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  1. WOW, Geese, Brigid and Darros make up for the criminal lack of a Fae refine, thank you IS
  2. These "reduce damage for merely existing" skills are so gross. I'm tired of seeing them, wish they had never added them.
  3. Welp, it happened. I fell for the bait, because I like Seliph too much. I knew these legendary focuses were horrible, so I only have myself to blame. But getting to 12% and then having my pity break because no reds showed up, and it being by a standard pool 5* like Sety is... really disheartening, to say the least. This happens every. single. time. I really need to avoid these like the plague.
  4. This is pretty much exactly what I hoped for in a Legendary Seliph. But I don't know if I can roll for him, I'm saving for Amelia merges. I'll do the initial roll and roll any reds there but I won't put much faith into the terrible legendary focus system, otherwise I'll just get burned with characters I only consider as fodder. Maybe I'll save for him after Amelia and hope for a single copy. Thankfully I have a +10 normal Seliph to satisfy me until then.
  5. Awful batch besides Sheena. I see they're avoiding Fae again for another month.
  6. I already got bored of Limited Hero Battles and Resonant Battles have nothing interesting. These modes are just plain unfun and I think it's dumb that the game expects players with new accounts to spend all their grails on units from the right games just so they can participate in these restricted battles, when grails are already disgustingly scarce and they might have a favourite in the grail unit list they want to +10 instead.
  7. I guess I should just be happy I was graced with a green orb that gave me infantry pulse fodder, but I was kind of hoping I could get someone I actually liked...not Xander. On the bright side I finally got my 11th copies of Seliph and Fae while attempting to roll for Lute, because the game didn't want to give me blue orbs twice.
  8. Nothing really interesting in this FEH Channel. IS still refuses to add grails as rewards to more modes.
  9. I'm honestly not sure if the 4* focus disappoints me or not. In any other context a 4* Lute would excite me, but as I watched the trailer I thought red bow Joshua would be the 4* focus so my expectations were completely subverted. Either way I'll be going for only the 4* focus as usual. Lute looks really nice, she's one of the few mage fliers I don't actively dislike and the only (relatively) f2p one I don't strongly dislike.
  10. To be honest I never cared about Mustafa before, I felt that those few chapters of drama in Awakening were lame, but this Forging Bonds made me like him a decent bit. I think if Awakening had established him as a character earlier somehow I would've appreciated him more then, too. Also, Ross is really going to surprise his father when he gets into Heroes.
  11. Heroes right now is a massive improvement on Heroes back then. There's a lot more to do now (even if I think a lot of the game's modes are filler), you almost always have something to do every day. Also, the way they now add a 3*/4* unit directly to the pool (assuming they're bringing this back as of the current focus) and have a separate unit as a 4* focus is honestly what I was wanting them to do since the first year, so I will say that I've been heavily pleased in that regard. They even have 4* focus on seasonals now which is crazy! I have some issues with AR (AR Fortress is pointlessly punishing for new players), but with Peony/Eir and Altina (who should've been permanently free tbh), you can easily make your way up to t21 as a f2p player, and I feel like that's worth praise. Sparking is also another great improvement, though I feel it should be expanded to legendary focuses. More on that later. Accessories and Aether Resort are really nice additions, the former especially so. You get more value out of your units when you can give them a beard or a helmet. Overall I enjoy Heroes as it is now, but there are a lot of things I'd like them to work on. Heroic Grail distribution is horrific for example, either that needs to be fixed or they need to make the grail cost cheaper. If you missed a TT unit it costs almost a year's worth (my math is probably off by a month or two) of grails to +10 them. If you're a new player that means you don't get to use grails on any of the other units you missed if you have a grail project. I see no reason why characters with little to no gameplay value such as Tobin, Clive or Canas need to be this ridiculously expensive. A more baffling thing is that whales can't even just literally whale for them to get the necessary grails. What's the point? If they're worried about Aversas/Kronyas, almost everyone that would +10 them has them already. Please, just give more grails. Please. Many choices with 5* exclusive units are dumb. Is there anyone really whaling for Lugh or Ranulf at this point in time? It feels like things like this are only there to be an inconvenience for people that like them. They don't want to harm their "bottom line" or whatever, I guess, but I don't think they're really getting that much profit from it. They should've kept doing demotes for 5* units. Also, generic weapons shouldn't be 5* exclusive. All the Serpent tomes are, which is awful. It just restricts SI possibilities even more. I guarantee all Fox tomes will meet this same fate. I'm pretty sure Safeguard+ and Barrier Lance+ are 5* exclusive too, and who are they on? A generic sword dancer and a generic blue flier. Many units like this should be demoted for the greater good. Also, while we're talking about the normal summoning pool, colourless is still hell. I don't really know what my ideal fix for this would be, but some characters may just have to be removed from the pool entirely. Pretty much every gen 1 healer has worthless fodder due to how poorly handled they were at the beginning of the game. The best you can hope for is Miracle, the only other potentially valuable stuff would be their generic staves/healing skills that you might need specifically if you're building another healer, and then that costs 20k feathers. I think it would be cool if FEH introduced a friend point system like some other gacha games. Using friend points, you could roll on an FP focus that has only old 3*s/4*s to clear up their respective pools and keep them easily available, but I've been sending them feedback for this every now and then since launch so I really don't expect it to ever happen. The way refines are handled is also really annoying and tedious. 4 per month is beyond ridiculous. And with them using a gen 2 unit to take a slot in each new batch we might actually be waiting until next year to have all gen 1 units get their refines. Unless they just do a massive batch of refines for healers at once, since they've decided to ignore them for years. I can't believe we've gone through two gen 2 5* exclusive green dragons without giving Fae a prf. I honestly can't imagine how long it'll take to get to current gen units' refines. The fix to this is obvious...just release refines more frequently. I don't like legendary focuses. At all. There are a lot of skills locked to these characters, and if one of them is a favourite you're in for a rough ride just getting one of them, let alone daring to +10 them. I don't remember the exact numbers but I think it took inbetween 2 to 3 times the amount of orbs to +10 a legendary unit compared to a normal 5* focus unit. To be honest, I don't know the best fix for this, but I think adding sparking is a start. I know IS don't want to make their premium scoring units easily available, though, so I doubt anything will change with this unlike some of my other issues, but there's nothing that makes me want to not roll on a legendary focus like knowing that I could use 300 orbs just to get only characters I didn't want/can't even make use of. Some early legendary units are so bad. I sure as hell would never spend money on these things either. Personally, I don't think powercreep affects all that much. My Sophia still takes care of weirdos like normal Mareeta and Fallen FCorrin, but I will say that characters like these are pretty dumb just by concept. I don't see any reason why Close Call or Repel, or the former two's prfs needed to exist. These characters could've been made good without them, but I guess someone on the team really just wanted more one man army characters. When other characters require some decent positioning just to maintain their buffs, these guys can come in and get them for simply existing, it's kind of sad. This isn't really necessary, but I think they could give older units more buffs. I forgot where I read this, but someone suggested old units got a stat boost for being +10'd, that way it would take some dedication to make that unit better. I know dragonflowers already exist, but those would get expensive really fast. While not as big of an issue as the others, the distribution of sacred coins could be better. For old players this isn't an issue, but I don't know how long it'd take for a newer player to catch up, probably years... If any one of these complaints are addressed this year (hopefully one of the first two), I will consider that a victory.
  12. I feel like the Hatchet being able to contribute chip damage, which for him gets him like 30 exp per hit, and how easy it can be to set up kills for him makes him at the very least okay in a standard playthrough even with minimal babying. I wouldn't call him good of course, but if you want a Pirate, you've got one right there that isn't all that difficult to train up. But I can see him being pretty bad in more efficient or 0% growth runs for obvious reasons. Compared to others I've trained without grinding though, he's a breeze to level up. He's really lucky to have such an early join time.
  13. Do all the Book IV quests. Doing Normal difficulty unlocks Hard and then doing that unlocks Lunatic. You can get two Emmeryns this way.
  14. Wow, I checked my Emmeryn and you're right. It's good to see that they've improved by a lot.
  15. Almost all of my most memorable moments have little to do with the gameplay and more to do with characters being added. 1.) CYL1 and the following few months were easily the peak of my FEH experience. Riding off of my Amelia excitement...The knowledge that we were going to get to pick a free premium 5* unit was easily the most exciting thing FEH could've done, short of releasing Hugh, Azelle/Lex or Arthur. These designs were already super cool, Ike and Roy in their fathers' clothes, nomad Lyn and promoted Lucina. Everyone there looked great. All four of these units looked gamebreakingly good at the time, and it felt like a new era of FEH (after months of the game feeling stale) was coming. Black Knight being free was another huge thing. I didn't know anyone who wasn't excited about this news. He had his Alondite, he had his Black Luna, and no one could stop him. His map in the story is, I think, the last time I ever saw anyone get excited about a story map. And he wasn't alone...he came with some new Tellius characters, something the game sorely needed. Elincia, Oscar, Neph, all great picks. Though looking back I think they could've added someone like Kieran or Boyd there or something, idk. Maybe that's just personal desire speaking over logic. It didn't end there though, FEH was about to drop a bomb on me in the form of Sigurd and Arvis being added to the game. I am really not that hard to please. Add characters I like = I get excited. But these two were special, FEH just casually added the main protagonist and antagonist (my favourite antagonist overall) of gen 1 FE4 like it was nothing. Tailtiu and Deirdre were there too, and I was quite happy about the former. One thing I wish FEH still did is item-like and canon-friendly prf skills like the Recover Ring on normal units. It and Arden's Follow-Up Ring weren't good good, but they were good though I wonder how useful Follow-Up Ring still is with the abundance of Fighter skills. Warp Powder was just right. S Drink was just okay. None of these were revolutionary or anything but they added really nice flavour and uniqueness to their characters, and had the added bonus of making sense. Unfortunately, the Ayra controversy happened not too long after this wonderful focus. I was really happy about TT Arden, but lots of people were shitting on him. I was also happy to see Ayra there, and while I do understand the issue, I was glad to see her sharing focus with Eldigan since I wanted both of them. Free Fjorm was cool, but I'd say this phase ended with Ayra, and things were back to normal. Still, I look back on this time fondly. 2.) The beginning of the game was good to me. I was pretty jaded on the franchise, perhaps due to a mix of genuine burnout and just general dissatisfaction, and I kind of just stopped engaging with it for years. I hear an FE gacha game is becoming a thing, and kind of just shrugged it off, no one I liked would be in it anyway. Then the trailer in the FE Direct was shown, and I seriously couldn't believe my eyes. Sophia was there, Bartre, Shanna, Clarine, Wendy, Fir, Narcian, Zephiel, Cecilia, Lilina?? FE6 characters were literally front and centre in the segment showing art of many of the heroes. Not to mention plenty of FE7 favourites. That REALLY piqued my interest (alongside other things in the Direct, of course). When the game launched, I instantly went to rerolling for Roy, and eventually ended up with just a 4* Roy and a 4* Shanna, but I was happy. Raigh was also a free character that was instantly in your barracks when you started the game. On day 1, Sophia was the very first Hero Battle unit available to the playerbase, and if I hadn't known better I would've thought this gacha game was actually catering to me. I remember getting a 5* Fae like a week later and Narcian's GHB gets announced right after. Needless to say those few weeks were nothing but good food and excitement for me. 3.) Year 2's Jugdral focuses. The biggest hole left in FEH at the time was Jugdral representation. World of Thracia ended up being less than stellar, but having Leif, Nanna and Finn in the game still felt really nice regardless. The gen 2 FE4 focus was good, and getting Ares as a 4* demote was a treat I didn't expect. The real deal was the gen 1 focus though. Quan and Lewyn were characters I greatly wanted while holding importance within the context of their story. The freebies this time around were good as well, who can say no to free Ethlyn and Jamke? 4.) +10'ing and fully building characters. Besides all of the above, the most joy I get out of FEH is "completing" characters. On my first account, I +10'd both Roy and Sophia before the former's refine, and it felt like I had truly beaten FEH. On my current account, I only have Sophia +10'd (mainly due to a lack of merges for others), but when I got all of my ideal fodder for her, it felt so cathartic. This all happened during the wait for her Resplendent outfit, I could just feel FEH winking at me. The thing that gets me playing FEH every day is the thought of completing Fae/Seliph/Roy/Raigh/Eliwood/Ross/Echidna and many others including Canas and other grail units who will take years to +10 because heroic grails are a horribly mishandled feature. I'm incredibly lucky that so many characters I like are readily available at 3*/4* though, focusing on +10'ing one 5* (Amelia) is enough for me honestly.
  16. I'm kind of envious of Emmeryn's art. I think Lissa would look good with that artist. I don't particularly care about her, but I do want to have her with her siblings. How she's obtainable will be a real mystery though, I wouldn't mind if they brought back 3*/4* pool additions.
  17. I've used Sophia in every playthrough of FE6. She sees zero use in her debut chapter, but in 16x I give her every stat booster I've obtained until that point. Then almost every kill goes to her from behind the safety of three of whoever has the highest def at that point, all the way up to Lv 20, and then I use the Guiding Ring she obtained previously. It usually takes an extra hour and a half each playthrough and 5 Flux tomes to do this, but I don't mind much. I don't know if I'd call Raigh "bad" but I quite enjoy using him as well, dark magic users tend to be my favourites and I don't mind having 3 Druids in the later chapters. I use Nino in FE7 often, she's kind of hard to pass up as she's one of my favourite characters in FE7, and I like having her with Canas more than anything. In FE8, it's Amelia. It's really fun to have a General with as high of speed as hers, though levelling her initially can be more painful than Sophia if you aren't using the tower to catch her up with the rest, since she often does 0 damage to many enemies. Though on my recent hard mode playthrough I did manage to do it, it took her debut chapter and the next to get her to Knight, and then she became a General in chapter 16. I naturally also enjoy using Ewan (though not as much) since trainees are fun, though I don't consider Ross bad so he isn't included.
  18. I've always felt that friendly story characters should be free. I haven't paid attention to the story at all (aside from some bits of book 2/3 here and there), so correct me if there are other circumstances to these characters' inability to join you, but I don't see why Hrid, Ylgr, Helbindi or Mirabilis can't be free. If they aren't like the above characters, then I think they're fine on their own focuses, I don't think they should be taking up a spot on an Awakening or Thracia focus. Edit: to add onto this, it's really, really hard to create an attachment to these OCs when so many are 5* exclusive, Mythic-locked or just completely unavailable (Veronica, Bruno, Gustav). With other characters we've been given reasons to roll them in the form of their source games, that many of us may or may not have played before.
  19. Easy skip (thank god), I never cared about Say'ri, I don't care about the fairies and Mustafa is one of the worst examples of Awakening's more...cheap "emotional" story bits. I feel bad for fans of other Awakening characters. But hey, Gangrel is here which is great.
  20. It's honestly really sad to think of how unlikely the main lords of FE4 getting a legendary after so long is. Well, I want to save anyway, so it's whatever.
  21. Well you can just skip the story if you want to get to gen 2 quicker so added story isn't an issue. The only things I want in an FE4 remake are more character dialogue and the memory prism things from SoV. I don't need anything other than that and nice visuals.
  22. Mila looks really cool but I don't have much attachment to her, I want her Bracing Stance 3 for my normal Roy, along with a Legendary Leif and more Alm merges if possible. I don't care much about red besides Larcei and it isn't worth it, blue has Julia and Ephraim who I would like merges for. Green would be a nice colour if it weren't for Annette. I already got pity broken by her while rolling for Amelia so I don't want to see her face again. So, colourless only it is.
  23. I kind of wanted Raigh to get Apocalypse but now it's Niime for sure, Gespenst goes to Canas and Helswath to a Lombard GHB.
  24. I'm annoyed that they'd give Myrrh a refine before Fae even gets a prf. Myrrh does deserve one but at the awfully slow pace they do these, and the fact that Fae came out one year before her, I don't like it. At the very least I hope her refine is really good. Also while I don't plan on using them I'm happy for Draug and Donnel.
  25. I like Himukai's Raigh art, but my issue is that he doesn't look nearly as cool as he does in Cipher. It fits Lugh, but Raigh could be better. And of course, the stat boost. I imagine it'd be Lilina before Raigh ever gets one though.
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