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  1. Grinding supports isn't all that difficult in 3H I feel, and if you're not playing maddening, keeping 14 units at a level where they can be useful in a chapter isn't difficult either. If you have all 28 characters, you can pretty easily make a matching I think (as in, make 14 pairings), and from there, if you only let them get an A-support with the character you want to end up with, it should be pretty easy. So the only real issue I think is recruiting everyone. I can see that being a challenge, but I highly doubt it's impossible. You can always use the trick where you enter auxilary battles with broken weapons to farm weapon ranks, and get a few students to B-support so you don't need to meet their requirements.
  2. That or Wyvern knight are probably your best bets. Be careful with Fortress knight though, since while it'll allow Caspar to tank enemies pretty well (if you give him a good shield and defensive battelion he can become near invincible) it doesn't protect Dorethea from the enemies you aggro'd.
  3. I think there's a requirement on support level to be able to go with her. Not 100% sure that it's related to support, but in my current playthrough of SS I didn't even get the option to go with her when I talked to her during that month, and she just left on her own. I have barely used her, which is why my support level with Edel was so low.
  4. I think you're overestimating how hard enemies hit in Maddening. Getting out of one shot territory is doable for most units. Besides, the whole point of magic combat arts is to one shot enemies with it. If your units can't reach that, there no real reason to use them over something like a sniper or a grappler.
  5. Bartozio

    A Modest Proposal

    You can consider me semi-Intrigued.
  6. Just wanted to point out that if you're not looking forward to chapter 13, there's a clear strategy by Rengor that uses very few units and resources: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GdodbGxx_EI I do respect wanting to play it normally, but just wanted to point out you don't need a full squad of good units for that chapter. Yes. He could probably still get there if you really wanted him to, but it's not the easiest thing. I mean, if Bernadetta can make a Vengeance build work, why would a magic combat art build be any more difficult? Most units can tank at least one hit from enemies anyway, and in the right class they can canto away from any danger.
  7. Units who automatically become monks or fighters are best recruited when they are in that class I think, because it means they join with at least a D in all of the relevant weapon ranks (so as an example, Bernie would join with a D in Brawling and Axes if you recruit her as a fighter, but E in both when you recruit her as an archer). Of course, some units automatically train the right ranks anyway, so they don't really care about it (Mercedes trains both Faith and Reason, so she doesn't need the bump to D that Monk would give in either). Ingrid likes joining as a pegasus knight because of the bases. Outside of that, I think most units just like to be recruited as soon as you can get them so you have more time to customize them. If you're not planning to use them besides a paralogue, recruiting them just before you do so is a nice way to get them leveled without it costing you anything though.
  8. My thoughts on her are basically the opposite. She can be a decent mage, sure, but she's probably not going to be a decent mage while also being a good physical unit on the same run. As a mage, she'd start behind on weapon ranks (hard E/E in Reason/Faith when you get her) and even when you grid her up, she's comparable to most other magic inclined units at best (most of which I have in midtier). There's several classes that carry a unit, so her being decent as those classes isn't really a strong argument I feel. I'll admit I was mostly considering Maddening, but in hard I found most units can double reliably, which makes Ingrids lower damage output stand out more. I mostly put him in mid because he can still be great with vengeance and PBV. I was already debating whether he'd be low or mid tier though. I think they still give a nice niche, but arguably not enough to justify using him on this route. I don't dissagree that Ingrid can double in maddening, but mostly because I got people like Dimitri and Byleth to double those same enemies you describe. Darting blow can push a lot of people into the doubling midrange enemies range, and a lot of units get ways to kill enemies regardless of having the speed to double. Ingrid being able to deal with them isn't all that special, especially near endgame. This I can see. I feel like Vantage+Wrath builds are better, but it's easier to get I guess. Still though, she'll get it a little earlier than most units (Petra actually also has a strength in flying btw), but that doesn't mean other units can't do it as well. I'd argue someone like Ashe would on average be, what, 3 to 4 points slower than her by endgame? That's 3-4% less hit on enemies, which is nice to have, but not exactly game changing. And that's endgame, the difference will be less before then. Just for my understanding, what do you mean by a good unit in this context? I'm definitely not arguing Ingrid is unusable or will never contribute meaningfully to a party, but I feel like she doesn't really do anything to stand out. I could see her be on the lower end of midtier for dodgetanking and doubling things a little earlier than other units maybe, but not much higher than that.
  9. High tier: Byleth, Bernadetta, Shamir, Felix, Ferdinand, Leonie, Sylvain, Linhardt, Lysithea Mid tier: Seteth, Petra, Dorothea, Marianne, Flayn, Mercedes, Alois, Catherine, Ignatz, Annette, Cyril Low tier: Caspar, Raphael, Ingrid, Hanneman, Lorenz, Manuela, Ashe, Hilda Some comments about the big differences: Seteth and Catherine: My main issue with them is that they join pretty late, and they still need some tutoring to get to the level of the units you've been using. They can become really great later on, especially Seteth, they'll be good for shorter than units like Bernie and Sylvain, which I feel makes them deserve a lower tier. Linhardt: getting physic in chapter 2 is really sweet to give Byleth a bit more flexibility, and healing and warping is just really nice overall. Sylvain: He has a similar passive as Leoni that makes him a decent tank and damage dealer early on, and later on swift Strikes is just amazing. Ingrid: Not really sure what people see in her tbh. Her bases aren't great, she doesn't get any great combat arts unique to her, and I don't think she serves any other particular niche? Hilda: Joins late with bad weapon ranks, and honestly doesn't have many things going for her anyway beyond giving people a bit more damage (at a point where most of your units will be one rounding). I'd rate her higher in GD and BL, but here she's pretty bad.
  10. Sure, but he can just get the through armor knight and Fortress knight/Grappler. My main point is that he doesn't need more investment to be a good war master than anyone else. Hitting twice when you have high strength, death blow and a faire skill does more damage than hitting once. A forged silver lance has 14 mt, which is only a difference of 10 mt. Just getting to apply Death Blow and Fist Faire twice compensates for that difference. So unless other units are doubling, they're doing less damage than Raphael. I will grant you that most units can be build to one round most enemies. My main point though, is that Raphael isn't worse at doing it. I'm honestly not sure if we're arguing about the same thing at this point. Yeah, in terms of investment needed vs what you get in return, Raphael comes out as one of the worst units in this game. But if that alone is an argument for not using him, does that mean you basically use the same students for every run? Raphael isn't going to be part of any optimal run in any route imo (at best you use him when you don't have alternatives to deploy and make him somewhat usuable in GD for chapter 13, then bench him afterwards). But using him isn't a huge deteriment to your team. It's less like using Wendy and more like using Noah over Alan or Lance. It's not optimal, but it's not going to make the game a huge pain to clear either.
  11. I mean, Raphael can fairly easily become a good grappler or warmaster if he masters them. Both classes only really require good strength and maybe good bulk in the case of warmaster, which are his strong points anyway. And getting him there either requires you to actively use him in your party when most of your units aren't amazing yet, and he at least hits harder than most, or have him as an adjutant instead to get him to lvl 20, and go crazy in Grappler afterwards (combining fistfaire with deathblow and a high strength stat is pretty insane). And otherwise he's the best bet GD has for a good armor knight/Fortress knight as well (they can actually take hits pretty well even in Maddening if you give them a good battelion and shield for it). Of course, none of these make him an amazing unit, and yes there's other units who can do the things he does better with similar investment. But it's not like using him instead of those other units is going to make the game that much more difficult for you.
  12. Getting to a C-support isn't that difficult I think, and that lowers it all the way to only needing lvl12, which I think is fairly easy to reach by that point. I'm not sure how much you need for a C-rank, but I think we're talking about sharing a meal with her once, and 2 gifts or something?
  13. This is nice if you don't really know the game too well and what is good or bad, but on a replay this can be very not optimal. For instance, in FE7 to 9, bows and swords just aren't that good, so forcing yourself to invest in a sword user who can only kill on player phase and has to rely on dodging to survive is a lot less useful than just training up another lance/axe user. Fire Emblem very rarely punishes you for a lack of diversity, so just use the best units, even if those are all the same class with the same weapon type. I mostly meant using other people as utility, not training them up for later maps. For instance, in PoR in the boat map where you get Gatrie back, I love to use both Volke and Sothe, because having two thieves makes getting all of the chests quickly a lot easier. Doesn't mean I'm planning to use two thieves for my entire run, or even that Sothe is ever going to see combat or get exp, but it's still great to use him for that map, and some others with a lot of chests. You also get a lot of great units later on during the game (at least in the older games), so it's fine to focus on only a few units early on (as in, a lot less than 13) and just slowly fill those slots with later additions. It'd be a shame to let those slots go to waste though, so until you get those later units, you can just deploy some units you don't plan to use long term, but have them help out for a bit. That doesn't mean you should feed them kills, but they can still help set up kills for the unit you do plan to use, and in a pinch them getting a kill isn't the worst.
  14. Well..., that just means warping those units ahead to that place wasn't a good strategy. Sometimes warping a flyer instead can help, since they might be able to canto out of range. Sometimes however... you just need more than one unit to deal with a certain area, so warping one unit ahead isn't worthwhile. You can try warping them first, and then rescueing them back if there's something there you really need to deal with, or maybe try to bait some of the enemies away with other units, but sometimes you'll just have to focus on killing other things first. In that specific chapter, I generally just send Dimitri ahead so he could deal with everything with Battalion Wrath+ Battalion Vantage.
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