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  1. The thing with three houses is that flyers don't really offer any utility outside of combat. There's no rescue mechanic and very few side objectives that don't involve combat. That doesn't make flyers outright bad, but it does mean that if you have bad combat, getting to a certain spot early won't do much if you can't kill the enemies there. On normal and hard that's hardly a concern, because enemies are pretty weak there, and the flying classes have very good base stats/growth rates, so any physical unit can generally become a flyer and be expected to eradicate squads of enemies without much trouble. That makes flying classes very superior on those difficulties. On Maddening, enemies are actually challenging, so being good a combat is not a given for most units. Flyers will generally still be all round good, but doubling some/most enemies and having decent survivibility isn't always enough. So it's nice to add some units with a more specialized kit like a sniper with Hunters Volley or a War Master with a Wrath+Vantage build. It's also worth noting that while several classes like Brawler and Sniper can make anyone good, Flying classes can't really do that on Maddening. If the unit was great before becoming that class, they'll still be great, but with more mobility, but if they couldn't really do much at first, they'll still be subpar as wyverns. That's my opinion based on 1.5 playthroughs on Maddening at least 😛 I think doubling enemies like caveliers/paladins or Warriors is doable for most units at some point (though for those not getting Darting Blow it might become a bit tougher), but the faster enemies like Brawlers or Heroes is pretty much the territory of a select few very fast units.
  2. I honestly always found Cold Steel Elise kind of boring, personalitywise, while Fates Elise is pretty hilarious in most of her convos, so easy pick here for me tbh.
  3. Ah, Mercedes, the dedicated healer of the game. Because of her stats and proficiencies, there's really no point in making her anything but a magic unit. She has a proficiency in both Reason and Faith, and pretty good magic, res and Charm to boot. Her speed isn't amazing, but it's not too bad either. She has all the healing spells you want, but outside of that I find her spell list to be pretty lacking. There's no 3-range spells or effective damage in her reason list, and no movement spells (rescue or warp) in her faith list. This means she really lacks some of the utilty some of the other magic units can provide. On top of that, she starts of with a D rank in Faith, as opposed to the D+ that Linhardt and Marianne start out with. This means she can't get Physic for chapter 2, which is pretty significant, since it's imo one of the harder chapters in the game, and any extra tool you can get is welcome. I should also mention that she doesn't have any combat art to use her magic stat in a different class, like some other people can do with for instance Frozen Lance. Live to Serve is also pretty useless on a unit who has no business taking hits in the first place. All in all, I'm giving her a 5/10. That might seem high for all my ranting, but she's still the only healer BL are going to have for a while, and she still at least gets physic (looking at you, Manuella and flayn). There's also staves to give her the magic range she lacks, so it's not completely helpless. All in all, not a very stand outish magic unit, bit she gets the job done.
  4. I'm giving the guy an 8.5/10. I think Sylvain is consistently one of your better units. Early game because of his personal and bonds with Felix and Ingrid, and mid to late game for swift strikes. Not having access to Pegasus Knight sucks for the early game, though when he gets swift strikes he can kill most things on player phase anyway (keep in mind that lances have a lot of options for dealing effective damage). Bow weakness also sucks, but you can still get to D+ or C in a reasonable amount of time I think. Overall, a very solid unit. There's a few units who can outperform him, but not a lot.
  5. There's several ways to tackle it honestly, but I think the most important thing to do is keep a save file from the last month before the timeskip at hand so you can always go back and change a few things just in case. Also, if you really find yourself struggling with the map or just don't want to play it here's a video about how to clear it without using too many specif resources by Mekkah (VW clear starts 14 minutes in):
  6. Bernadetta is in my opinion the perfect example of why you don't need good stats to be a great unit. Early game, she has one of the lowest strength bases of all physical attackers, but with her personal skill, she's still among the top damage dealers. And then she can get her one shot build far earlier than any other unit. Other people require skills they get at A-rank, or mastering an advanced class, Bernie only needs to get here lance rank to C+. This means that at a point where two of your units might not be enough to kill a single enemy in one turn, Bernadetta can do it all on her own. It should also be noted that from here on out, she doesn't need anything else. You can train her bow rank for Encloser or her riding for Pass, but both are just the icing on the cake. She doesn't even need to be leveled that much, because Vengeance does insane damage even at base. The bad part is of course the late game. At some point other units start getting their one shot tools as well and those don't require as much setup. Vengeance still does it's job, but in most cases other units are just easier to use to do the same thing. Encloser is nice to take an enemy out of the picture if you can't kill him, but killing them would still be better. I'd also argue she's one of the least one dimensional units out there, since Pass can make her a great dancer (and physic if she falls behind) and has the spell list to be one of the best mages in the game (keep in mind, Persecution Complex works with magic attacks as well, and the base magic of certain classes is quite good). All in all, I'm giving her an 8/10. Amazing early game, but she falls of a bit late game and can be difficult to use.
  7. Yeah, that's fair. I was mostly trying to dissprove you'd need to train Caspar to lvl 30 to even do damage, but this is a much easier way to do it.
  8. You're aware you can just train his lance rank to C for knightkeeler and dump a Lance of Ruin on him, right? It's something anyone can do, so not really relevant when rating Caspar, but felt like pointing it out to save some grinding for you.
  9. Welp, guess I'll play the bad guy then: 3/10 I'll say up front that compared to units in the entire franchise, Caspar deserves higher, but I think he's without a doubt one of the worst units in the game. A lot of people quote his bases as being the reason he's bad, but while his bases certainly aren't good my main issue is more that... he just doesn't have anything to compensate. Almost every unit in this game gets something: a broken combat art, a strong personal, a good spell list, insane bases, anything. Caspar is one of the few units who just feels... overlooked. Having easier access to Grappler and Warmaster is nice, but most physical units can get to that class if they focus on it (well, male units anyway) and he's not all that much better in those classes than said other units. That still makes him a good unit when he gets there, sure, but that's because Grappler and Warmaster can make anyone look good. I will admit Bombard is nice to have before mastering Grappler (or to use in warmaster) and he's probably your best bet for creating a tank in CF (if you don't have DLC for Balthus). It just feels very undewhelming compared to what everyone else gets in this game.
  10. 7.5/10 Honestly, Linhardt isn't the most exiting unit to talk about, since his qualities are pretty obvious. His faith list is amazing, his magic is good and his other stats aren't amazing, but anything a mage cares about is passable at least. Some things people haven't said yet: He starts out with D+ faith, which means he can have physic as early as chapter 2. That's pretty big, since going from 5 heals to 8 and having to care a little bit less about positioning when healing is incredibly nice. It also helps that he doesn't have to compete for experience with other units in maddening. In terms of offense, he's never amazing, but he can chip and nuke enemies from the armor knight line just fine in my experience. Basically, he does the bare minimum you'd want of a offensive mage, but not a lot more. He's also a bit bulkier that some other mages like Lysithia, which means he can survive a stray hit once in a while, although he should still stay away from the frontline as much as possible. All in all, I find Linhardt a very useful unit. He never outright steals the show in any map (like units like Edel can do), which is why I'm not rating him higher, but he contributes greatly all game long without a lot of investment.
  11. 6/10 I think most things have already been said but: Early game everyone wants to get 3 range asap, and he gets there pretty easily, only needing to train reason from D to D+. His 3-range spells having debuff effects is great as well, and they do a solid amount of damage compared to what your other units are dishing out at that point in time. He also has an authority boon, so between that and his personal skill, he's pretty nice to use gambits with as well. He falls of a lot later on though, because he gets no good faith spells, and when other units start one rounding enemies, magic chip becomes a lot less useful. He can still be made to work with frozen lance (which he can start using pretty early), but then he just does what other units can do as well, only with less bulk. He could become a gambit bot I guess, but his weakness in flying hurts a lot in that regard... Basically, good early game, but he becomes more of a filler later on.
  12. Grinding supports isn't all that difficult in 3H I feel, and if you're not playing maddening, keeping 14 units at a level where they can be useful in a chapter isn't difficult either. If you have all 28 characters, you can pretty easily make a matching I think (as in, make 14 pairings), and from there, if you only let them get an A-support with the character you want to end up with, it should be pretty easy. So the only real issue I think is recruiting everyone. I can see that being a challenge, but I highly doubt it's impossible. You can always use the trick where you enter auxilary battles with broken weapons to farm weapon ranks, and get a few students to B-support so you don't need to meet their requirements.
  13. That or Wyvern knight are probably your best bets. Be careful with Fortress knight though, since while it'll allow Caspar to tank enemies pretty well (if you give him a good shield and defensive battelion he can become near invincible) it doesn't protect Dorethea from the enemies you aggro'd.
  14. I think there's a requirement on support level to be able to go with her. Not 100% sure that it's related to support, but in my current playthrough of SS I didn't even get the option to go with her when I talked to her during that month, and she just left on her own. I have barely used her, which is why my support level with Edel was so low.
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