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  1. Thanks for the advice everyone. I have alot to unpack, so bear with me. I hear that I need to use a healer. I usually use a staffbot until I get the staff user I want, (ex: In FE7, I'll use serra and priscilla as staffbots until Pent) but I decided to use Clarine, since she's on a mount and "healz tho". Her averages look a tad weak, but I hope "but heals tho" will justify using her. This will also justify the self-imposed mage quota you guys mentioned, even though I don't think someone should use a mage for the sake of using a mage (Ex: That's like using Erk instead of a better unit, Lowen cuz "magic tho"). But, mounted healer and anima user, I guess that's pretty good. Idk man, why not both? I heard they were both great units. Any objections? I'll also decice to not use Marcus, since I looked at his averages and they look kinda trash. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I'd rather build up Allen and Lance cause they'll be better in the long run. Feel free to debate me on that though. Also, what are your guy's thoughts on Zelot? Should I actually use him throughout the game? Alen Lance Dieck Shanna Clarine Zelot(?) Thea Larum/Effin Melady Percival Fae Zeiss Yoder Karel
  2. I see. Am I able to recruit every character I named regardless of routes?
  3. Hey everyone, it's me again! I'm trying to find a team for FE6. I was thinking for it to be; Marcus Alen Lance Dieck Shanna Zelot Thea Larum/Effin Melady Percival Fae Zeiss Yoder Karel I was also thinking of Thea, Rutger, Echidna and Hugh. Also, I heard of a route split, but I know nothing about it, so I'd appreciate some info. I know it may be alot of units, but I know nothing about this game. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Let me know what you think of my team.
  4. ....Oh shit, did I really say that? Tf was I on? I meant to say "another Marcus". Sure, I haven't played the game, but that's what I heard. Why wouldn't he be? It's another promoted unit by Eliwood mode if you play on Lyn's story, basically. And I also agree on your stance on Canas. I only wanna use the best units when I play FE, not so-so ones. And I know you force promote Wallace. But..I'm gonna try to use movement break to not make him use the Knight's Crest (a glitch), since after my first playthrough I'm always just gonna play hardmode afterwards anyway. Kinda jank? Maybe. :^) I'm also just gonna use Raven for the sake of learning more about the game, and it's also a way to get Harken anyway so whatever ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ And Idk. I heard Marcus was really good, so I'll use him. Maybe on FE6 he's bad? I was also thinking about Heath, considering Florina promotes late and I like Wyverns, but eh. Whatever. I'll just use Vaida. Besides, I heard Florina was broken if you train her up on Lyn's story, so I'll just use her. Besides, I don't wanna use so many units that my units plateau in levels in the late game, I already have too much as it is. And I'm not recording this lol, but thanks for asking. So I guess that it boys?
  5. Fair enough, I didn't play the game so I don't know if I'm talking out of my ass but..here are my thoughts. I'll obviously use Serra and Perscilla as healbots when I get them and I've done that stuff in FE8 before and I turned out just fine. I'd rather use Kent than a magic unit, since he has more mov. Besides, In the first half, I have Marcus, Sain that's promoted pre-Eliwood (essentially another Marcus), Kent who promotes soon, Florina (who I've heard on Lyn mode is really good) and staffbots. Not to mention...the only time I can have a staff + magic unit before Pent is roughly Ch.17 to 22. If that unit doesn't have more utility other than good 4 heals, I don't think they'll be worth it. But...I'm still thinking about using Raven, Canas or both, since they can both promote around Ch.18, with stats comparable to my team already. One's strong, one uses magic and staves. What do you think, should I use one, both or none? I don't wanna overload my deployment slots that way my units don't plateau at the second half of the game. But hey, for the sake of trying other units to see how they are for myself (since it is the first time I played this game), Raven may seem like a good idea. And trust me, I didn't plan this with only end game in mind. Sain, Kent, Florina, Marcus and Staffbots for the first half should be good enough, that was my thought process. And I appreciate the feedback btw
  6. Thank you for your advice, everyone. I took another look and I decided my team: Sain Kent Florina Nils/Ninian Marcus Merlinus Hawkeye Pent Vaida Harken Athos And I am kinda try-hard, but I like to decide my teams in games I've never played before. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Feel free to post any opinions though. THE SQUAD:
  7. I didn't include him cause it'd be too obvious
  8. I'm playing FE7 for the first time. I'm gonna play Lyn Mode, then Eliwood. Here's my team..thoughts? How can I improve it? Should I use Kent? Heath? Priscilla? Etc. Sain Florina Marcus Ninian/Nils Hawkeye Pent Harken Vaida Athos
  9. You could've said "if you're gonna use Kaze, I strongly recommend an A support with him", or something like that. I won't address it anymore though, no worries. Water under the bridge.. I appreciate the in-depth detail very much. Before I post the team, I got one more question...how many classes should the units go through? In Awakening you could burn through 5 or 6 classes, reap the skills and still gain EXP as you do it. But in Fates, is it more like..3 or 4? Since if you go through classes like in Awakening, the units will stagnate, right? I also definitely decided to not use Mozu, since even with Aptitude, her growths are on par with units like Oboro, not donnel. Not worth the trouble..
  10. Hi, welcome to FE8. If you have any questions, let me know. If you could do Hard;Casual on FE Awakening, you can definitely do FE8 hard mode blind. It's easier than Hard;Casual FE Awakening (unless you lowman it). How much do you know about FE8? Do you want suggestions on what units to use?
  11. I'm not a psychologist, nor do I deeply analyze characters. But..I liked her, I thought she was an interesting manakete. Although, I do like Myrrh more..
  12. Wow, I'm surprised by the results. I personally think Lissa is best waifu, but not many people seem to agree..I also expected more Tharja. I also think Olivia's a close second (even though she's easy). I also voted for Chrom, since if I was girl, I'd probably like Chrom. I always thought the top 3 guys for girls were Chrom, Lon'qu and Gaius, but surprisingly Indigo is among the top 3. I had no clue girls liked the flirty (but borderline perverted) type..
  13. If Sumia is alive: Have Ricken pair up with Maribelle Have Maribelle go in the edge of the cliff, right below where Ricken & Maribelle arrive Have Sumia go right next to Maribelle, and transfer Ricken onto Sumia. I hope this helps, and I'm sorry if it's too late.
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