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  1. ...but surely Corrin would side with no one, and track down the Invisible Kingdom the real enemy and make everyone friends again, right? ... but no, seriously, only Emblem Games I played were Awakening and Fates, so I can't begin to cover this list. I just wanted to be the one to make the inevitable Revelations joke.
  2. I understand the point of wyrmslayer weapons from a gameplay perspective; they offer a particular threat to Avatar and Kanna, and make the player re-consider strategies and planning. Okay. But how do they work in a narrative sense? (Insert joke about Fate's narrative here) So, Wyrmslayer weapons first appear when Avatar has transformed into a dragon and is rampaging following Mikoto's death. And Azura's warns "Hey, Protag, watch out! Those weapons will be especially dangerous against you!" I can overlook how Nohr can obtain weapons which are especially dangerous to dragons; given Garon's position, I can imagine him ordering them commissioned and distributed, even if it's a little difficult to understand how he justified that to his army considering they are only super effective against one enemy in the known world who, at the time of their commission, didn't exist as a force yet... but hey. Whims of a mad king, and they seem to function as normal weapons anyway. The fact they first get used against dragon!Avatar seems to suggest to me that they are designed specifically to counter dragons; that is, that they hook into scales and pull them out, or they shred a dragons wings and cause more damage to them that way. Of course, they also cause a lot of damage if Avatar and Kanna are using their swords rather than their dragon stones... but let's just chalk that up to Schrodinger's Dragon; they could be using the dragonstone, therefore the game assumes they are for reasons of balance. Okay. Except... Except, you can reclass into classes that don't have dragon stones. I have an Avatar who is a swordmaster; they can't use the dragonstone at all. They are fighting exclusively with the Grim Yato. And the wyrmslayers are still super effective against them. Which would suggest that the wyrmslayers are effective against dragon!humans, rather than being designed to fight dragons specifically. So... my question is, what is it about wyrmslayers -otherwise normal looking weapons- that turns them into the bane of an Avatar's existence? Is there a solid, in-game narrative excuse for it, even if the excuse is something along the lines of "Magic"? Or is it the kind of situation where you have to accept gameplayer/story disambiguation and just roll with it?
  3. So... I know there is a topic asking which route is canon; that's not what I'm asking. What I'm wondering is, do we know what is supposed to be canon for each individual route? Based off of the box art, I think m!Corrin is supposed to be the canonical choice for Birthright, while f!Corrin is the canon for Conquest. I rather suspect that, storywise, Revelations is "supposed" to feature a m!Corrin paired with Azura... But outside of that, do we know if any choices are held as the proper, canon choices for each route? Are he kids "supposed" to be collected in the game, and if so, do we know how their parents are meant to be (considering we know what their default hair colour is). Is Kaze meant to live or die in Birthright? Ae Conquest/Revelations players meant to pick up Flora? Etc. What, exactly, does a canon Birthright, Conquest or Revelations playthrough look like?
  4. I don't think I've ever found a more relevant use of Professor Oak than right now. Anyhow, I'm curious. When you play Fates, which avatar do you use? Is there anything that motivates that choice, or is it just kind of "whatever"?
  5. First: I do hope Jack gets a costume at some point. I'm sort of assuming that by the time he faces down Aku for the final time, he'll have a new set of robes like he used to wear. Second... yeah, I LOVED this episode. The dark and gritty stuff has bee great, certainly, but comedy is also an important part of Jack's appeal; Scaramouch (...? I have no idea how to spell it) was entertaining, but seeing the old!Jack was a delight. And the fact that the show actually is examining the morality of his "They made their choice," moment is cool.
  6. So... random question out of curiosity: what criteria do you guys use when trying to decide who should pair up with who? Do you judge based upon what stats would be most benefical for the child characters? Do you go by "this is a pairing that makes sense for the story and their supports are nice"? Do you go the route of "These two happened to accidently earn a bunch of supports, so whatevs, they're a couple now"? Or do you disregard the children all together?
  7. From the perspective of someone whose only experience of Fire Emblem has been Awakenings and Fates... I'd say pick-up Fates. Which Fates you go for might depend on what kind of experience you're looking for; Conquest has amazing gameplay, while Revelations -from what I've heard- offers a more *conclusively* storyline... though whether that plot is any good or not is another matter. I'll just add; I have had more fun playing Fire Emblem Conquest than I have had playing any games in years. It's challenging as all hell (the fact I suck at strategy probably helps in that regard though)... but damn. When you clear a map, it is so dang satisfying. Plus... considering you can't grind, if you're the type of person who really wants to see all the character supports, get all the kids, retry it for other options... well, there's probably going to be plenty of replayability for you. So... biased opinion, pick-up Conquest. Haven't played Revelations, so now opinions on that, but I LOVE Conquests game.
  8. I can't say that I do, I'm afraid; the closest I come to stuff like that is just customising my avatar, had cannoning their personality and the like, and I don't want to start doing that with Corrin/Kamui until I actually complete the games a bit more. I do recall seeing a self-insert thread a few pages back though, if that might be what you're looking for? (You have piqued my curiosity as to what your 'Fatesona' is, though )
  9. I'm sure I got lucky, but on my first Birthright run, Sakura quickly became the MVP. I turned her into a Priestess, so her healing was good... But damn. My attack rolls must have been spectacularly lucky, because she was effective as a bow-user, disproportionate to what she should have bee, I likened her to a healbot with a sniper rifle attached to her head, and I must have used the bow at least as much as the staff.
  10. It might not count as a fanwork... but I've been considering doing a Let's Play/Analysis of my (first, semi-blind) Revelations run. Finishing Conquest first though.
  11. Ooh. Enitrely unrelated, I've been trying to research fashion for a fantasy novel. Mind if I PM you some time for pointers and information? Other than that, welcome! I;m not familiar with the older games of the series, I'm afraid, so...
  12. Howdy! Welcome to the... Evergreen Forest Zone? Was that a zone? Been years since I played Sonic.
  13. Has two fake eeveelutions. Which I must admit has piqued my interest, since Eevee is Best Pokémon.
  14. Considering it. I won't have photos or anything, so it would be more like... well, as I say, a campaign journal? An in-character thing, maybe more like fanfiction or RP than straight up LP. Want to try and finish Fates before I do anything else though. Unless I decide to LP my first run of Revelations, and do a mix of in-character stuff and me, analysing the game and the story and stuff. But I kind of worry that Revelations has been ragged on enough by the community that I might not be able to bring anything new to the table
  15. I never finished the main route, but the game was fun enough, in a surreal kind of way. As Chen says, each route is pretty short, so you could give it a try and see what you think. I'm kind of considering trying to do a campaign-journal style LP of Fire Emblem Awakening. Would anyone be interested in reading something like that?
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