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  1. That's disappointing. I suppose I'll give some of his other skills to someone else or maybe I'll think of something.
  2. Are there any heroes that might be worth giving Gray's Zanbato to?
  3. I'd like to confirm that BUNBUN is abec. In his book Omoshirokeraba nandemo ari - Hakkō ruikei 6000 man-bu - To aru henshū no lifework ("If there's something interesting here - 60 million total copies - A certain lifework in editing"), Kazuma Miki, the former editor in chief of the Dengeki Bunko and editor of numerous light novel series, wrote about how he discovered an art blog belonging to abec but noticed it didn't have any contact info. After some market research he found BUNBUN thinkng he'd found who he was looking for but noticed it was credited to a different name but ultimately realised the could be the same and discovered that BUNBUN is abec when they met again. The chapter here is where its confirmed. Adding to that he has appeared at abec signings (to do the signing!) as a "representative".
  4. Thanks to all of you for your suggestions! I was initially thinking mostly offensive and reclassing for a bit to pick up some skills. Again thanks this has given me alot to think about.
  5. So I've been planning a playthrough of Revelations for a bit, and for it I've really been considering have Corrin end up in the Vanguard class. And I started to wonder what skills, boon, and banes synergized with the class best. So, What are some skills, boons and banes that synergize well with the Vanguard class? Looking at it, it looks to be a very physical class, that would appreciate a bit more speed but I'd like hear more about it.
  6. I see. Thank you! I'll probably have Kana finish as a Hoshido Noble. So I'll probably have Scarlet pass on Luna, and I guess I'll think a bit more about what Corrin will pass on. Thanks again!
  7. I'm curious, what do the modifiers for F!Kana look like if her parents are Scarlet and a +Spd/-Luck Samurai Corrin? I've looked at a couple of things and I think I understand what they would look like but I'd like some confirmation. Also, what would be the best skills for Kana to inherit?
  8. Hello there, I suppose. It's nice to be here.
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