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  1. I'm just gonna list my favorite endgame team from memory. 1. Roy 2. Fae 3. Shanna 4. Bartre 5. Fir 6. Hugh 7. Elffin 8. Dieck 9. Lot 10. Lance I believe that was it, it's been a while since I last saw my save with that team.
  2. After some consideration, I say Sigurd. While he does have some notable failings, I feel they add to his humanity, and I get the feel that he's doing his absolute best to fix the situation despite things spiraling out of his control for every action he takes. It's also interesting having what is essentially a Jagen lord. Second place would be Eirika, I find that she develops well over the course of the game even though she does make that major failing with the stone of Renais.
  3. I find Soren to basically be the brains side of the Greil Mercenaries in the same way Ike, Titania and Mist have their own roles. He's there to give strategies and give out the most effective solutions, and while he tends to fluctuate in likability, he never falters in his results. I also think that while he is an asshole, he does have a fairly good character arc across both games and has some good interactions despite certain infamous moments. I feel he's at his best when complimenting others, and for that I like him a lot. Additionally, he's also quite the killer mage, so I tend to use him a lot in RD and when I don't want to just lol cav PoR.
  4. I like the cast as a whole, so even my least favorites are relatively low on a franchise-wide scale, but I'd say of all the units I feel Clive comes the closest being bad. He only really has a point if you screw up, otherwise he has little reason to be so antagonistic to Alm when he gets results, not to mention that he's a terrible unit. Honestly if it weren't for Mathilda he would be outright god-awful in my eyes.
  5. I lean towards Bow Knight since I feel that's a more practical use of his bow skills. If I want an Adventurer I either just use Shura or Child Seal Nina.
  6. Hmm... I'm thinking the likeliest direction is FE6, but they may consider representing FE5 after the wave of FE4. The ones that are least likeliest will probably be FE2/15 and FE9 due to how many characters they flooded into the roster. Who knows, maybe they'll even do something special such as the multigame or dueling banners, it's a bit hard to predict IS's train of mind without any leaks and such.
  7. Stand-outs for me are: Innes and Vanessa (Really made me respect Innes) Joshua and Marisa (It was interesting getting to see Joshua's more savage side) Natasha and Knoll (Interesting contrast between both ages and ideals)
  8. @Ice Dragon No, but given all the other information I think it's a pretty safe assumption. Even if it's wrong the rest goes far too well with the rest of the pattern. The only other possibility I see is if she's an alternative banner character, and I highly doubt that.
  9. Since most of everything from the supposed leak is true, I actually think Arvis really is going to be the GHB. I'm not sure what their gonna do with Ayra, Tempest Trial? Probably. It's certainly an interesting situation.
  10. I wanted to pick Arthur, but since it's only Gen 1 characters I went with Lex since Sigurd is coming soon.
  11. I like Zinc and how his glory-hogging actually makes him work against his own reinforcements. I definitely prefer him over his counterpart in the A route.
  12. I think it'll be roughly PoR length personally, but we really haven't seen any gameplay or even footage really, so I can't say for sure what the length will seem like.
  13. Genealogy has a very ambitious story, and I think it fits the rather large scale of the game even from a gameplay standpoint. What I like: I like that the setup makes Sigurd just as much of a villain as he is a hero. Sigurd has good reason for everything he does, but he's still going around conquering two kingdoms. The theme of inheritance and legacy also makes the story feel like it's an epic, making me want to root for Seliph's liberation thanks to all the effort that Generation One put in and all the suffering that came of their failure. I also like that every kingdom and house has it's own individual identity with many having exclusive classes that meld to form some interesting formations such as a mix of Thunder Mages, Mage Knights and Knights. The villains also are very varied and effective. I like how there's minor villains like Clement and Ishtore who aren't entirely bad and just are in the way, it feels much more realistic that way. Really I have so much good to say about Genealogy from a story and world-building standpoint that I can't help but get invested. What I dislike: The biggest misstep that I feel reoccurs a bit too much for my liking is the selective knowledge of the protagonists. Sometimes they can know everything about a situation on the map, sometimes they just hear rumors, and sometimes they just flat-out don't know, and it can be pretty inconsistent. I'm also not a fan of the Deirdre and Julia kidnapping. For the former it just feels like Deirdre is making a boneheaded move for no discernable reason, and Manfroy getting plot convenience powers. For the Julia one Manfroy basically just breaks the rules of the game and kidnaps Julia while she's in the home castle because he can just do that apparently. Thracia 776: Felt this should get it's own little segment. Story wise I just don't care for it, it's riddled with all sorts of retcons and plotholes to Genealogy and very rarely focuses on Leif's personal struggle with Raydrik and Veld. It's neat to see the reclamation of Leonster, but the retelling of Chapter 7 of FE4 and rewrite of Chapter 8 just feels wrong to me. Honestly the game probably should have been more directed at Leif's struggle against the both Thracia and the House of Friege rather than the empire as a whole. Have Leif deal a blow to the former then focus on the latter, after all that's much more consistent with the events of Genealogy, not to mention it'd give a greater purpose to Bloom since he is the one in charge of the occupation of the Manster district. Honestly I just can't shake the feel that Thracia's story is wasted potential. It had interesting ideas for a story and some fitting themes, but it feels like things are a bit TOO personal for a story that takes part within something grander. Anyways, that's my little praise/rant over, That's what I like and dislike about the Jugdral story.
  14. Again, a short tutorial or something along the line should suffice. The game already has a way to measure love growth in the castle, (if slightly vague) so I don't see that big a problem.
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