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  1. Unless somehow Byleth has the same issue with Joker I'm pretty sure their age is up to interpretation. Didn't exactly stop Kenshin Himura from being 28 at the end of the day. Well that's incredibly disheartening to know. That's actually a really good answer.
  2. More interesting & diverse maps than just "eliminate all targets" or "capture base". Some units have questionable growth stats, but I never really care enough to pay attention.
  3. They're avatar, their age is whatever you want it to be.
  4. If you don't mind shelling out another 20 bucks, then yea it's worth it. As far I'm concern the game is better than Birthright & the only real downside is how much you like Scarlet.
  5. Did this thread always have a predictor? What is this toxicity people keep talking about? The worst I've seen is people being salty or indifferent compare to the early days.
  6. Yes, because I'm sure no one would've complain about Chrom. It's not like waiting another year would've been the ideal choice. I'm more disappointed that now Eliwood isn't allowed to have a Christmas alt.
  7. The best lord in the franchise gets 2 alts in the upcoming months. How completely unfair. More disappointed that he doesn't chuck Durandal like his GBA sprite. Still one of the most found memories I have for the game all those years ago.
  8. Why? It's a summer theme, they're not surfing on said tsunami.
  9. Still might be in bad taste to release a trailer.
  10. Well since you genuinely asking, I'll do just that. Not being sarcastic, being 100% sincere. Good luck with future pulling.
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