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  1. Don't worry, won't let your son get into any trouble. XD
  2. Owain all the way. I tend to have one per game, though.
  3. The idea was to switch it with a tome weapon. I wanted to turn Eirika and Ephraim into mage lord characters. I COULD always make 'em hybrid lords (then there would be no need for the switch), though.
  4. Have you been able to locate the event when Seth gives Eirika the rapier? Yesterday I was playing around with FEBuilder, trying to switch the item given with something else, but I couldn't find it.
  5. Mine is Win7. And yeah, was just visual bug. It's not showing anymore. :p
  6. Sorry for bothering again. I was playing around the nightmare modules and I happened to come across with this: a greyed out dropdown option in the "promotion editor". What file am I missing to unlock (can't think of a better term for it) that option (if there even was supposed to have a purpose)?
  7. Figured as much :p. Well, was already going to "cut off" some classes. Thanks :). Btw, how did you manage to give the "Dance" effect to a staff? Did you just change one byte via hex editing?
  8. I've been having some issues regarding battle animations. I intended on having the Priest class able to cast light magic. However, the only way I managed to accomplish this was to use the Battle Sprite Editor module to use a different sprite while using tomes. Even tried changing a staff's sprite with Item Sprite Editor but I just showed a glitchy staff in battle. Is this a matter of inserting custom/new sprites to the rom? If so, is the proccess similar to the portrait insertion one?
  9. Maybe they had to expand the rom, to have enough space for the changes they made. I'm not a programmer/coder, but I recall trying to hack Shining Force (by adding some new spell levels) and had to expand the rom size.
  10. Only 15exp? That seems rather too little for what the staff does. :/ (a proper neat accomplishment, nonetheless :o)
  11. Well, I can live with that. XD Btw, any way I can make the Canto skill (the one mounted units usually have) show with icon and description like all the other skills?
  12. I've got a question as well (oh, what a surprise XD). From what I understood, the exp you get when using a staff is influenced by the cost of the staff itself (more expensive staff = more exp gained; cheaper staff = less exp gained). What (and how) do I have to change (or hex edit) to make the formula something like 'base exp + (target level - user level)? Thanks in advance. (And thanks for the skill inheritance solution. Helped me loads!)
  13. Hey, there! New on the forum (been following this particular topic for a while, though). Like most of the readers, I have questions about FEXNA. Most FE titles have a unique unit that can give allies an extra turn (dancers, bards, etc.) For my FE project, I was planning on having two (or maybe three) units at the same time with that ability. Now on to the question: Is it possible to program it so you can only bring ONE of those units into battle (ex. Picking the dancer unit would lock out the bard from selection or vice-versa)? And if it is possible, how hard would it be to program it? Thanks in advance.
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