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  1. Well that is a bummer. Might as well keep the extra units for extra skills. Thanks for the answer.
  2. If I combine a 4* unit with others to make it 40+1 lvl, does the unit remain lvl +1 if it is upgraded to 5* in the future?
  3. Can't we also get a day of our Goddess: day of Naga, Yune, Asunera. Or how about an all day saints from Elibe.
  4. I have a 5* Lilina with speed - and defense+. She is slow as hell with 22 spd. I gave her axe breaker, at least that way she can double any axe. Should I seek more strength or cover her weakness. With Lilina, Nino, and Catria the arena has been pretty smooth. By the way, are the stat plus (def, spd, att, etc) A slot skill worth using?
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