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  1. I was already working on a name fix and general fix to Quirino's translation, but I always knew there were many various problems besides the names. Nice work.
  2. When I played TRS for the first time, I thought that it was broken, inconsistent, and a complete slog to play through. This hack is an attempt to remedy that and make the game more difficult overall while not being extremely tedious. The patch has enemy edits throughout the whole game, but I only really tweaked the stats and weapons of the enemies through chapter 9, since I haven’t tested any further than that. So for now, I’ll say it goes until chapter 9. Featuring: balanced units balanced weapons stronger and more unique enemies various name fixes and a whole bunch of other things Screenshots: https://imgur.com/Fm64SmF https://imgur.com/JIugWjb https://imgur.com/fB9NLBV https://imgur.com/gKfFhft https://imgur.com/2PtiJeg Check it out! Apply it to an unedited Japanese TRS BIN. Huge credits to Aethin for the original translation patch. https://www.dropbox.com/s/m2qqz6hu6ai40is/trshardmode.ppf?dl=0&m= Post here if you have any issues with the hack.
  3. How was it possible to edit the menu text and what are the codes for each letter in the menu?
  4. Here is a PME I started on FEU about a week ago. I thought that I could continue it here. This is the link to the FEU topic so you can see what edits are made already. This is an FE8 PME that I decided to try out. Here are the edits that I am making to the base ROM. These are very important to know for this so please read them. Really any edit can be made, whether it be characters, classes, events, maps, or anything else. Rules: -Choose any edit you want but don't mess with the edits I made (for example adding in a class I removed) -Not a single FE8 character or map can remain the same (no edits to vanilla FE8 characters) -Maps must be larger than one screen (at least 17x13 size) -Anything requiring graphics insertion has to be sent to me so I can insert it (portraits, custom items, etc.) -No self inserts, only original characters or characters from other games -Custom classes or items are fine as long as they aren't things I removed -Character classes must be from the list in the pastebin (unless custom) -I will deny an edit if it breaks the rules -Any suggestor can add as many edits as they like and they're not limited to character creation There are going to be around 25-30 chapters total. Enemy placement and events will be handled by me unless somebody else wants to do it for a specific chapter. Characters will join in the order they are suggested. There is no limit to the amount of characters that can be added. Here are the potential types of edits that can be made if anybody's not sure. I would prefer all suggestors to put forward a new character since there will need to be a lot of them. Boss characters are also an option for additions. New characters must specify a name, class, portrait(formatted correctly), starting stats, inventory, and growth rates. Any extra character edits will also be accepted. I will not be using the skill system, so don't list any personal skills. You can also just put down a portrait, class, and name and I will do the rest if you're feeling lazy. I will put any edits I accept and apply to the rom on this link.
  5. Yeah, that's how they're supposed to be, but it really doesn't work at all for them, at least for me. I have always preferred the higher bulk and power of heroes than the unreliable dodges and criticals that swordmasters provide. Reliability is important to me, and if a class can't reliably do something, then I usually skip out on using them. I have used myrmidons and swordmasters in the past, and I have always been disappointed by the lack of strength and bulk that they usually have. And while mercenaries are supposed to be balanced, I think their higher bulk gives them more survivability and their higher strength makes up for the low might of swords, so they usually end up better than myrmidons. I'm fine with myrmidons and swordmasters existing, as long as they don't take up space for better units. Hopefully, the earlygame of Three Houses won't end up like FE8 or FE10 earlygame, where you only have a few units to start with, and then one of them ends up being a myrmidon. As long as that doesn't happen, I don't really care if they exist, as long as mercenaries/heroes also exist. Well, I was thinking gameplay-wise, but that also makes sense. I just don't want light magic to exist, I prefer the Archanea system where there is only anima magic and light tomes like Resire and Aura are added into the mix of anima tomes. Anima magic has higher might than light magic, so that's why I prefer it. Bishops aren't really necessary when sages can wield staves and anima magic, which is more powerful than light. If bishops exist, though, then that's fine. As long as the healers can still heal when they promote. Speaking of healers, I would definitely like troubadours to appear in Three Houses. I expect them to return since they were in the 3DS games, but maybe Three Houses will remove them, I don't know. Mounted healers are just plain better than foot healers and I would prefer the option to heal from horseback. Yes, they would be stuck to lances while unpromoted. I just don't like the GBA/3DS system of cavaliers wielding swords and lances. Paladins should wield either swords or axes in addition to lances. Maybe the player should get a choice like in Path of Radiance (though the obvious choice would be axes). But if there are multiple weapon cavalry, then that's also fine. I would just prefer them to not wield garbage weapon types like swords or bows, and for those sword/bow knights to not take up room for better units. Honestly, I'm fine with having these classes around, as long as they don't end up taking up room for better units. I don't want my starting team to be like FE10, where I'm given a bunch of terrible classes to work with. As long as it doesn't start with two myrmidons, a sword and bow knight, and a monk with no defense, it's not going to be a big deal for me.
  6. I would prefer the amount of classes to be cut down from Awakening/Fates, and branching promotions to be removed since one class always dominates over the other. Also, I would prefer myrmidons and swordmasters to be removed entirely because mercenaries and heroes are better, but I know that's never going to happen because everybody loves their edgy swordmasters for no particular reason. It's the one class line Fire Emblem doesn't want to get rid of, and I have no idea why. Armor knights should have 6 movement like the other foot units and multiple weapon usage as well. I have no idea why they keep getting crippled in every game with their terrible move. Cavaliers should not be split up into multiple weapon types, they should just wield lances. I would not like to see monks and bishops, I would prefer to have priests/clerics promote to sages instead. Dracoknights and pegasus knights should not remove their mount when promoting, as well. Just have them promote into dragon lords and falcoknights. There's no need for griffon or kinshi knights for the classes to promote into. Please no monster classes, they're cliched, lazy, and they don't belong in Fire Emblem. Though, from what I've seen of the trailer, there don't seem to be any of them, so that's good. I know this has nothing to do with classes, but skills are unnecessary (especially 3DS style skills where everybody has five of them at a time) and I would prefer Three Houses to not have them. So any classes that could benefit from skills won't benefit from them since I would like them to not exist. That's all I can really think of. The rest of the classes are mostly given (snipers, warriors, paladins, generals, heroes, sages, etc...) so I don't really care about them.
  7. Good thing there's no skills. It's like every single FE8 hack has to have skills, and I'm sick of it. As for the PME itself, the ballistician in chapter 5 makes it impossible to finish. Either remove it or make its stats lower since it keeps killing everybody. It's funny how even with the new boss edits, the most powerful enemy ends up being a generic ballista.
  8. I have a lot of suggestions. This should be it for me, since I don't have anything else. Most of them are boss edits, since I thought that Wolt made the bosses easy to kill. Make Bone into a berserker with a hand axe. Make Bazba into a sage with a divine tome. The generic monster boss of chapter 4 should be a cyclops with a steel axe. Make Saar into a warrior with a brave bow and hand axe. Zonta should be a druid with nosferatu. Novala should be a sniper with a silver bow. Murray can be a ballistician with axe launcher. Boulder is now a fighter with a halberd. Colm is now Wrys, with his bases and growths from FE11 as a priest. He comes with Physic. Give him a chest key for the chests. Natasha is now a level 9 merc with 32 HP and +5 to her bases. Give her a female merc/hero animation. Triple her HP growth. Rations now heal 15 HP. Sell iron swords, steel swords, iron lances, steel lances, and iron axes at the chapter 2 shop. Zombies now have +2 to all their stats (except HP). Give the hatchet 25 uses and B rank, and give it 13 might and 10 critical.
  9. Is it alright if I do more changes? After trying the rom out, I noticed some potential ideas for what to suggest.
  10. There should be more options like the regular randomizers have. I think monster classes are boring and skills are annoying, and I would like to have an option to remove them like I could in the regular randomizer. Playing this would be a lot more fun for me if there were more set to to tune the game to be optimal. I'm surprised nobody else suggested adding more settings. It would make the game more exciting and not irritating or boring for the people who want a different style. I know it's supposed to be a randomizer, but there should be more settings for the people who want to choose what to randomize. I think that this has a lot of potential and I would like to play it, but I can't stand the lack of choices.
  11. Replace myrmidons with mercenaries and swordmasters with heroes. Give all unpromoted foot units 6 movement(7 on promotion) and mounted units 8 promoting to 9. Bows should have 2-3 range except for the longbow with 2-5 range. Replace all specific promotion items with master seals. Make O'Neill a hero with a devil axe and 1 strength. Rename Breguet to Bob and make him a general with a javelin and 0 skill. Give him the unused bandit portrait. I don't really have anything else.
  12. Turn Lance into Alec from fe4 with same bases and growths, except with 10 less HP. Also rename him Alec. He starts at level 2. Have him start with an iron sword. Turn Alan into Naoise from fe4 with same bases and growths, except with 10 less HP and rename him Naoise. He starts at level 3. Have him start with a steel sword. Bors can be Dimaggio from fe4. He has the same stats as in fe4 except with 20 less HP and 4 luck. Rename him Dimaggio. He starts at level 3. Have him start with a steel axe.
  13. When I inserted a custom animation everything worked fine, but when the character would attack the animation would act like it's at 2-range like they're throwing a javelin or hand axe even though the weapon they were using was close range. I looked around the questions section and didn't see anyone ask about this, so can anyone help me.
  14. Gheb is the best fire emblem character. You get him in chapter 255xx which you have to access by using the warp portal on 255x after killing the boss, batta. In order to get to 255x you have to kill off dimaggio who joins you in chapter 255. He's really good as a unit, even better than seth. At the endgame he can oneshot most of the enemies. But if you're playing lunatic+++++ he can only oneround them. You should definitely get the s support with gheb and arden. It gives gheb +5 stat boosts in all stats and actually makes arden good and gives him 99 movement. But the one thing that makes gheb the best character in fire emblem is that he can use valflame. The final boss, bob the builder, wields falchion and durandal and those give him +99 in every stat so he oneshots all of your units, even gheb. In order to kill him you need to get to the super secret gaiden chapter, chapter 777xxxx. You need to unlock chapter 777x by reviving dimaggio with valkyrie staff and killing him off again. To unlock chapter 777xx you need to level up damas to level 999 and have him equip helswath. In order to unlock chapter 777xxx you need to silence all the mages in 777xx and make the boss kill all of them with his bolting tome by berserking him. Then to get to 777xxxx you need to level up eliwood, arvis, and shrek to level 999 and give arden the fire emblem, allowing him to use dark magic and then give him the loptyr tome. The boss of 777xxxx, leif, is actually really weak. But in the new update released by nintendo, leif has major fala blood and equips valflame. You can just silence him though and make him equip his iron sword. When you kill leif, you get valflame. Gheb with his major fala blood can equip it. But you still have to promote him to omega master paladin using the omega seal you get in chapter 776x that you access by beating thracia 776 for 776 times and then loading your thracia cartridge into the snes. Then you can kill the master ninja in the chapter who drops the omega seal so gheb can promote to omega master paladin and can actually use valflame. Valflame is super op in fire emblem, it gives +255 to every stat. With these bonuses gheb can actually oneshot bob the builder. He's the only one who can kill bob the builder, no other holy weapon gives the bonuses valflame does. And that is why gheb is the best fire emblem character. Man, I am so bored.
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