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  1. Vampire to me is more blood(dark) magic, especially nosferatu
  2. You could always put in Al, Gant, and Tina from hasha no tsurugi since they are barely mentioned by history so it wouldn't take much to disguise them. And don't forget Ike disappears at the end of radiant dawn, but he'd be harder to disguise
  3. I thought of her as blue since aura is a blue tome and I think that's really the only light magic in the game.
  4. Don't forget mercs that turn into overpowered 7 move dreadfighters
  5. But, the best part is when there's like 3 enemies with physic and you watch them all miss an enemy that you are about to kill.
  6. It's mentioned by Yune in radiant dawn that they share the same ancestor.
  7. I honestly haven't checked the dlc characters but that makes sense. I just remember looking at growths when the game was being datamined and Conrad had an absurd res growth compared to the others.
  8. This game also has fairly low growth rates compared to Awakening or Fates and most characters have below 5% RES growth, with the highest being Conrad at (I think) 8%
  9. No idea who was my first pull but I know for sure that my first 5* was a Sakura who still sits there to be used with Lucius to train other units.
  10. Good job slayde! You got beaten up by a bunch of little children.
  11. It was every fourth turn in the original gaiden so for a while it confused me too. Then I attacked on the 4th turn and nothing happened so I just threw a bunch of units at him cuz why not, I have the turnwheel, and figured it out from there.
  12. Tried for Katarina but instead got +def -res Luke and a +atk -def Athena so I'm not really complaining
  13. Figured as much I just didn't want to waste the moonbow
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