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  1. I was first excited about the Feint & Link skills because I thought they were C Skills but no, b skills, the most competitive slot.
  2. No that's definitely the same one. That's so strange, though. I kill everything on that map as it arrives (except the guy stealing the villager's money, i have to let the message queue go for that). Maybe I'm not using Awakening enough? I usually pop it twice but I can't keep it up through the whole thing. What's your route? For this one and the owain map? I'll work towards getting the owain distortion since 5 minutes for similar amounts is way more effecient but it'd be nice to know if I need more gold in the meantime.
  3. Sorry I gave you the wrong directions. I'm talking about the level 75 Gold Rush map. It doesn't use Kingswood, it uses Great Plain. It's the one that gives the acceleration sword. Although, after doing a few more runs earlier, I get about as much here (~85k if i'm all anna all the time) as you did on the gold-less timed onslaught. I guess one thing to take away from this is that the Gold Rush missions are a much better deal relative to the standard Timed Onslaught. If Gold RUsh was instead a "restriction" like Test of Skill, rather than its own (technical) battle type, it would probably pay out a crazy amount in a standard mission (seige, rescue, escape, shadow rush, etc)
  4. Yeah I'm using 720 and Anna (level 110). I'ts a lower level map, though (the one on Emmeryn, the dragon on the fort with lots of manaketes & wyvern lords). I guess level matters significantly more...maybe I'll try to finish owain's map first I have to say though, I think I misinterpreted how the wealth blessing worked when theory crafting. The fact there's only about 5k difference between using the blessing and not's kind of...not worth it. I'd argue the luck blessing isn't that worth it either. You're paying 25k for an extra ~15k? ~125k (even ~120) a run with no blessings seems way better a deal.
  5. watch it all be armors the dresses are just so hard to move in!
  6. I think it had to have been with the 2.5 update, because I remember checked the rauorowl like last month while in a conversation about this
  7. So, and I can't believe I'm finally asking this, what is the best stage for money grinding. Between convoy blessing, rare item blessing and the level reset loops my funds are running low and not getting enough gains to offset the stuff I need (convoy & rare material break even most of the time, usually getting 7-10k return if I'm diligent about killing). Assume I am using Payday but not the money blessing (dont have enough excess silvers). My first thought was obvious: Gold rush stage, go to town. But even a pretty good run on that only got me like 80k which is about what I'm getting (a little less, actually) on other normal stages and I'm locked in to that time limit. So I guess a stage that's...worth a lot?? But quick to beat?
  8. Those types of leaks are like...never true. There is no reason to even give them the time of day.
  9. well i mean *we* wouldn't care about it but I assume others would, and the fact the key word happens to share the exact character found in the japanaese version of the boundless chaos term tells me it probably will be oc-focused. There is theoretically a background plot going, may as well drag it out of the background.
  10. Honestly I could just see the new cipher set just like...being more original character focused. Like they'll get their own color (rainbow, perhaps) and draw on a bunch of other colors
  11. you'll note the leak lacked like any switch games beyond Smash & Metroid. Fire Emblem not being there means nothing beyond the person putting together the placeholders that went live probably didn't have Nintendo's games to put into the system. The fact it is literally a 1:1 for synonym for Radiant Dawn should be a pretty big tell that, no, it's not real.
  12. arena medals are like the least convoluted part of the refinery though anyway for one of the blessing quests for Berkut, rather than just burn another of my many blessings to sub in a proper unit I tried it like 8 times with the same team with increasingly convoluted seals and skills on characters who otherwise wouldnt be using them. I gave Valentine Lyn threaten attack 2! Not even the seal, the skill.
  13. I bet Hrid is a red sword infantry unit & Ylgr is infantry green tome who gets Gunnthra's Blizzard.
  14. I can't say I attributed Helbindi to a racist caricature , but perhaps i'm so used to the more well known big lipped one rather than...whatever is going on with his mouth here. I suppose the emphasis on the pearly teeth does resemble the "big smile" iconography now that I take another look. The ugly (or "ugly" depending on the character) brute thing I didn't think twice on since it's a common character archetype and we already had the honorable one, the emotionless one, & the ganondorf.
  15. That's fair, Fjorm should probably have mentioned her other siblings at least in passing. Even just a "I'm worried about <them>, but Gunnthra takes priority".
  16. They were mentioned. I assume the new dude is the third of the scorching triad that Laegjarn mentioned in her last stand and Gunnthra (& I think Fjorm?) did mention siblings, plural. I do agree Fjorm probably should have mentioned them more, and not had it as easy to miss lines even if you have the units, mind you.
  17. A new world would likely have the benefit of not taking one script and jamming a third game into it alongside all the other changes. I mean I assume this game will be, you know, a single game and not 2 or 3.
  18. I wonder if it was IntSys mandate that all thieves (& related classes) moving forward must use Daggers. It's a very unusual thing to specify as a reason not to do it considering at the time they were planning the characters fates had just come out and they weren't full aware of everything in Heroes, so...maybe? I'm bummed they didnt have a Darios dlc like they planned. I actually did like the twins and seeing them rescue their friend would have been sweet, even if he didnt become playable. also man, Usuda's commentary sure is....well he's a guy who's very up front, i suppose!
  19. Ideally, before rolling out Alts, we'd have more banners with 1 really popular unit and then 1-2 so-so units. Some judgement calls probably needed for a while (hell if I know what to do with most of FE1's cast) and then once you start getting into iffier popularity sure let's start bringing in alts to help bolster things. I've been a little surprised they haven't split up the more popular characters into their own headlining banners, really. Like Michaiah's banner, she probably could have just lead it on her own while Sothe or Zelgius get their owns and in their place maybe get 2 of idk Dawn Brigade people. The first fates kids banner could have had either of Shiro or Siegbert lead their banner and then sneak in 1-2 of the less popular birthright/conquest kids. A Conquest banner with Siegbert, Soleil and Ignatius, for example. Ignatius was the least loved fates kid (& I think below Candace & Nichol?!) so he's going to need bolstering regardless. Then follow with a birthright banner later on. The Kanas were never super popular, but I think Shigure could have carried it and saved the emergency Hinoka button when we run out of heavy hitters to carry the likes of Izana or Shura (i dont remember how they ranked, replace those 2 with whoever). Or have Kana-F handle things if she was more popular, and throw Shigure into his own headliner later on. I haven't checked all the polls. Hopefully the gist gets across. But maybe I'm too optimistic on # popular characters:sales ratio. I'm also someone who wants a "least popular" banner with Glade on the basis of I feel bad for them and it'd be funny.
  20. Ryoma can heart seal into Pegasus Knight and by extension become a Kinshi Knight. In fact, all of the Hoshido siblings & Azura can become Kinshi Knights. ANd obviously, with the proper friendship and lover seals (exact name escape me) he can become a vanilla Archer.
  21. Yeah pretty much my thoughts. It's going to keep happening just like 3 man banners will keep happening (exceptions to the thracia & CYL banners) so at this point i'm settling for "okay but at least have a weird niche and outfit". Like I'd prefer if the 3rd unit on this banner was, like, some other fates kid or reina or w/e but at least Hinoka looks neat and has a special niche to fill. And while i can think of several units that could easily be made red horse mages, its like, fine, if you're going to give an Eirika alt then there's worse things than red horse mage. The only other one is leo, after all. We have a billion horse swords. Chrom didn't need a horse with sword. Reinhardt &/or Olwen were frustratingly inevitable (though like red tome horse eirika, we did need another permanent green horse mage) but they could have like....gotten some outfit changes? I know they're still master knights and all, but accessorize a little, pull out some colored cloth. Or significant changes in demeanor for their poses, like possessed celica and Grobins got. I'm lowering the bar pretty far here guys, just take a little step over it. I'm generally fine with the male/female alts, at least. Like I get that easily, and its nice they don't really beat around the bush with it. Getting normal, permanent Shigure is also fine and I'll be equally fine when Charlotte & Inigo get added properly. I'll also throw out that I'm okay with all the legendary alts because its clear that's the land of alts (...for now....just know they'll throw in a new non-oc, non-alt character in there sooner or later....) and maybe the occasional OC (i'm guessing once one of the fire twins die they'll be thrown in). It's its own thing, segregated from everyone else As an aside, did a release date for those acrylic stands ever get an actual date than just "Late April"
  22. Sometimes it just seems like a whim. Kana-M being blue is probably a direct reference to his mom being blue and you can maybe jump through some logic on grima-m being green through some divine stuff but then you have things like green kana and colorless grima and its just like, well, we wanted these colors so that's what they are. Same kind of applies to mages, really. Did Sonya really need (Dark) Excalibur and thus be green? Halloween Henry's tome could have been anything. I'm not unconvinced Nino got the green slot entirely because they wanted green mages and her hair's green.
  23. This could be another Clive situation. Clive was added into the game with Celica/Alm army banners on Jul 13th, but he wasn't available until August's Tempest, which started on August 11th
  24. Blue Breath, you can see him on the map at the very end of the trailer. I feel like I usually see Goad stacking than Ward stacking, but fair enough. Steady Stance, then? They were fine giving that to Black Knight and I wouldn't mind an extra source of that for my healers and such.
  25. I'm guessing that this Kana will also have Waterstone+ and maybe...Ward Dragons? To parallel Kana-F's goad dragons? That'd be fun. Still keeps it premium since you'd only have access to 3 Kana-Ms.
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