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  1. ... You're a dick

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      Oh, we shall see about that!

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      My dozens of alts say otherwise my friend

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      @idk123You do realize you can be IP banned, right? You're acting like a child

  2. Since my last topic was closed (>_> T H A N K S M O D) I shall make another one. I like him so much more now tbh. Bring back the forgotten cut Gaiden boss
  3. Faye's written to be terrible. Which is a much needed twist. Not everyone who looks pretty needs to be pure and likable. That's lame and it makes it more realistic. At least one will do and that one is Faye. Like it or not.
  4. :'( "Anyway, I can only say Seazas is guarding the borders between Heaven and Hell in the afterlife" That was beautiful Does that mean he was considered to be in the game but got the boot oooorr.... That would be cool!
  5. But really. New Mystery literally brought back everything from Marth's era including cut content like Wrys. Seazas got screwed over by Echoes so hard.
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