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  1. Still waiting for better Hector Lex, Travant, Legendary Arvis, Legendary Seliph and Altena.
  2. From the Comics: 1) Iron Man (Tony Stark) 2) Captain America (Steve Rogers) 3) Deadpool (Wade Wilson) 4) Spider-Man (Peter Parker) 5) Legion (David Haller) 6) Wolverine 7) Thor Odinson
  3. How broken would a once per turn Miracle Tyrfing be? I mean like if it were a thing where it would only work if the unit was at 7 HP or higher.
  4. In the future, yes. If I did it now it'll be lots of editing because otherwise it would look weird with the way I formatted things. Also there are B skills to consider as well, and seals. oOf
  5. I'm guessing there's an Atk/Spd Solo skill now that needs to be put in not just Ayra's but many other unit's builds. *Sigh*
  6. Kind of late, but I would call the Fighter Skills for armored units as power creep as it gave them an unmatched advantage versus other movement types. I would say that's powercreep, but because you talked about this performance ceiling. Can you define to me what this power ceiling is? Also Reinhardt has always been weak defensively, especially if you went for an offensive build with Dire Thunder. He's relentless when attacking, I agree, but he didn't have a few weaknesses. Many things could either outspeed and double or outright one shot Reinhardt when he's not attacking. Like most units there's always a sufficient amount of weaknesses for everyone because they generally sacrifice some quality of their defense or offense for the opposite trait.
  7. Seriously looking back the Reinhardt explanation as a lack of powercreep seems so dumb. In a game like feh nearly everything has a form of offensive output and a corresponding weakness as due. Either way the real powercreep in this game I find to be in the new skills that offers a complete dominating advantage over other skills in the past. Gacha norms made this game interesting, but will also lead to it's downfall.
  8. Can we agree that the game is on an unavoidable path of making more and more Stat-beefy units with new more op skills each time. I'm avoiding using the word powercreep because people get iffy about that because apparently Reinhardt cancels out powercreep.
  9. - Ishtar - Seliph - Sigurd - Arvis - Reinhardt - Leif - (Maybe just Ishtar again) Maybe all of them will be Ishtar. I dunno anymore.
  10. Arvis. Yes, I know kind of ironic with this pfp. That's just what happens when you like FE 4 too much.
  11. Everyone with major Holy Blood and a horse is arguably worse in heroes than FE 4-5. Them Holy Weapons and Holy Blood bonuses were insane. But I think thanks to Flora's dagger we have an excuse now to bring 30 Mt weapons into heroes. (jk)
  12. Worse: - Finn - Seth - Arvis - Seliph - Merric - Florina - Jagen - Xander (somewhat) - Clive - Mathilda - Titania Better - Arden - Ayra - Karla - Amelia - Nino - Roy - Celica - Hector - Eliwood (thanks to LA Eliwood) - Lyn (Brave Lyn and Armor Lyn mostly) This list could go further on but these are some of the major ones that come to my head at first.
  13. Basically Japan has a bunch of tech that I want including those toilets. I'm saying this specifically because I've recently went to Japan, and it was probably like a completely different futuristic world for me in comparison to New York City. Plus I want more Sushi, and more of Japan's perfectionist beef, and fishes. Free Healthcare would be nice too. There's also faster internet speeds like that from Korea and Norway, and that crazy one from that one place in Sweden that's like 1.6 Terabits/s. Brazil, Germany, Spain, Argentina, Belgium, and France I want better soccer players in the US so I can finally cheer for my own country in the World Cup. China: I just think Chinese girls are cute lol. Yeah, I guess China's tech and buildings would be nice too ;P
  14. I mean I feel like "gen II" is pretty much because of how good the units made by "gen I" were. If we look today ranged units are getting BST increases a lot as well.
  15. I kind of understand where Death Blow 4 comes from because if you look at the Brazen skills they give two stats each +7 permanently while under 80% HP, but a regular Blow Skill will give 1 less of that just on Player Phase. Although it's completely unnecessary as Death Blow 3 is already the to go skills for certain units that are PP oriented (and it works just fine), the number feels justified. The only problem with this is that it open the room for any skill to be a level 4 Skill in the future, which counteracts the point of adding a Lvl 4 Blow Skill. It's kind of like how they made trainee units increased BST, and instead it just made every other new unit have increased BST. So imo Death Blow 4 is a pretty bad implementation, but I guess they went with this to make Brave Celica stand out from the rest, so that they could check two boxes with one implementation rather than just making Death Blow 3 and other blow skills +8. Who knows, maybe IS won't make just any skill a lvl 4 skill in the future, maybe it'll just be the basic blow skills and a few other weaker skills. I also hate the fact they went with Y E L L O W for the 4th lvl skill. Like it's just hideous, it should've been platinum, ruby, diamond or any other non basic color.
  16. His new weapon looking nice: Debris+ I'm a New Yorker unit so I don't how effective it is against us. In all seriousness though I hope it doesn't cause a big havoc to anyone's life. Though inevitably we know how powerful these things can become and what they're capable of doing. Hopefully it wont be that potent for people. I speak from experience as we had Hurricane Sandy.
  17. But then we would have another Red Water wouldn't that be a little repetitive?
  18. Made a few changes to Orsin. Reduced his Spd by 2 to make his BST more on point.
  19. So we're due for a red legendary hero then right? In that case I hope it's Legendary Seliph with Wind Blessing, but that's probably very unlikely. Though I say Seiph deserves it, he's the only main FE protag other than Sigurd to not have an alt, and unlike Sigurd his stats are mediocre and his regular Tyrfing has no good refine yet nor is it good in general. Seliph just deserves it imo even if he's not popular. Also you can always make him popular like Reinhardt and Sigurd by giving him some game-breaking skills that people will meme about.
  20. Ishtar should be 10/10 Anyways. Karla - Skill Inheritance from her is way too good. Wrath 3 and Even Spd Wave are S Tier skills to have. 10/10 for Skill Inheritance. (5%) Combat wise she is the fastest, and one of the strongest swords in the game. Her special blade only boosts her insane damage. She's the most powerful purely offensive unit in the game, if it weren't for Black Luna and Regnal Astra she would be simply the best, but instead she is tied with Ayra and Zelgius. Combat is a 10/10 (95%) Overall: 10/10 Nino (SF) - Swift Sparrow 2 - S Tier Skill, Aerobatics 3 - only found on Nino (SF) and is amazing for fliers (especially the dancing kind), and last but not least Spd Smoke 3, which is always a decent skill because it's a Smoke Skill. Nino is a 10/10 as far Skill Inheritance goes. Combat wise Nino sports the best offensive stats in the game because of her Spd being the highest for mages. Not only is she a flier with amazing mobility, access to flier skills, and able to run Flier Emblem buffs, but she also has an amazing prf weapon similar to Karla that boosts her damage similarly to a Bladetome except without worrying about a cooldown penalty or Panic Ploys (though admittedly it's not going to be as powerful without a special). She's also green which makes her a good counter to the unstoppable Reinhardt (with DD 3 seal and merges), Hardin, Nowi, and of course blues in general. She's simply one of the best mages, right along there with Ishtar. 9.5/10 for combat. Overall: 9.5/10
  21. Anti-yesn't men't Idk why I bumped this
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