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  1. Sully please... you know gingers don't have souls... She might have some spare ones though.
  2. A peace loving one? Or maybe a forgiving one? Or just one that thinks about the lives of her other childeren before she thinks about avenging someone that's already dead?
  3. If those secrets are considered evil and the murderous rampages are fine, I question the morals of whoever is watching over us tbh...
  4. Off to a good start it seems. Ike's getting all these great levels as well, wish mine became a lucky magic unit like that... When will we ever find out how to lift this curse? What's all this talk about hoarding anyway? He just brought a normal weapon, a spare for his normal weapon, a spare for his spare, and one he can loan to others should they need it. The real question is what all these "profesional" mercs are doing without spares tbh.
  5. So do deaths transfer between games, or does it all reset after you guys finish PoR? Anyway, good luck with this, really intrested to see how this turns out!
  6. I can confirm that on my GD playthrough I got Luin as a reward from this chapter. I had Ingrid recruited and not Dorethea, so I think that was the deciding factor. You'd have to test all the other options to be 100% sure though. Also, you should probably update the first post with a comprehensive list of all the paralogues and questions and findings we have for them.
  7. Bartozio

    Memento Mori - Signups

    Wait I actually have to visit the forum again? Also, /in.
  8. In terms of playing optimally, the best way is probably to just pair a female avatar with Chrom and have her and her kids carry the whole game for you (especially in lunatic and lunatic+). Everything else just becomes a means to get to the point where they can effectively carry in that case, so you don't need to worry about longterm goals for them. This isn't just the fastest way to clear the game, but also by far the easiest. If you want to have more fun and use more characters, you should probably at some point sit down and decide who you want to S-support together and focus on just building those supports (so constantly have those characters paired up, unless there's a very clear benefit to clearing the chapter in not pairing them up). Most people prefer focussing on optimizing the kids, since they tend to just become better versions of their parents and you can find a ton of guides on how best to pair them. If you want to focus on using the parents themselves, I'd say you should decide who to use as combat units and pick whatever pair up seems to benefit their stats the most from who's left (for instance, in my lunatic+ playthrough I really liked to pair Lissa and Tharja with Lonqu and Gregor, because magic units are amazing, but they lacked the speed to double by themself).
  9. \in. Lets see if I can make the impossible happen and survive 3 games in a row!
  10. I think you actually need to manipulate me into saying I'm up for it first though
  11. Eh, I still had to get back at Marth anyway. Seconded!
  12. Lord: Hector Avatar: Robin Villager/Trainee/Noble: Ross Cavalier: Sirius, with Percival as a close second Knight: Oswin Myrmidon/Samurai: Mia Mercenary: Gregor Fighter/Oni Savage: Nolan Pirate/Bandit: Dart Soldier/Spear Fighter: Aran Archer (also includes Ballistician and Apothecary): Rebecca Nomad/Bow Knight: Sue Mage/Diviner: Delthea, with Lute as a close second Dark Mage/Shaman: Canas Monk: Lucius Priest/Cleric: Serra Troubador: Elise Thief (includes rogues, ninjas, butlers, and maids): Julian Pegasus Knight: Catria Wyvern Rider: Cherche Manakete (also includes Xane): Xane Beast/Laguz (Royal): Naesala Beast/Laguz (Non-Royal): Skrimir Dancer (includes Bards, Singers, and Herons): Azura
  13. I've only played fe4 twice or so, but some mechanics that are easy to miss: - The maps in this game require you to capture multiple castles. Losing your starting castle results in a game over, while losing others means you lose some of the gold you'd otherwise get. - Units can only promote once they reach lvl 20, at which point you need them to go to your home castle to promote there. Levels also don't reset upon promotion, but the level cap is now 30 (unpromoted units can also level to 30). - Weapon weight is always substracted from a units speed, since there is no con in this game. - Depending on what kind of player you are, you might want to use a pairing guide and/or event guide. The game is easily clearable without doing that, but you can get a lot of nice bonusses from them. In terms of pairing, the only thing I'd say matters a great deal is making sure Lewin gets a kid that can use wind magic (so pair him with either Fury or Tailtiu), because otherwise you can't use the best tome in the game in gen 2. - Units in gen 2 start with their parents inventory, so give whoever you paired up nice stuff.
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