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  1. Here a few more I recently finished. Brunnya is turning out a lot more impressive than I imagined. This set up made her tanky enough to be dragged across some of the crazier Aether Raid maps folks have made with little damage. And to think I was originally planning to use her as more of a support unit with her being somebody that could stay next to a lead infantry without having to worry about ranged attacks. lol
  2. And this month Legendary Alm is serving as the roadblock to getting the new mythic hero. Now he is maxed out along with Hector and a couple others.
  3. It would exist primarily as a compliment to certain strategies involving indirect damage and/or wearing down foes. Since healing towers are one of the most noteworthy hindrances to such tactics, it being able to counter that would just be one of its more noteworthy uses.
  4. What supporters might those be? Staff units? I see/use them in the role of healing so little these days that I doubt it would impact them much. Ironically, it might even make them more annoying to deal with; if they are unable to heal then they will go on the offensive, and it is their many tricks like resetting specials, reducing movement, and so on that makes them annoying to deal with. A lot of the time already that I see staff users in AR, they have their healing skill removed (Restore + is the only one I tend to see, and it is normally there for its other affect rather than healing) because people know they may not fulfill their intended role properly if they prioritize healing over attacking.
  5. Rather than just a skill , how about a whole new status effect? Peril: A unit inflicted with this status effect is unable to regain HP by any means other than combat skills that restore HP. This means skills like Reciprocal Aid will fail if they would raise the inflicted units HP, healing staffs cant be used on them (Restore could remove the effect, but not restore HP as it does so), and healing towers and such would not affect them, but skills like Sol and Aether would still restore HP. With all the dumb healing towers that restore ridiculous amounts of HP everywhere, it feels like any and all indirect damage strategies are nearly obsolete. A status effect like this could make them viable again. Something like "Peril Smoke" or "Sudden Peril" could be a skill with which to inflict such a condition.
  6. After more than a year of getting unwanted Fallen Robins and whatnot, I finally got the last Eir I needed to finish her! I think she is the single unit to which I'd given the most premium fodder of all prior to finishing just because she was the first unit I was forced to use every day in AR. I also finished Legendary Marth as well. And finished Eliwood after his latest upgrade.
  7. I never thought I'd +10 a 5 star exclusive unit twice (outside of maybe a Mythic Hero, eventually), but now I actually did so! After seeing all those damn Bramimonds with hardy bearing everywhere, I figured I needed to come up with a new strategy for Brave Ike. So I went and built a +spd one I randomly drew off the latest revival banner and made him into a galeforcer that can just take out a couple threats while pushing their specials back up and then just tank ranged attacks without having to give a crap about hardy bearing. With Peony and Lucina support he can even handle things like Eliwood now that the old one couldn't. Wait a minute... that right there is 22 Brave Ikes... And it seems I've given Steady Breath to 12 units... and still have 1 manual of him leftover... meaning I've pulled 35 of Brave Ike! Oh well, if you gotta have a stalker, I guess he is one of the better ones! lol
  8. I think this is the first time I made first place in Tier 21 of Arena. That must mean 774 (762 +12 from bonus kill) is the max possible score for a single battle. Now we wait to see how long until that number goes up from the ever increasing stats and score effects. lol
  9. Halloween Myrrh, you've been replaced! lol I've wanted to fully build up a second duo hero for a while, and that negate dragon and armor effectiveness was just too good to pass up. Activate that effect and she shrugs off attacks from Legendary Julia. Her resistance is so high that she can even survive an attack from Julia without the effect with enough HP.
  10. If only Eir were this cooperative... Now I have both astra heroes at +10, as well as one light hero, but still need a couple more of Eir before she is done as well. And a few other units I finished recently.
  11. Wait a minute... Why does Chrom's Deul effect say it treats his stats as 180 instead of 175?... Oh god, they're already power-creeping the old "treat stats as whatever" effects on pair-up heroes! Before we know it, we'll be getting duo heroes with "treats stats as 200" effects! lol Those old Duel A-slot skills are becoming more outdated by the minute. And right as I wound up with several manuals of Legendary Azura (I summoned her nine times in a row (no Julia at all) before getting Chrom! Ugh!) and started wondering what units would benefit. I wonder if they'll end up making "Duel [whatever] 4" skills before long?
  12. 500 orbs saved for the new legendary Banner in hopes of sniping Chrom real fast and then try for a couple of Duma/Sothis, and I instead end up summoning seven of Legendary Azura in a row! Seven! What are the freaking odds of that?! Oh well, Water season in Arena is going to be a cakewalk from now on with this.
  13. I hope they are not so shortsighted (or deep under investor pressure) that they just scare everybody off by making things all the more predatory and discouraging. The way FEH pass is constantly rubbed in your face until you get it can really be annoying. Trying to pressure people into spending will likely make many people all the more against the idea of spending anything at all; The key to making more would be finding a way to encourage spending without pressure. Something I find to be ironic is the fact that going in the opposite direction of what many investors view as the profitable path may well be the thing that could potentially be more profitable and long lasting. I was having a long discussion with some friends that are mostly F2P about what could encourage them to spend more on this game, and the general consensus was, "a means of getting characters I want for sure without running the risk of throwing money away via virtual gambling". Many of them have only ever spent money on one thing: the Black Knight pack. That being because they knew exactly what they were getting and it felt worth the price. The obvious problem with giving people that sort of option for all characters is the fact that then a person wouldn't have to risk indefinite amounts of money to achieve something, and thus it would all come down whether or not the amount of people that are encouraged to buy their guaranteed units would more than compensate for the "whales" that would no longer need to go as far as spending a thousand dollars to +10 a single unit. However, a bit of innovation might be able to find a balance where they could keep the "whales" spending while encouraging others to spend here and there. One idea that came up was the concept of something like a one-time-use item you could buy for a set price (maybe $20 would be good all things considered) that could work like this: you can use this item once and only once per banner in order to summon a neutral 5 star focus unit of your choosing from that banner. What effect would this have on people's spending habits? A lot of folks like my friends would find it to be something worth buying now and then when there is a character they like, so it could encourage many non-spenders to spend a bit here and there. For somebody like me (your local "whale" that's into collecting every unit in the game lol) it probably would not effect the amount I spend too much; I might save a bit going after new units, but I would be constantly buying this item to go after rerun units whose banners I would otherwise just ignore after the free pull since my priority has always been saving for the new units and thus relying on the pity breakers of new banners to get other desired units in the long term (I'd probably be buying one for nearly every rerun banner, so I think I might ultimately be spending a lot more as a result lol). And then you have the "leviathan" who spends ten thousand dollars a month or more on this game (There is one guy on my friend list that is always in the top spots of Aether Raids and Mjolnir's Strikes; I used to think he just +10ed every mythic hero which would already cost a fortune, but he doesn't stop there, he +10s every damn unit in the freaking game! Less than a day after a new banner starts I'll see +10 copies of those units entering my castle all from him! He must spend well over a thousand dollars a week on this game! Good lord! lmao), and these folks will hardly save any money at all; If you wish to +10 every unit on a banner, you will need to summon 33/44 focus units, and getting one single guaranteed unit will barely change anything (maybe save fifty bucks if lucky, which will be more than compensated by the people that would otherwise not spend money). Hopefully they can think up a good concepts like that to find the right balance to keep things profitable but still enjoyable. Or maybe they'll just go the shareholder route and do crap like introduce even bigger P2W modes, start running so many banners people lose their minds, and hide even bigger QOL features that should have been there from the start behind even bigger paywalls... time will tell.
  14. Oh no... What is Edelgard doing there?!... Every other unit on there is a limited unit that I would be happy to have an extra copy of. But Edelgard is a mediocre unit with mediocre fodder that is abundantly available in the normal summoning pool. I pulled two copies of her just this past week going for duo Alm. I will be disappointed beyond despair if she wins this. I'll be siding with whoever she is up against right from the start just to help ensure she does not win. I would advise anybody else that doesn't want what might as well be a five star Bartre to do the same! If the one she is against ain't the one you want to support then you can just contribute nothing further to that character after Edelgard loses, but we certainly don't want her to win this! Did several people mistaken this for a popularity contest? Edelgard already won CYL meaning they can all get a Free one later this year; no need to ruin an event like this for the rest of us! lol
  15. Is there a way to view Lyn's old art and dialogue again after getting her resplendent outfit? Since I only had a -atk/+spd Lyn, I figured it would be worth it to get an extra for a merge to fix that stat. But not at the cost of forever losing such beautiful art/dialogue! lol She actually has the stats to be somewhat useful again now, but still has the worst refinements around. It feels like they need to either give her yet another refinement, or even a whole new weapon for her to really compete with any of the newer sword units.
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