros and i couldnt buy the special edition because it was so limited!! But i also want a conquest like gameplay....
  16. from the 3 i played (awakening, fates, echoes) i go with echoes hands down! Most characters were likable and obviously there were characters i didn'tcare but nobody rubbed me the wrong way... The voice acting helped so much bringing them to life and add more layers to their characters... i absolutely love catria's, Mae's and berkut's VA! No one felt like just a trope character because they had more layers.. for example Delthea could easily be dismissed as a loli bait but she gets more attention by the writers... Awakening and fates while they had good characters they had a lot of characters feellike moving tropes.. which was emphasized by the fact that while everyone could speak with everyone their discussions were 90% of that same characteristic trait!
  17. speaking of characters I dont want characters who suck the dick of the lords.... fates again is a big offender of this because we had 10 lords and each had at least 2 worshipers... i mean it makes sense but in the big scope of things its boring to have characters that define themselves as meat shields of privileged people... i also dont want the majority of the cast looking like pokemon trainers... i mean so young and fluffy... fates had characters who looked very young (under 20)... i mean its ok to have 1-3 small characters, its an anime-ish game after all but birthright's cast looked way too young... awakening and echoes didnt had the same problem... *its not how old u are in papers but how u look IMO... i know the villagers in echoes are supposed to be under 20 but they didnt looked like elise/sakura/hannah etc ... i guess this is due to art style...
  18. OMG delete your account The full voice of echoes was amazing! the voice actors did an amazing job! Berkut, catria etc would be half the great characters they were without the voice acting!!
  19. marketing and word of mouth... (and beautiful graphics) At least this is how i got in the series... i didnt even knew what Fire emblem was while i was searching for a new 3DS game to buy every article and youtube video about the best nitendo games of that year had FE awakening at the TOP... the trailer led me to download the demo which i found it interesting so i bought the game....
  20. this.. also there were some units that had the same s-rank support no matter who they bond with... I prefer if units have a limited number of supports... they can D everyone and as they climb to S the number of people are getting less ... that leads to more realistic and thoughtful dialogues... Echoes might had less support conversations but they were more meaningful than Fates I also hate avatar/lord only support characters... Fates had 3? its makes them feel like ghost characters to me and i never use them... I also want Sonya type of characters back... in fates and awakening only the lords mattered if i am not mistaken.. sonya had a lil involvement in the story which made her way more interesting and well round... we also had zeke and to some extend the pegasus sisters... Also i am done with lords... i want to play an ike like character!!
  21. He was a gay faye but a lil more fan.. and valbar out of all people? ew
  22. i havent play it so i dont know... but i want to play them all so remakes for me are new FE games so....
  23. idc about the gender but can they be more than that? i would love if azura had more uses than just refreshing someone's turn... its useful but it makes her boring in return...
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