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  1. Okay but this map is ridiculously pretty. I like how the maps used in the Paralogues look too.
  2. Fae is the only dragon I use so Ward Dragons is kind of whatever to me but Atk/Def Form is nice. Form skills are pretty neat. Innes is a very exciting TT unit, unfortunately with grail distribution being as dogshit as it is it'll probably be a year or two before I get around to merging him, but he's still a really nice unit. Very exciting bow, because damage reduction is the worst part about this game. 🙂
  3. 😕 I'm not one to harp on *that* much about localisation but I feel like even just scrapping the country name and going for "Jewel Bow" or "Spirit Staff" would've been better.
  4. Too busy rolling for Lachesis merges, but maybe after Double Special is over...next month is Fallen Heroes and Bridals which are easy skips so I'll definitely try for any of the kids. Innes should've been a green bow though....
  5. idk, they're more exciting than the theme literally just being a generic gathering (sauna theme, picnic theme) or yet another wave of a theme that's already pretty lame (bridals). If it were up to me these would've replaced Fallen Heroes as a "Special" New Heroes banner already...
  6. I'm glad that it looks like (I hope) they're doing The Start of It All-type units again. I hope it isn't another one with Archanea characters though. That outfit on the right silhouette certainly looks like Innes though, and the hair and what could be pauldrons looks like Tana...I wouldn't mind Sacred Stones, though it wouldn't have been my first pick. In fact, I'd be shocked that they picked it before other games for the next wave of child units, but now that I think about it, it's kind of one of those things I never knew I wanted. A younger version of either Joshua or L'Arachel would be welcomed. Lyon and the Renais twins are almost guaranteed so it can't be both.
  7. SoV VS anything is an instant nope from me. Most of the available units have no synergy and/or gen 1/suck, the healers aren't f2p, the one dancer is grail-locked and the only characters I'd heavily invest into (Tobin/Gray/Kliff/Boey) are either low priority (I have enough green tome mages), again grail-locked (Tobin) or 5* exclusive (Gray/Kliff)..I'll pass. Meanwhile now Heroes VS anything just gets Near/Far Save'd.
  8. I've never made a 4*+10. The only non-5* merged unit I have is a dumb 1*+10 Olivia. 4*+10s always just felt incomplete to me.
  9. The ultimate Swordmaster trio, Dolph/Matthis/Wrys. I don't know, getting more on topic I wouldn't mind seeing literally anything from Archanea. I know there aren't many candidates but it's a weird world when Jugdral has more representation (and honestly, with more characters like Sigurd being likely). Maybe the reason they haven't added Medeus yet is to make him a Mythic.
  10. I long for the day when they run out of legendary characters and just say fuck it: Legendary Matthis.
  11. I hope either a FE4 Gen 2 (big wish here) or 3H (much more likely) version of The Start of It All. Seeing Julius before he had his life stolen from him by Loptous would be so good...maybe even as a Julius/Julia duo.
  12. This Lilina looks so good which is why I really wish Yamada Kotaro had drawn Resplendent Roy so they could match, his style is near-irreplaceable to me when it comes to FE6.
  13. I'm honestly tired of Fallen Heroes but if it has Deadlord Draco, Anguilla or Equus then maybe I'd like it.
  14. If there are characters you like here, absolutely yes. In terms of free units this game is very generous, especially for you who seems to like Fates a lot, but for a new player the game is extremely stingy with things like grails and sacred coins. My current account is over a year old and I still have coin issues...the one thing there ISN'T a shortage of as a new player is orbs. There's over a thousand f2p orbs from the story quests alone I think. It's pretty nice. But I do enjoy the diversity of modes. Honestly I think Aether Raids is awful 80% of the time but when you aren't facing some terrible mage nuke wall it can be fun. Arena is fun just to see people's team of favourites, Resonant Battles is short and simple but at least different, Pawns of Loki is frequent and fun to mess around in. Getting fodder for your favourite units isn't really that hard, you only need one copy of a character and again thanks to how many orbs you get it's barely an issue. With how far skills have gone you can make almost anyone really solid. "Powercreep" technically very much exists but I'd say it just doesn't matter all that much when actually playing. Also, you complained about shitty rolls, they just introduced a "4* Special" section in the summoning pool that adds an extra 3% chance to get an old 5*, with the normal 5* pool only having newer 5* units. There are also free first rolls, first summon tickets (for New Heroes focuses) and a pretty low orb (relatively) sparking feature now. In short...yes. FEH's got problems but it's the best mobile game out there imo. I've been pretty critical over the years, still am, but find it enjoyable with all the improvements.
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