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  1. It's been well over 2000 Saint Quartz since I last summoned an SSR Help me
  2. Haven't touched this game in a while, but this DLC is making me want to play again... And Yuri is so cute, wow. I'm not gay, but I just have to S-Support him provided he doesn't suddenly turn manly after time-skip.
  3. That's just one person with a sickness, not even close to a plague.
  4. I don't remember them ever involving anything even close to the scale of the Black Death, but I could be wrong... When was this?
  5. Some storyline based off the Plague or the Crusades would be interesting if they haven't already done it
  6. I agree with the idea that every character should die forever if they are killed and not just retreat. The alterations in the story that such a mechanic would cause would probably take some time and effort on the part of the developer, but I think it's worth it. Retreating cheapens the experience for me and it doesn't really feel like I've lost anything.
  7. Edit: forum double posted for some reason
  8. I already addressed this. Nobody ever uses it in serious or conversational speech anymore.
  9. You do have a point there, but the thing is that the word "dastard" has been warped to have a sort of cartoonish connotation because of how it is used in modern times.
  10. Yes, but nobody ever uses that word, and it's obvious that they mean to say "bastard" but can't because it might change the rating of the game.
  11. I think the series is fine as it is. It's possible to explore more mature topics without going from T to M rating, because the only things that would really bump the game up to an M rating is if they added cursing and more sexual content. While I wouldn't mind an increase in either of those things, it probably wouldn't be worth it for Nintendo to to increase the rating and make the game more restrictive just for that. I do find it ridiculous whenever characters say things like "dastards," though...
  12. Lucina. Great design, great voice actor, and she actually has an interesting character if you look closely. She struggles to overcome her pessimism after seeing her world destroyed, and she tries hard to change a fate that she thinks is unavoidable deep down. However, when she meets Chrom (and the avatar), she realizes that fate can truly be changed. She has a sort of awakening of her own, in a sense.
  13. They should either let you pick the avatar's personality, or they should allow you to make all of his/her decisions. This is the most important aspect of the avatar, because if the avatar just does whatever he wants regardless of what you would do in his situation (ex. Corrin), then it's not really an avatar. They should also be a tactician by trade, because that makes the most sense for them.
  14. Yes, but it's safe to assume they are generally the same in everything since they are practically the same exact character.
  15. It does depend on their experience, as you said. If Caeldori had trained more with the bow than Cordelia did, then Caeldori would most likely be more skilled at using it. However, I don't recall anything in any of the games which hinted that Caeldori was better at any one thing than Cordelia or vice-versa, so that leads me to believe that in terms of miscellaneous skills such as archery, Caeldori and Cordelia are equal. They are certainly equal in raw talent.
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