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  1. Yes, I wanted go optimize it as first but oh well I will give it a shot by providing Ryoma some speed, Nino some attack, and Abel some PVs Trying seems to be the wisest thing here
  2. Hey ! Now that the new update has came, I've got the 3 seals but I don't know on which character I should equip them... Can you help me please ? I've got Abel (5*), Ryoma (5*), Nino (4*) and Michalis (4*) (Michalis has the role of score booster : next season he will be replaced by Navarre)
  3. Yes, I was just happy to see an other french person ! Also, nobody was replying to my post... :'( "Je te souhaite de passer une bonne soirée et de profiter de ton séjour !" means "I wish you to have a good evening and to enjoy your stay" Well I'm at chapter 22 in FE7 right now and it's quite addictive
  4. Ah, je m'attendais pas à une réponse en français. Merci beaucoup !
  5. I'm planning to do these games, the problem is I don't know if I will do Binding Blade before... (Still a lot a FE to do for me !) Thanks for the advice anyway
  6. To be honest with you, I don't know much about Minerva. I just know a bit of history about her and she looked badass asf when I saw this picture. But since the other characters didn't caught my attention much, I decided to go for her, the most impressive wyvern rider I know (imo).
  7. Hello everybody (it is first post outside my introduction topic) That gauntlet was kinda sad. I don't see how this could be interesting with one character crushing all the others. I hope the next one will be more entertaining, with a least 2 or 3 potential winners to have some surprise Btw, I'm in Miverva Team. I'm in the top 10 000 (without having Minerva). I could had done more if I knew that we could redo flag quests for each round
  8. Hello everybody I just signed in here : but I was lurking for quite some time. I decided to make an account because I wanted to talk with other Fire Emblem players, and this community seemed to be nice. I don't know how to begin this... Well. Let's split this in some parts. Myself I'm in my twenties, french (my english MAY be bad... sorry) and I'm into physics studies. People think that I get angry very fast and it's hard to disagree with them; however, I try to be a better person and to always listen my reason rather than my feelings. I'm kind of serious person, and love to talk about a lot of grave subjects. When my mood allow it, I can also starts very bizarre and idiotic talks. To sum up, I'm a weirdo. And introverted, but we're on Internet, so... My gaming experience I started with N64 and SNES emulators on pc when I was very young, because my parents could hardly afford gaming engines at this time. Then, my first real console was the Gamecube; I didn't have a GB like most of children. I also had a Wii a bit later, and I finally came on PC. I think I will buy the Switch for the new Zelda Some of my favorites games : The Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time The Legend of Zelda : Majora's Mask Starfox : Lylat Wars Metroid Primes Skies of Arcadia Legends Mario Kart Wii Minecraft Hotline Miami 1&2 My Fire Emblem Experience Since I didn't had a GBA, I started with Path of Radiance. If I remember right, my sister bought me a bundle of cheap second-hand games without even judging them, so it was a completely random encounter. I loved the game. I didn't had Internet at this time : I wasn't up to date with the news, so I kinda skipped Radiant Dawn release. A few years later, a friend of mine informed me about this sequel, and hold it to me. After that RD's price skyrocketed, I had no choice but to finish it on emulator, but still : I love it too. At this time, Awakening was already released, and if I was interested at the beginning, the character design, the fan-service, the overall less dramatical feeling and the plot convinced me to not play it. I decided to play older games instead : I began Blazing Sword. A lot of time passed by, and... I didn't finished it. I dropped it for some reason and then lost the save. Fates was released too but I didn't played it either, knowing that it has the same problems (I knew where the saga would go with Awakening's popularity anyway...). Then, Fire Emblem Heroes came out : I started to play it, and it give me motivation to continue Blazing Sword, and some of other games. Summary : Path of Radiance Finished Radiant Dawn Finished Blazing Sword In progress Fire Emblem Heroes Saving orbs for PoR & RD Characters I plan to play these next : Binding Blade Sacred Stones Shadow Dragon Shadows of Valentia Also, my favorite characters are Nephenee, Jill, Haar, Ike, Nailah, Eliwood (too bad he didn't had a good art in FEH), Hector and Matthew Anyway I hope my introduction wasn't too long nor boring for you. I surely forgot a lot of things like favorite games or characters but, oh well. I hope we will get along, thanks for reading my post.
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