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  1. Hello all. I've seen several different pairing guides for FE4, but never one that held all the information I believed was relevant at once. To that end, I've made my own personal pairing guide and would like to share it with you all. Enjoy. Please let me know if there's something anyone feels could be improved. Also, I use the official NOA names. Genealogy of the Holy War.docx
  2. Thanks for the help. So each game has a different benchmark for "good" vs "crap"? Another thing I was asking for help was "which stats are most important to recurring classes?" Things like Strength not being worth much to a mage is obvious, but would I benefit from more skill or strength growth for Archers, just as an example? Any ideas would be nice, I'm building a checklist to refer back to once I go through some of the older games.
  3. Hello everyone. I'm a relative newbie to the franchise, being versed in much of it's lore and having several games. But one thing I have issue with is figuring out what stats and growth rates are good for what classes. I would like some help figuring out what constitutes "good growths" for various classes in the series because as it is, any time I read growths of characters online, they just look like numbers to me. If this topic is redundant, please let me know. Thanks for helping.
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