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  1. So recently I've been getting bad summons, getting 10 3 stars in a row. However, I just now pulled a 4 star Roy, 3 star tiki (old), 5 star Priscilla, 4 star Effie, and 4 star Hana. This put me in a bind, because I have 19k feathers, and I'm about to get 2k more from the arena. I was wondering who I should upgrade to a 5 star. The choices are: Roy, Tiki(old), Effie, Ursula, michalis (I probably spelled that wrong), fem. Robin, fem Corrin, saizo, and Robin. My current 5 stars are Seliph, Shareena, Peri, Raven, Rebbeca, Cain, Priscilla, and Azura. My current team is Seliph, Azura, Raven, and Shareena/Rebbeca (I use then interchangeably) I was thinking of replacing either seliph with Roy/Tiki, Rebbeca with Saizo, or raven with michalis. I don't need more 5 star lance users with azura/Shareena, and I want all A-S tier heroes. So, I was leaning towards Saizo, but I wanted to know the opinion of others... Any help/insight will be appreciated. Thanks!
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