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  1. So 1.5 just came out and I cant seem to update my game, i've tried reinstalling it, restarting my phone, restarting the app, etc, but nothing seems to work. (I've tried basically everything but clear cache, and trying to manually update it from the app store but it just says 'Open', not 'Update') Is anyone else having this problem, or have a solution? (Problem solved, nevermind)
  2. Ya'll think we'll be able to use the Alm and Celica amiibos to play as them? Because I want a use for them outside of SoV.
  3. How do I build my +HP-SPD Leo, and also what skills should I put on my Masked Marth?
  4. I actually want to know a few things, and I hope this is okay. -Do the FE amiibos from smash do anything else besides having a one turn attack or whatever? -Do specific amiibos have specific monsters? (I.E. the Samus amiibo will always spawn as the same monster, yes or no?) -Like in fates, does SOV use previous FE data to add something cool in your save?
  5. Oh, thank you, my intended post should be above... somewhere....
  6. This isn't really a question DIRECTLY about FE:Heroes but it does involve it, and it mostly has to do with nox, the android emulator, I've seen videos where people are trying to explain avoiding the Root kick error and they almost all show an option in the settings that says 'Root device' with the option yes or no, but I do not have that, I have 'Root on startup' with the options enable and disable, and i've tried to play the game with either option and got kicked both times, so how do I get the option to not root my device, mostly in sagemaster's nox video. Also, FE:Heroes was taken off of QooApp, help. [Edit: FE: Heroes is back on QooApp, woo.]
  7. Hello fellas! I got a question, and I would like an answer, I got a 4Star clair. S̶h̶e̶'̶s̶ ̶a̶d̶o̶r̶a̶b̶l̶e̶. and the IV calculator I use doesn't have an option for a clair at 4stars, she is level one and her base stats are 17HP, 8SPD, 4DEF, 10RES. Thank you for the help. <3
  8. Okay thank you for your help, but... I can't find the root option in either settings or system settings, and I dont think I have an ES file explorer installed, I just sort of access it by opening file locations with other programs like steam games-
  9. Ahh, thank you for your help <3 Also, I have been getting errors for being on a rooted device, but reinstalling the game makes it work again, although it's very annoying v;
  10. So there was an announcement named "addressing improper use" where they said that they will ban all players who don't follow code of conduct will get a ban on there data, including units, orbs, etc. I am currently playing this game on an emulator because I can't replace my ancient phone yet, I was wondering by me doing this if I was breaking the code of conduct, or if I am at risk of getting banned. (No, I don't use cheats, hacks, etc, and I have not bought any orbs through the EMU, and don't plan to.)
  11. My B-day is one day before hayato's ugh v;
  12. Who I want is Corrin, either Male or Female (The default will probably be male, but im pretty sure they'll put in a female alternate costume.) Corrin could have a playstyle that could be fast paced combat, with the Yato being the standard attacks and using the heavy attacks would turn their body into dragon parts (I.E. the dragon fang skill) and the end of some combos will have corrin unleash an AOE attack as the full dragon form, that's my idea anyway. Edit: Oh, Xander and waifu Peri as well, that would be nice.
  13. So FE: Heroes updated and I need to update the game via play store on bluestacks and my playstore doesnt have it apparently, so does anyone know what to do? is there another APK I gotta download?
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