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  1. The constant influx of Fates never ends. And a surprise Panne I guess.
  2. They're the ones that started the trend, so I don't see why it'd be controversial now. If anything, we need 4 more Ikes since he's the most popular FE character, and save us from all the Camilla we've been forcefed for months.
  3. "anniversary will be bigger than the 3.0 update" Uh-huh...
  4. A well deserved win for Eliwood, all I want now is to see how amazing his art will be.
  5. You and me both. Sety sounds way better, at least go with Cedric or something so he doesn't have to sound too boring. Anyway, I feel he'd be FE4 just to avoid the "canocity" issue. I forget how they handled Nanna but it'd be weird for him to not have Forseti in his FE5 version.
  6. Hope you enjoy Choose Your Legends Camilla. A recent alt won't stop her.
  7. I heard Seliph got a refine and Julia is on focus so I must subject myself to this again.
  8. Feedback does not always work. Just because you only see people complaining on here doesn't mean they aren't also sending feedback. Before I quit this game I sent feedback quite frequently, since last January actually since Christmas bothered me, mainly on things like new units, lack of character interactions, more meaningful recurring content and the terrible changes that ruined arena when that happened. I think I really went off on a tangent but all I will say at this point is that Intelligent Systems does not really care about feedback unless it has something to do with potentially making money. And honestly, that's fine, they are a company. They are supposed to make money, but it reflects quite poorly on them and FEH as a whole. Good luck to those who still have faith and want to push for a change, but I feel that it'll be for nothing.
  9. They somehow made Aether Raids worse...so much for that new mode. With Three Houses being MIA, THIS is how they tide over their fans, jesus christ. Well, bye.
  10. So...more things to summon for, more things to summon with. And Book III. OK.
  11. The first anniversary was pretty underwhelming, the best thing we got was a free 5*, which is cool, but 2.0 gave us that and so much more. CYL1 was even more exciting than the first anniversary even. I just can't see how anyone is trying to play 3.0 as something that shouldn't be big, this is something players have been waiting months for, any negativity being met with hopes that things will improve with Update 3.0. IS themselves clearly consider 3.0 important as well, otherwise we wouldn't have gotten 2.11. Beasts (aka more things to dump orbs into with nothing to use them on) alone won't be enough, there needs to be serious changes. That's cool and all, but you can't expect players to keep holding out for several months between huge updates waiting and hoping for changes to the game. They clearly need better planning. It's on them to provide a satisfactory experience and meet with feedback. There are many problems that they still haven't addressed for a very long time, and their answers this year were making arena even worse and adding arena 2.0. The best thing they've done this year is can Relay Defense.
  12. calling it anime FE Warriors 2 remake of some sort
  13. Surely it has nothing to do with women having the most alts by coincidence. People just hate females.
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