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  1. thanks for the tips. I am really new to this type of thing. yeah, you're probably right and i hope they don't just glue them self to archanea stories only. i would like to see a fe game based on egyptian mythology MODEDIT: whoops i missed this one
  2. i think Ike would be a "tough love" type of parent if he had kids.
  3. actually fe awakening was to being the last game but it had some elements from early games. thanks for telling me that. i didn't know that they did that. MODEDIT: yo don't doublepost
  4. I know this idea might sound crazy due to the fact that this series almost died but it was saved and now its getting a lot of attention, but should fire emblem get a reboot? it's way too early to think about this i know, but I feel like awakening's time traveling plot messed with the history of the games and fates universe being combined with awakening's was dumb. And if a reboot was is in order, i think would be a good idea because old fans of these games and the new ones could final be on the same page other each other. but this was just a thought i had to share, but i would love to hear other's thoughts on this too.
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