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  1. 7 minutes ago, Elieson said:

    I find Seliph useful in the upper levels of the Arena, as his lower speed doesn't matter that much when the only greens you ever see are Hectors, and Seliph takes like single-digit damage from Hectors. Roy is great vs greens in that green magic-users (Fae, Julia) can barely touch him and he still curbs Hector, but again, in higher levels of the arena, those rarely exist. Marth having Falchion and fair speed + bulk make him appealing.

    Eirika works great on a support team as the supporting unit, but has meh offenses so should really combat softer units.

    Seliph/Marth >> Eirika > Roy IMO

    Roy's big issue is that he lives for TriAdept, which means he can't tank lance hits from the likes of Effie without crying in the corner, while units like Seliph can at least eat one of those hits. Don't discredit Seliph's Tyrfing with innate +4 Def at sub50% HP. That gives him 34 Defense on average, way higher than Roy's 25+2 on EP

    Thanks mm.. ye think I'll going with marth than for arena, and Looking for some tanky heroes to supprot him, like nowi.
    I like Seliph but my team miss a bit of RES. I'll do some test :) Thanks

    By the way I don't use TriAdept on Roy, still one shots Axe without it and I want resist on Lance so I put on him some HP instead. 

  2. 34 minutes ago, Kiran said:

    First off, we have an ask questions thread for such topics. Next time post it there. 

    As for who you should use, it really depends on. What your team needs. Roy is a great green counter but aside from that, he can tank a hit from a fellow red.

    Marth has Falchion which is useful against dragons and escape route to escape. His stats aren't too different from Roy, but personally I would choose him over Roy due to Falchion. 

    Seliph is slow but has decent attack and defence to kinda make up for it. Though I personally find his utility to be sub par compared to your other choices, he also has the highest BST of the three, which is useful for the arena.

    Thanks a Lot, I'm sorry about wrong thread, I don't use mutch Forums and I'm new of this one.
    I Miss to say that I don't use triangle on Roy but i put on him + 4 HP like for marth ( without  40/44 marth/roy Hp )

    Thanks , so think , I'll improve Marth Stats for the arena.
    I'll Think on your tips, Thanks

  3. Hello, 

    I don't really know who is better, I have the following Heroes 5 Stars with following stats :

    HP 44 Atk 47 Spd 31 Def 29 Res 26 

    HP 48 Atk 46  Spd 31 Def 25 Res 28 

    HP 52  Atk 50 Spd 24 Fef 30 Res 22 

    At the moment I'm using Roy the most, I put on him Draconic Aura, I feel selip to low vs Tome even if he got lot HP , so I think I may chose between Roy and marth
    that are more balanced, Roy got more HP and like passive of his sword and in special the seal that give him -7 def to anemy that is really impressive. But I also like marth vs beast, the 10 Hp each 5 trun and Escaper rout skill ( to save friends).

    What do you think is better? and special WHY for you is better?

    Thanks a lot ( and sorrry for my bad english)

    PS. i got Erika too but 4 star, don't feel to spend feather on her atm with so many Red 5 star. (or I should?)


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