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  1. I don't know or care about any of these characters despite having played Fates but seeing that red cav GHB is annoying. Azelle should've been a red cav.
  2. Terrible batch, as usual. Shameless lack of healer refines aside, lately I don't even care about the normal units they're refining. Interested to see if they'll push back Finn another month for August's refines to give them to CYL units that don't need it.
  3. Hugh as a demote and Niime as a quest reward are literally all I want and then I'm done with new fe6 units, so I hope this happens.
  4. I will just patiently wait for the day when they're hopefully finally forced to do Jugdral mythics and we get Forseti...until then they can keep exhausting their reserves of women for all I care.
  5. Chrom was wayyyy overdue. I'm surprised at how long they took for him. Still want Seliph or Lachesis most, but I can appreciate them finishing up the launch lords.
  6. Because Zelot isn't in the game yet. I have Canas +10'd and wouldn't mind an alt but not over a new character. And FE7 can wait as long as it needs to for all I care. It still has way more units in than FE6.
  7. As long as the Lover status is triggered by a prompt, which it would be in this scenario, I'm happy. I don't think many writers are capable of writing a relationship currently existing though. That's why most romance anime/manga or even games with romantic relationships usually just end it at them entering their relationships...like FE for instance, which is just [Enters Relationship at A/S Support] -> [Ending].
  8. Saul is a really cool pick but I would've scrapped this duo for Dorothy/someone else. Don't care about Thea because she's a sister-killer. FE6 absolutely deserved more seasonals so it's nice to see, plus for overlooked characters like Juno and Zealot that's always nice. After looking at the dresses better, they're really bland. Sad.
  9. Shanna and Juno. Not the first fe6 characters I'd have picked, but I'll take it. Hope Zealot shows up so I can see half the playerbase go "who?".
  10. As others have said and as you now seem to understand you can absolutely be a fan and not play these games. I just want to note, however, the common misconception that the early games are hard or difficult to get into is wrong. FE4 for instance is an extremely casual experience that even lets you save every turn and FE3 is pretty simple abd straightforward. Neither are difficult in the least. They lack some of the QoL/UI improvements of even the GBA games but are fairly easy and imo are still plenty playable for someone that's played Sacred Stones. FE5 can be rough to get into for someone new but the Lil' Manster patch includes dialogue that hints you better on the ambiguous parts of the game, and if you've beaten FE3 and FE4 at this point then I doubt you'll have trouble with it. As has been said, you definitely don't have to play them, but you should still give them a shot as they are some of the best FE experiences you can have in my opinion. 🙂
  11. That assumption doesn't really solve the issue. Instead of implying it they could have a casual dialogue exchange on the battlefield through the talk command or interact in the actual story where real events are taking place. This only really works in 3H where they actually have lots of extra dialogue and events for characters to spend time together. And due to the small casts in each routes, students within their classes get to interact in the main story as well. The problem is that this required the restrictive route and monastery setups to actually work.
  12. They should just go to the real world (or the Summoner's world, I should say) after all this and have it be futuristic. I don't care about FEH's story but it'd be funny.
  13. I couldn't possibly understand IS' mindset, so you might be right, but to be fair we never actually see Bramimond use Apocalypse. As far as I know it's not talked about at all in FE7 and only in FE6, where Bramimond is no longer. On the other hand Athos is a playable character that *comes* with Forblaze.
  14. There is nothing that supports do that can't be done in ways that are integrated more with the story. Rather than being the best method IS could think of to develop characters, Supports seem more like they're just there to be easily digestible character development that's easier to write in a vacuum, which is probably why they aren't going away. They're cheap, easy, and you can repurpose a lot of the same dialogue/conversation ideas with this method to make it seem like there's more when really a lot of a single character's supports just retread the same ground. See: the games with near-unlimited supports. Though honestly, I wouldn't mind if they were just better written. I think there are only a few supports that I feel like make the character genuinely interesting, and it's not in any of the games with streamlined supports. On that thought, supports actually feel like they are what they say they are: purely vehicles to show two characters interacting, rather than enhancing the characters of either, which might be why they can be so tiresome to read. I like seeing characters interact, but there's only so much one can take. When you get to an A/S support and the characters express how strongly attached they are to one another...I just don't feel it. I saw you talk about your favourite food in your C, talk about some flaw in your designated character quirk in your B, and suddenly you'd die for one another. Sorry, I just don't feel it. Why even does there need to be a WHOLE conversation just to discuss something minor when that could be expressed in a quick dialogue snippet in the story? That's how writing normally works. Funny thing is, loredump Supports are usually the best ones for me because at least they're talking about something that matters.
  15. I would think they'd take a seasonal slot. If not, I'd gladly sacrifice the waste of space that is Fallen Heroes for it. If it was a non-Nintendo, non-game IP I would absolutely want Madoka as it is my favourite anime. Give me Sayaka.
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