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  1. This is nice if you don't really know the game too well and what is good or bad, but on a replay this can be very not optimal. For instance, in FE7 to 9, bows and swords just aren't that good, so forcing yourself to invest in a sword user who can only kill on player phase and has to rely on dodging to survive is a lot less useful than just training up another lance/axe user. Fire Emblem very rarely punishes you for a lack of diversity, so just use the best units, even if those are all the same class with the same weapon type. I mostly meant using other people as utility, not training them up for later maps. For instance, in PoR in the boat map where you get Gatrie back, I love to use both Volke and Sothe, because having two thieves makes getting all of the chests quickly a lot easier. Doesn't mean I'm planning to use two thieves for my entire run, or even that Sothe is ever going to see combat or get exp, but it's still great to use him for that map, and some others with a lot of chests. You also get a lot of great units later on during the game (at least in the older games), so it's fine to focus on only a few units early on (as in, a lot less than 13) and just slowly fill those slots with later additions. It'd be a shame to let those slots go to waste though, so until you get those later units, you can just deploy some units you don't plan to use long term, but have them help out for a bit. That doesn't mean you should feed them kills, but they can still help set up kills for the unit you do plan to use, and in a pinch them getting a kill isn't the worst.
  2. Well..., that just means warping those units ahead to that place wasn't a good strategy. Sometimes warping a flyer instead can help, since they might be able to canto out of range. Sometimes however... you just need more than one unit to deal with a certain area, so warping one unit ahead isn't worthwhile. You can try warping them first, and then rescueing them back if there's something there you really need to deal with, or maybe try to bait some of the enemies away with other units, but sometimes you'll just have to focus on killing other things first. In that specific chapter, I generally just send Dimitri ahead so he could deal with everything with Battalion Wrath+ Battalion Vantage.
  3. For 3 houses in particular, some skill combos are really good. Wrath+Vantage and retribution (or the battalion counterparts) give a lot of units the ability to clear out entire sections of maps at once (even on maddening), or at least deal with a lot of enemies that don't try to gambit them. Dimitri is by far the most potent user of this (he get gets both battalion skills and has high Strength and Charm), but it's good on basically everyone. Dodge tank builds can also work really well for enemy phasing (basically just stack a lot of skills that boost avoid and place someone in a forest). More general, a good way to deal with the phobia of "but what if people die from this" is planning things out. If you're scared someone might not survive being warped ahead, check who will be in range and how much damage enemies will do against them. Abusing Stride and the dancer battalion is also a good way to just kill certain groups of enemies before they even get a chance to hurt anyone. And as people said, don't worry too much about not figuring everything out at once. I hardly used combat arts or battalions in my first playthrough lol, and it took me a few more to notice the actually broken combinations (most of which I looked up anyway). It does. Not sure if you include it as mounted, but flying is still really incredible in this game. Otherwise, canto and more movement is still really good, especially if you want to play faster, the speed drop and the terrain in some maps just make it not as broken as in other games.
  4. My main tips for getting better would be... challenge yourself by either requiring yourself to finish maps early (basically reset until you get it) or playing on a higher difficulty. It can be tedious and boring, but forcing yourself to think things over tends to be fastest way to improve. Going on youtube and watching speed runs, low turn count runs, or just runs on higher difficulties can also give you some great insights in what is possible and how you can use certain units/mechanics. Some other common things: Don't be too conservative with your resources. If you have a good weapon, just use it now, you'll get plenty of good things to use later on. Bonus experience is best used early on as well, because why wait with having a unit become good when you can have them be good earlier? And you get enough money that you can go pretty crazy with forging. Giving other units an extra turn (Reyson in Path of Radiance) is stupidly good and the better you get at planning ahead, the better it becomes. I half agree with this, but I was to mention that you shouldn't take this too far. There's enough experience to go around that someone who you're not planning to use later on getting experience in a map isn't going to seriously hurt you later on. Obviously, don't go out of your way to set up kills for them, and if you have the option, give the kills to people who you plan to use longterm, but feel free to use whoever you have available. Also, don't feel like you have to stick to a certain group for the whole game. If one of your units has been getting aweful level ups for a while now, don't feel bad about benching them and replacing them with units you get later on. Also, some maps may favor having another flier (even if they have horrible stats) over another good combat unit, because there's just so much space to cross and not so much enemies that you'll miss the extra combat unit. I feel like this only really holds for the gba games tbh, and even then a lot of them are actually pretty good in the early game (Dorcas, Hector and Garcia specifically).
  5. Sully please... you know gingers don't have souls... She might have some spare ones though.
  6. A peace loving one? Or maybe a forgiving one? Or just one that thinks about the lives of her other childeren before she thinks about avenging someone that's already dead?
  7. If those secrets are considered evil and the murderous rampages are fine, I question the morals of whoever is watching over us tbh...
  8. Off to a good start it seems. Ike's getting all these great levels as well, wish mine became a lucky magic unit like that... When will we ever find out how to lift this curse? What's all this talk about hoarding anyway? He just brought a normal weapon, a spare for his normal weapon, a spare for his spare, and one he can loan to others should they need it. The real question is what all these "profesional" mercs are doing without spares tbh.
  9. So do deaths transfer between games, or does it all reset after you guys finish PoR? Anyway, good luck with this, really intrested to see how this turns out!
  10. I can confirm that on my GD playthrough I got Luin as a reward from this chapter. I had Ingrid recruited and not Dorethea, so I think that was the deciding factor. You'd have to test all the other options to be 100% sure though. Also, you should probably update the first post with a comprehensive list of all the paralogues and questions and findings we have for them.
  11. Bartozio

    Memento Mori - Signups

    Wait I actually have to visit the forum again? Also, /in.
  12. In terms of playing optimally, the best way is probably to just pair a female avatar with Chrom and have her and her kids carry the whole game for you (especially in lunatic and lunatic+). Everything else just becomes a means to get to the point where they can effectively carry in that case, so you don't need to worry about longterm goals for them. This isn't just the fastest way to clear the game, but also by far the easiest. If you want to have more fun and use more characters, you should probably at some point sit down and decide who you want to S-support together and focus on just building those supports (so constantly have those characters paired up, unless there's a very clear benefit to clearing the chapter in not pairing them up). Most people prefer focussing on optimizing the kids, since they tend to just become better versions of their parents and you can find a ton of guides on how best to pair them. If you want to focus on using the parents themselves, I'd say you should decide who to use as combat units and pick whatever pair up seems to benefit their stats the most from who's left (for instance, in my lunatic+ playthrough I really liked to pair Lissa and Tharja with Lonqu and Gregor, because magic units are amazing, but they lacked the speed to double by themself).
  13. \in. Lets see if I can make the impossible happen and survive 3 games in a row!
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