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  1. With the latest Legendary Banner, I finished some more legendary/mythic heroes. And with the CYL reruns I got a few more brave heroes finished. And Lonqu recently became my latest common unit to +10. I'm still debating the best uses for him... Maybe as a partner for Xane to grant a ton of speed and attack while somebody like Mila grants a ton of def/res. lol
  2. For the first time ever, I've +10ed a mythic/legendary hero straight from their debut banner! In total it took about... 2,200 orbs... ouch! I had been planning for it for a while, hoping that if this was the new mythic that adds a slot to Light season in AR, thy would be green that way I could get them while finishing Freyja (I already had Edelgad at +10, but her fodder is somewhat nice at least). I didn't want to have to wait another three months while being forced to keep this unit in only the extra slot without lowering my score, so I rushed to finish it. I also got the last copy of Legendary Lucina I needed to finish her. I hope she gets remixed with other old legendary units before long; her being gone until freaking January makes it seem like she should be on the remixes by now. In my rush to stock up on near/far save a few weeks ago, I also finished these: And after all these years I finally finished the Reinhardt! I had him at +9 for the longest time (maybe because the final merge would not raise atk lol), but finally finished him with the resplendent that arrived. When Ayra got her refine recently, I was sitting on several manuals of her that I then decided to merge since her new weapon seemed really good. I decided to full the last five I needed from the banner with her and Halloween Nowi for a chance to finish her or a seasonal out of season, and was surprised to get five of her and only one of Nowi; normally I'd be annoyed by that, but not this time since her refinement just seemed way better. lol And random pulls finally got me the last copy of Eldigan I needed to finally finish him. And I just now pulled the last Spring Myrrh I needed to finish her. Last year it was Spring Idunn, this year it was Myrrh; I guess dragons with bunny ears are too tempting with how broken they are! lol
  3. I think I finally did it! I've created the ultimate offense team that that turns AR into a complete zero-effort cake walk! lol I've been using this team and lost zero units this week without even really trying. Every single friend map I've tested this on has been beaten. Things that used to scare the pants off me like Ruptured Sky dou Alfonse/Lysithea/Thrasir, Lunge Eliwood, Legendary Alm, Blazing Light Ophelia, and the like are all nothing more than fleeting thoughts now! lol I think the one and only unit in the entire game I need to watch out for is Legendary Chrom with a pre-charged Deadeye, but even that ain't too threatening; with some careful positioning to have Edelgard smash his skull in, or a simple use of Idunn's skill, and even he poses little threat. I just have to keep them all clumped together and they can march across just about any map without a care in the world. I just move into enemy range, tank everything with no effort, then let Reginn and Edelgard clean house. To think AR could go from a nightmare to a cake walk from the introduction of just two new skills; I never imagined there could be one individual banner that could change the game this much! lol
  4. A few weeks back I lived the nightmare of wanting to get the last copy of Dimitri I needed and wound up getting freaking 12 of Julia and one of Seiros. I was a bit desperate since it looked like Dimitri would be gone until July. They really need to avoid having recent units be gone for half a year after just one rerun.
  5. These results are looking even more disappointing than last year. Last time, I remember academy Edelgard being in the top ranks and thinking, "Why in the world are people voting for a unit in the normal summoning pool that you can get easily? Do they think this is a popularity contest?!". A whole bunch of people wound up supporting Leif in the first voting round just to make sure Edelgard didn't win. Now we have three brave heroes in the top ranks??? You can flat out select one of them for free already, their banner allowed every single unit to be sparked and will definitely get a revival later, and they will regularly be on normal banners, not to mention they are also in the normal summoning pool. I already got a +10 brave Edelgard without even trying for her. I can understand legendary/mythic heroes getting selected since they can be a major pain to get with how horrible the odds on those legendary/mythic banners can be, but why are so many folks going for mythic Altina again? She was given out for free last year, and has lost a lot of usefulness thanks to Plumeria and Reginn. Wouldn't it make more sense for people to be voting for winter Altina? Flying Altina is kind of outdated while winter Altina is one of the craziest units in the game! I hope people didn't get them confused... I'll never forget the time people wound up voting for Legendary Lyn; I can't help but think they were all just confused and didn't realize you could scroll through that search-for-a-hero thing and just chose her because she looked like the best of what was at the very start of it.
  6. These new savior skills are what interest me the most on this banner. I think I'll want at least a couple copies of those skills since they can open up some interesting possibilities, especially if you combine them (I assume it only fails when two units within two spaces both have Near or Far Save, but will work if one of each is within two spaces). Since it is armor only, I'll have to think carefully about which armors would be best suited for them. One I immediately thought of giving the Far Save to is my +10 Spring Idunn; being within two spaces of an ally means enemies can't do follow up attacks and with those already crazy high defenses nothing short of legendary Chrom with a pre-charged Dead Eye can take her out (especially if I give her Dragon Wall from the spare Seiros I manualed). Perhaps brave Hector would be a good candidate for the Near save; just replace Ostian Counter with Close Guard 4 and such and then he'll shrug off close attacks. Then the fun part is using them together. Imagine having a frail support unit like Flayn along with a glass cannon like Ninja Lyn in a T shape, square, or other formation where they are both within two spaces of those two protector units (and the protectors being within two spaces of each other preferably); Suddenly any ranged unit that attempts to attack Flayn or Lyn has Idunn jump in the way and (Between Dragon Wall and Flayn) barely take any damage at all, and if somebody like Eliwood comes along to attack, he'll instead be hitting Hector. Then the enemy turn ends and Flayn and Lyn are free to snipe or heal without a worry as long as they stay within two space of their protectors! Certain strategies like cav lines and turn-one-all-out-attacks are going to lose a lot (if not all) viability from something like that; Just park your I-can-tank--any-ranged-unit protector right in the middle of everybody and suddenly they can't do jack to your team! lol
  7. After pondering who might be best for that new bow we got, I finally decided to build up Norne. I also recently pulled the last copies of Mareeta and Brave Edelgard I needed to finish them.
  8. Has anybody ever beaten a map in Aether raids just to suddenly get some error message that will not allow them to claim their victory? Today I beat a map without losing any characters and then right after the "stage clear" appeared it suddenly popped up a message saying "a communication error has occurred. support code: 803-3001" and then forced me to return to the title screen. It prompted me to resume via bookmark, which I did making it go right back to the "stage clear" part only to have it pop up the exact same error message again and send me back to the title screen again! It did so over and over and over until I had no choice but to delete the bookmark in order to resume the game without that stupid error preventing me from doing anything. As a result, I lost 100 points of Aether (I used the boost x 2) since the stupid Escape Ladder doesn't do anything if it thinks you quit a match. Now I think I will not be able to reach tier 38 despite the fact that I am normally one of the people that ranks first place nearly every week in Aether Raids. This just had to happen during the first week of this Vault of Heaven stuff... If Vault of Heaven involves us getting utterly cheated via error messages, I do not like it at all.
  9. When this wound up being my first summoning session of the year, I wondered if it could be a sign of good luck on this banner, and for a time it seemed to be. I decided to snipe blue and green and was getting Alfonse or Peony in what seemed like every other session. I got to the point of having peony finished with a couple extra copies and Alfonse all the way to +9, then this happened! I would've gone insane had I gotten the wrong unit at that point, but luckily I didn't.
  10. A new year, a new set of +10s! I pray the mythic we get at the end of this month isn't a light one with the new extra-unit effect... I soooo do not want to be pressured to stock up on a new mythic at the end of the month after how drained I always am from the New year overload!
  11. I thought the changes to the pity system would make getting an extra copy of Reginn less painful. I thought wrong. lol Over 600 orbs for just one copy with every possible red pity breaker along the way! That included the last merge I needed to finish male Byleth. It's hard to believe that 47 speed stat is already starting to look a little slow...
  12. I finally got to the point of being settled with AR that I now regularly end the week tied for 1st place, and now they have to go and screw around with it again! Let's see... So that blue aura behind the mythics on the bonus list means they are the ones that allow you to lose one unit without penalty on offense, or lose 20 less points on defense? Here is the big question: does that still apply if those units are in the "extra" slot that can only be filled via the new mythics like Reginn? I dislike being forced to use a unit like Freyja when I already had a +10 Eir, Peony, and Mila. But if putting a unit like Freyja in the extra slot (once a light mythic with the new effect arrives) will make things less painful if that still gives the one-loss-protection bonus. Apparently a character in that slot does not affect scoring, does it affect anything else? Would having another mythic in that slot still give blessed units the extra HP/other stat?
  13. And now I have finished Hel on just her second appearance. This build let's her beat just about anything that does not make guarentted follow up attacks. It's easier to pull when the unit appears alongside other new units. I remember when Legendary Eliwood made his debut, I got a single copy and then ran away from red since I didn't want to risk getting another copy of Ryoma. lol But now Eliwood is done as well. I also recently got the last Brave Hector I needed to finish him.
  14. I decided to use the latest revival banner to get the last copy I needed to finish brave Celica. With her recent refine, she is certainly worth using again. And Caeda was one of the characters I hoped would get the resplendent treatment. That made her worth fully investing in with more premium skills. Still debating if Atk or Spd is the better boon in the long run... EDIT: Wow, guess nobody else has been finishing any projects lately. I just recently finished a few more. A new duo hero, a new +10 unit. I think Arena with this will be a cakewalk from now on. She is able to kill virtually every unit out there before they can make their first counter attack, thn she can just grant herself an extra move to either run or take out another unit. This, especially paired up with Lenegary Azura, means I'll never have to try in Arena again! lol And the recently concluded Legendary banner dicicded to throw a dozrn cornballs at me instead of the last Legendary Chrom I needed. Along with the last Thrasir I needed.
  15. Reduces damage from foe's attacks during combat to allies within 2 spaces by 30%... WTF Am I reading that right?! lol Looks like Flayn will be the prize on this banner. Pair her up with characters like Brave Ike, Legendary Corrin, or Brave Edeldard and watch as they become nigh immortal! lol I suspect Shinon will be in much higher demand now. And we're likely to get even more skills like Deadeye in the future. She also gets what is basically Draw Back for healers. They should've saved that for a demote staff unit. There have been many times I wished my healers could use Draw Back or Reposition, but I wouldn't want to sacrifice a unit as handy as Flayn for it.
  16. Xane is one character I had been waiting on since launch. I'm still hoping for a non-seasonal version, eventually. This should suffice until then. I also recently decided to use Hawkere as my axe unit for some trilema shenanigans.
  17. I can now 100% confirm my theory that new mythic heroes have a significantly lower chance of appearing when they debut alongside another unit that is getting their first rerun which will have a much higher chance of appearing. By the time I got a single copy of Plumeria, I had gotten three of Lif and EIGHT of Seliph! I must warn everyone, if you want multiple copies of a new mythic hero, make sure you want until they are being rerun alongside a new hero! lol I also got the last Celica I needed. And I recently got a random pull of the last Lene I needed to finish her. Another unit I never persued but they just kept coming.
  18. It feels like a unit being new vastly lowers their odds while being old vastly increases them. I remember when Mila debuted, I spent well over a thousand orbs in hopes of finishing her from her debut, but wound up with only three of her along with 17 of Alm and 12 of Leif! Now she returns alongside a new unit and I end up with just one of Corrin and enough of Mila to finish her! lol Now I have three +10 light heroes making the max score of AR possible. I wonder if our next mythic will be yet another light just to make sure a useful astra one does not show up any time soon? I won't complain if so because if it ends up being our fourth light hero then I feel like I won't have to give a hoot about getting more than one for once! lol I was holding on the that last copy of edelgard just in case I wanted that C skill for somebody else, but now decided to go ahead and finish her now since the ultimate Galeforcer is too good to turn down. Another grail project has been finished. And after leaving her at +8 for the longest time I finally decided to finish Cecilia for the latest Arena season.
  19. This and Duo Alfonse for me. It feels like every other map I encounter towards the later half of a week has Duo Alfonse with Time's Pulse and a two counter special (which becomes 1 thanks to his weapon) like Ruptured Sky/Moonbow/Glimmer. Lysithea will often be there with him. Maybe it is about time we got a new defensive type of special kind of like Aegis or Pavise but only triggers in response to offensive specials going off.
  20. They just went with all their final class looks for the CYL designs? Lame. They probably expected them to be the winners and thought that would be the easy thing to do since they had only been going with pre-time-skip designs for the normal ones (and post for legendary). I am very disappointed by the dragonflower increase. It is already way too hard to get sufficient amounts of flowers to affect the amount of units I'd like to. Most of the time I'd just use them twice or so to get up the stats that mattered then stop there since 600 is way too much to sacrifice to proficiently build as many as I'd like. Now to get that second increase to the stat that matters, I'll need to sacrifice a whopping 600 for every character? Ugh... It would be better if they made it so you can just select which stat you want to have increase whenever you use flowers, that way you wouldn't be forced to waste so many on stats you do not care about. They need to do that and make flower faaaaaaaaaaar more abundantly available if I'm to have any hope using them efficiently. Being able to change a character's asset is a good thing, at least. Now even GHB units Forma units can have their assets changed to something useful. Forma units not being usable for merges almost feels redundant now.
  21. ANOTHER dark hero?! That makes four dark and four anima heroes along with three light heroes with only two astras. I was really hoping for another astra hero already. We currently only have Naga and Altina, two one-ranged fliers that both die to anything sneezing on them, while offering practically no support outside of one or two little gimmicks. I am really sick of Astra season because of that. Every Light hero offers far more versatility and options than the astra ones do, I can only hope the next astra one will be as good as those are. Thus I wouldn't want it to be Hel (another one-ranged flier with a single gimmick) so I guess this is one unit to just get out of the way and be party glad is not an astra hero. I suppose our next mythic will be light, again? Then the final two will both be astra at long last! lol I REALLY wish they'd just upgrade the score system to make it so dark/anima mythics get the score and stat boost when they are a bonus unit in their respective season just like legendary heroes do; it feels like a major waste any time a dark/anima hero is a bonus instead of a light/astra hero. And now we have eight dark/anima heroes vs five light/astra heroes making all the more inconvenient! And is this Fallen Corrin's THIRD appearance of a legendary/Mythic banner?! Just give us a seasonal again already...
  22. The latest Summer Banner had to be my luckiest banner ever. I managed to get Summer Byleth to +10 in only about seven hundred orbs; I only went over 4% once and the only two pity breakers that popped up along the way were Eyvel (the one unit in the game I missed out on) and Zelgius. I also recently merged together the spare copies of Sothis I was keeping around to complete yet another mythic hero. And Micaiah has become my latest never-tried-to-get-but-they-just-kept-coming unit. Any ideas for some good builds for her?
  23. Here a few more I recently finished. Brunnya is turning out a lot more impressive than I imagined. This set up made her tanky enough to be dragged across some of the crazier Aether Raid maps folks have made with little damage. And to think I was originally planning to use her as more of a support unit with her being somebody that could stay next to a lead infantry without having to worry about ranged attacks. lol
  24. And this month Legendary Alm is serving as the roadblock to getting the new mythic hero. Now he is maxed out along with Hector and a couple others.
  25. It would exist primarily as a compliment to certain strategies involving indirect damage and/or wearing down foes. Since healing towers are one of the most noteworthy hindrances to such tactics, it being able to counter that would just be one of its more noteworthy uses.
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