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  1. Alright, I don't know why it took us so long to figure that all out. I still think that it is confusing having allies on both descriptions, but oh well. Thanks! Totally suspicious. Not like I pointed out that I'm not tech savvy or anything. I know wikipedia pages can be edited, though I've never done it, but didn't realize that must be what the wiki part means. Even if I had known I wouldn't just log on out of the blue and start rewriting other people's stuff. Also you aren't a moron! Don't get too down on yourself (shots fired)
  2. Hi, so I've been playing this game with a few friends now for over a year. I finally forced myself to make an account on here and have been reading through the thread while I was impatiently waiting for my series 8 boxes. Yesterday I was laying around and watched one of Shadowdrifter's youtube videos I hadn't notice before about translation errors. One of the problems he mentioned was how some cards affect all your allies, while some affect all other allies. He specifically mentioned the 5/4 chrom's rally skill or whatever it's called, which gives chrom the +30 as well (which we'd never done for any of the lords rallies before) 1) Do all lords rallies include them under the +30? Even Ike? (which would only matter if you danced cause he has to untap) 2) What about male Robin? 3) what about the new 5/4 Chrom with "all class changed allies"? 4) Would it be possible for all the descriptions on the wiki to updated? I was thinking that instead of using allies maybe use all units you control (Chrom?) or all lance units you control (Cordelia), etc as opposed to all other ally units you control or all other flying units you control (Cherche)? It just is kind of confusing having the word allies for both conditions, though i understand that is more of the literal translation. Also thank you all so much for creating and maintaining that wiki, without which my friends and I would be completely incapable of playing what is now basically our favorite game. If there was anything I could do to help I would love to, however I am not very tech-savvy and do not know japanese, so I'm not sure what hep I'd be able to offer. Thanks again.
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