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  1. Just hit chapter 15! More things I've noticed: Some walls that should be breakable either can't be targeted, or can't move. For example, the first wall on the right in chapter 12 and some of the walls in chapter 14. The promotion paths for Eve and Sythe are a bit strange. I think adding a disclaimer that they repromote after reaching level 10 again in their advanced classes would be pretty useful Eve feels pretty weak as a unit. Getting locked into a T2 class with only Anima makes it not really worth it to use her - it just makes more sense to use other magic units that get staves EXP gain definitely feels too high right now. I think there should be more punishment if you're overleveled. For example, my T2 healer unit is easily level 11 by end of chapter 14, without purposely trying to use them more. The increased stat caps also make it so that you can really funnel one character and dominate maps. Super weird bug after looking into my chapter 15 prep menu, I found 3 generic units that weren't there before: I've attached some screenshots. I can solve this by just killing them off but it was a bit weird. If it helps, they all came with a longsword in the inventory
  2. I feel like an early axe user is what's really missing, instead of in chapter 5. This is especially considering there are many soldiers early on. The chapters aren't so hard that you need it, but it definitely felt weird having 3 sword users, a lance user (cavalier), and then no axe users, especially since usually in the early game you heavily rely on the weapon triangle. Of course Tethes uses axes, but he 1 rounds anyone anyways, and you tend to use unpromoted units early on to give them EXP. The EXP gain is generous enough that I think you can baby any unit even if you stop using them, so I might give Bastila a go. Unmounted units tend to be cooler than mounted units (even if they are less useful) so I might drop the cavalier. The difficulty of the chapter when getting the boots makes a lot of sense, you basically need Ry to tank everything so being on two fronts makes that a lot harder - noted, thanks! I don't remember exactly which chapters were fair/unfair in the economy system, but I think the easiest way to remedy this is just to release the requirements for each chapter. There are definitely a lot of easter eggs in each chapter (visiting villages for promoted units in chapter 10, for example), but knowing turn counts ahead of time will help you plan for those. Then the player can make more tactical decisions, gauging whether they want the Fili shield/chests in exchange for a 5000g loss, for example. I'm sure that in your planning of each chapter, you take easter eggs versus turn count into account, but from a player perspective, since you don't know what the rules are, it doesn't make sense to leave anything on the map. The result feels more like luck than anything else, which never feels good in a strategy RPG. If you've played Sun God's Wrath, which is another hack on this website, they also have fast/slow clear bonuses, but it's stated at the beginning of each chapter exactly what it is, which lets you ease into this new system and plan for it. Also, I did get the note - this long payoff is the kind of thing that people love! I think I'm fine goldwise, but I wonder if I send you my save file if it's possible to add Kaz and Marsil as recruited units? Only if it's not too much effort - if not I can just retry the chapter now that I know the requirements, but it'd be nice to not have to repeat the chapter. Thanks! I'll keep updating with any new tidbits as I keep playing the game.
  3. Hey, thanks for the hack! Always super surprising to get a full completed hack out of nowhere. I've been enjoying it quite a bit and am currently on chapter 10. Some general feedback: Getting 3 sword users at the beginning feels a bit wasteful, so I had to bench Bastila since my lord is required... Reed was also benched since he feels like worse Aaron and there's enough other cool classes that Hero takes a backseat (Dragoon!) No healers for a long time - I actually enjoyed this since it made me use vulneraries more, and I tend to just always sell those and default my playstyle around healers Lots of dialogue - mixed feelings on this one since I do enjoy the backstory but it definitely feels like there's a bit too much talking in between chapters Some of the portraits can use touchups/look a bit funky I think it would be nice if you could include growths/promotion paths in a txt file or a README if that's not too much work. This would also help since I didn't use Tethes for a long time due to Jagen stereotype, but he actually has really good growths. Chapter (4)?, the FoW map with dark mages, is way too hard. That might just be because I ran to the village for the boots, but if I didn't abuse emulator save states there's no way I could've beaten that chapter. FoW + waves of 5 dark mages into a mostly res-less team is not really playable/fun. I think either FoW or swarms of dark mages alone is fine, but together it's too much Would also be nice if there was some kind of indication about the turn clear bonuses/penalties. I've had chapters where I thought I cleared relatively fast, and then got a -5000, and vice versa. It's nice to have a target for turn clear instead of fumbling around blindly. I ended up arena abusing not to level characters, but to stock up on gold since I'm on the most challenging difficulty and had about 3000g left, didn't want items to start getting taken. Sorry if this feels nitpicky - these are just the things that stood out to me! Otherwise, I really like the hack so far and look forward to beating everything. Also, a quick questions about the chapter I'm on - I'll put it in a spoiler to avoid spoiling anything. Thanks again for the great work!
  4. Hey, just wanted to say that I've been playing on hard mode and have really been enjoying this hack. Given that there's only a few chapters left I might wait until it's done before doing a complete playthrough - I just passed chapter 15, missed recruiting Riley, and kind of want to start over (don't have a save file from before chapter 13 within the tavern.) Can I suggest that for the full release, it'd be nice if you consolidate a list of missables under a spoiler tag? Something like secret shop locations, missable recruitments (I didn't even realize I didn't have Liang until I read some of the comments)? Thanks for the great hack!
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