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  1. Apparently there is some sort of glitch or exploit that enables a person to force you to disconnect and even if you immediately resume it says that your opponent left and the battle is a loss? This most definitely isn't some random connection problem on my part; every single time it happens it is when somebody I'm against in is put in a clear losing situation. It first happened in Summoner Duels R a few days back when one guy with a bunch of +10 duo units wound up at a major disadvantage. I assumed at the time maybe something wet wrong with the connection at an unlucky moment (even though I immediately resumed and he was already gone which seemed way too fast for the count down to have ended), but that is suddenly becoming a common occurrence in normal Summoner Duels now. Just a few minutes ago I was up against somebody relying on Valentian Palla vantage shenanigans but I managed to take out that unit and then just a few seconds later the forced disconnect happened (from which I immediately resumed and he was already gone thus making a loss). This is like the sixth time in the last few days that suddenly happened when an opponent was about to lose. If people are using this exploit to unfairly force losses in normal SD it is bad enough, but if they are even abusing it in SDR then it is even worse because of the stupid loss limit. They need to either make it so disconnecting doesn't count as a loss, or remove the stupid loss limit.
  2. I just finished Elimine. Getting her done was a priority since her ability to shut down so many units will be invaluable in AR. I finished Ash right on her debut. Been useful in AR allowing certain units to travel all the way across the map. That free manual of Winter Eirika was the last copy I needed to finish her. Nice gift after more than 200 orbs failed to get one on her rerun the prior year. The recent Hero fest was what I needed to finish Yuri. Walhart's refine prompted me to finish him not too long ago. Manuela being the fastest armor unit yet inspired me to finish her as well. Harmonic Azura was a unit I immediately saw potential in when paired with Ninja Corrin. They make another broken pair that makes arena a cakewalk just like Duo Lyn and Duo Peony did. And some other units I recently finished.
  3. So I took a look at the schedule for when the mythic/legendary heroes return to help me plan out when and what to go for and I was suddenly shocked! Thorr, a brand new unit, won't be returning until freaking April?! That's half a freaking year! WAAAAAY too long! I can't wait half a year to finish an offensive mythic! Soooooo, there was only one thing to do...
  4. Last year I +10ed ninja Lyn on her debut, and later wound up with a second copy that is up to +7 before her banner returned thanks to the Hero Rises and so on. I wonder if the same will happen with Ninja Corrin since I also completed her on her debut... I also finshed Ullr. So that means all offensive mythics are presently +10. And a few other characters I finished recently.
  5. I doubt anybody at all saw Fae coming. After Lilina, I figured anybody with a significant role could easily end up being what they start using once all the lords were out of the way. "A new hero, a mythic I need a few copies of, and a very handy dragon I'd like more of, can't go wrong with Blue!", I thought. Boy, was I ever wrong...
  6. Mila is the first mythic I've made a second +10 copy of. So many teams use two dancers that it felt necessary for AR. And various other units I got to +10 recently.
  7. +5? LMAO! As somebody that has +10ed numerous units right off their debut banners, that would normally be more than enough to +10 a unit. I remember +10ing fallen Edelgard at her debut in just 928 orbs. Now I got 2 more of her along with three of Flayn and numerous other unwanted units all for just one copy of Leif. To think there was a short period before the banner where I was debating if I might want to +10 him like I did with Bride Catria... F*** that! I'm not even going for a second copy now! (The very first ever duo/harmonic I won't summon a merge and/or a second copy of!) Anything like that ever happens again and I'll probably just ditch seasonal banners altogether and commit to sparkable banners only in the future.
  8. I think this banner set a brand new record for worst luck ever. I got Larcei, Lewyn, and Julia within the first 300 orbs, and then then starting sniping colorless for Leif... It took 1,868 orbs in total to get one copy of him, with over 22 pity breakers along the way! I'm genuinely curious, what are the odds of that? One out of one million or less? And here I was thinking about 1100 orbs for one copy of Sothis on her debut banner was the the worst it could ever get...
  9. What do you think of this tank-killer team I assembles for this week? I never expected a blue unit to take down a fully invested Brave Ike even with such a build! lol
  10. I recently got a few more seasonal units finished including Winter Altina, Winter Hilda, and Winter Cecilia. Talk about Christmas in July! lol And I finished some more mythic heroes this month. And some various old units have been completed.
  11. In terms of utility this looks like the most underwhelming mythic hero we have yet gotten. I would argue that both Legendary Lucina and especially Legendary Chrom are more useful units than her for AR. The one and only thing she has going for her is hyper offense, but anybody in the upper ranks of AR knows how little use that alone tends to be. lol Maybe is she had some gimmick like getting another action if she KOs and enemy or provided some sort of team support, but as she stands she looks to be nothing more than a burden to make light season a pain any time she is the bonus unit of the weak...
  12. Is that... an OC that isn't mythic/seasonal locked? But... how is that possible?! lol I'm rather surprised. Nifl comes out of nowhere and is suddenly added to the summoning pool and we have only seen her in a TT. I wonder if she'll be playing a role in anything else in the near future?
  13. Now I finished Bride Catria. To finish her, Fallen Edelgard, and Ashera all in a month's time... I don't think I've done that many brand new +10s in such a short time ever before... I also got some other good flying units to join her in triangle attacking things. Along with some other old units.
  14. It hasn't even been 24 hours since Ashera's release... and I already got her to +10?!?!?! It's a new record!
  15. This is probably the fastest I have ever +10ed a unit... The second I saw how broken this new fallen hero was, I simply had no choice...lol Rather than just a pic, I made a whole showcase video for this one to show share just a few of the countless builds I'm working on for it. I would say this is by far the most versatile and broken armor unit we've gotten yet!
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