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  1. I beat Lunatic with my Lord Eliwood, Reindhart, Cordelia, and Olivia. Eliwood with a Hone Cavalry Reindhart manages to survive the Archer and Hammer Flier, and kill it in return because of Axebreaker. Reindhart with Lancebreaker 1 manages to kill every single Lance units that appeared, and whittled down Axe units so that Eliwood can OHKO them. Cordelia kills off every Red units. Simple but effectively. Olivia dances to help everyone pick off more units. Tried to play Infernal. Eliwood gets doubled by that Archer instead... literally almost everyone can pick off my units.
  2. I got both Tana and Amelia in one set of pull. I am so happy! :D Tana will be very useful as she is very versatile (Actually real close to the stats I set for my own Thea), and also a new role I call Transporter! Because of the two I got, I decided to 5* my Zephiel, since Armors just got much, much better with the two, and Zephiel is no exception with his Threaten DEF legendary weapon. I would take Valter as my next 5* instead, but he'll be on the sidelines as my reserve unit.
  3. I have a -SPD +DEF Amelia, so my build would be... Weapon: Slaying Axe+ Assist: Swap / Reposition / Pivot Special: Ignis / Bonfire A Slot: Water Boost 3 / Fortress Res 3 / Earth Boost 3 / Distant Counter B Slot: Quick Riposte 2 / Vantage 3 / Axebreaker 3 / Lancebreaker 3 / G Tomebreaker 3 / B Tomebreaker 3 / Wings of Mercy 3 C Slot: Armor March 3 / Threaten Def 3 / Threaten Atk 3 I prefer keeping the Slayer Axe+ because the weapon is very close to Hauteclere in terms of power, with only 2 less MT! Assists are up to you. I prefer Pivot when playing solo Armored. Specials are a no-brainer. Ignis is the best option since it allows Amelia to make her worst enemies kneel with around close to 30 damage in 3 hits, and even more with Earth Boost 3. Bonfire is also a good option if you prefer a faster, 2 hit proc. Her +DEF allows Amelia to discard the Earth Boost 3 as a preferable option, or turn her into an super tank with 44 DEF. I look towards Fortress Res 3 (Innes) or Water Boost 3 (Berkut) because it can fill the gap in her defenses, RES, and turn her into an omni-tank. Otherwise, you can turn Amelia into a better Hector by giving her the Distant Counter. Her -SPD limits her speedy B skill options. I recommend Quick Riposte in this case to double much more reliably, and your special should would be ready in no time. Vantage can be an option if you want an edge in battle. Axebreaker 3 / Lancebreaker 3 are your other options. Lancebreaker should enable you to down any persistent blue units, which can be plenty. G/B Tomebreaker 3 is used only with Distant counter, and will allow you to prevail against many mage matchups. You can also give her a Wings of Mercy for AI shenanigans, although it's best used with a +SPD Amelia. Never change the C slot unless Amelia is a solo Armored unit in your team. Otherwise, Threaten Def / Atk 3 will make the enemies squishier either offensively or defensively.
  4. Decided to stop doing Hero Fest pull for now, and start pulling the new banner... and holy hell. I'm not regretting my choice! :D Free summon: Cherche 4* (-SPD +RES) My first Cherche! Neutral at best... I do have Frederick as my Brave Axe 5* user, so... Summons: Tana 5* (-SPD +DEF) Whoaaa! Ehem... I mean... greetings, Princess of Frelia! You'll be a great physical tank for me! :D (Screams internally~) Donnel 3* (+DEF -ATK) Draw Back, Reciprocal Aid & Brave Lance fodder. One of the better 3* at least ^_^ Amelia 5* (Unknown spread: 19/6/7/10/4) Oooh yes. Luckiest pull ever!! Amelia... ridicilous ATK, SPD, and DEF. And her super cuteness. T-This is too much aaahhhh~ <3 Gordin 3*
  5. Hero Fest pull here I come! Free Summon: Robin (M) 3* Ninian where are you... my 5* Eliwood has been waiting for so long... q_q Summons: Sheena 4* (+DEF -ATK) Ah, the pure tank! I like her over Hector just because of her sweet bulk. I don't mind the ATK as long as I can Ignis enemies to oblivion! Julia 5* (+DEF -HP) Woo! It's a score! Now that I have Julia, I can pair her with Seliph~ I mean an all-round strong mage! :) Serra 3* ... my luck is drained... Cecilia 4* I don't have much use as I have a 5* Cecilia. What to do... Let me contemplate on one thing. We have the exact same Julia. cheers~!
  6. Reunited at Last Tempest summon time! :D Free summon: Nowi 4* +HP -RES Oh how I always wanted Nowi! Not only is she formidable, but she is the cutest. ^_^ Summons: 4* Corrin (M) +SPD -RES Finally a good IV Corrin M! I've been getting -ATK Corrin so much, and this one is just much better. 4* Serra +RES -ATK Ah, a healer with great speed and +RES makes for a nice magical wall while she heals. A welcome addition. :) 3* Lon'qu 3* Gaius
  7. I got a 5* Roy! But he's +HP and -ATK... and it's not only that, the 4* Mae and Raven I got from the same Binding Blade banner, are also -ATK. Still, anyone knows how I can make use of this Roy? On the bright side, I did get a -HP +ATK 4* Felicia and -HP +ATK 4* Roy...
  8. Beat Infernal! With Reindhart ( = ), Cecilia (+ATK), and 2 Olivia! Reindhart has Lancebreaker to kill the Lance Peg. Reindhart has Draconic Aura (It has to proc), and Death Blow 3 in order to ORKO Lilina. Cecilia has Gronnblade for damage boost. Cecilia has Quick Riposte / G Tomebreaker to defeat enemy Cecilia. Both Reindhart & Cecilia has Hone Cavalry. Cecilia has Reposition, while Reindhart has Draw Back. The two dancers just dances Reindhart and Cecilia out of harm. The biggest head scratcher was to find a way to circle around that extra Red Mage on the left. Thankfully Reindhart can kill him with just enough damage (26 x 2 = kill); if he engages first. Cecilia was there mostly for the Reposition, but does defeat her own maker with Hone boost, which was a necessity. Lilina has 57 HP, and Hone boosted Reindhart deals (28 x 2) damage, and Lilina will double and kill Reindhart if she retaliates. He needs a special proc in order to defeat Lilina in one round. I had to watch the spacing on the dancers; I positioned one dancer on the bottom right, and the other two spaces up. Kills in order: Reindhart kills Lance Pegasus (Lancebreaker) Cecilia kills Cecilia (Quick Riposte / G Tomebreaker) Reindhart kills Lance Cavalier (DA at 1) Reindhart danced and kills Lilina (DA proc) Reindhart kills Red Mage Reindhart kills Bow Infantry
  9. First pull was Lon'qu at 4*! (Yay Vantage 3 fodder~) Then I got Roy, I wanted to say yeeessss~, until... 4 stars...
  10. Here are 10 reasons why I love Fire Emblem Heroes as a whole in a rational sense: It's a mobile Fire Emblem game. Many of us have been longing for a chance to play FE on the palm of our mobile phones. Also, one of the only mobile games I play. It's brings heroes from all FE games including Thracia 776 and Shadows of Valentia. Brings a ton of variety to the table. All units are well-designed. Including voice and its exclusive art made by various artists. Most of them are very lovely. It brings nostalgia for older games to appear here. Care has been taken on every single unit so that all units are unique in their own rights. A truly Free-to-play game. Units are simply defined by a clear 1-5 stars. No SR+ qualities and whatnot. The highest rank has a base of 3% chance of pulling; much more forgiving than most gacha games. Lower ranked units can be upgraded to that same tier by investing time and effort to gain that sweet 20.000 feathers. There is a certain love or care for your units as you see them grow. Skill Inheritance. Adding yet another step in the variety is the ability to spice up your units, your way. It may be costly in investment costs, but if you're passionate about your favorite character. I know you'll do it anyway for the sake of creating your penultimate character. Generous amount of stamina. 99 Stamina, 1 every 5 minutes. This number ensures that every players will have plenty of time to enjoy the game for a good while. There are also stamina potions, obtainable by quests and daily log-ins, which can give you an extra 99 stamina that can be saved up for when you need it! Fantastic difficulty spread. Each chapter in the story will gradually become more challenging, and as your unit grows, as a seasoned player, you can take on truly challenging maps that will test your tactician skills. If you're more casual, the game offers you with Normal, Hard, and Lunatic difficulty for ALL content to ensure EVERYONE can enjoy the contents. Of course, being a more skilled player yields more rewards, so the game wants you to become better and you'll be rewarded handsomely! :D Effective rewards. Each quest visibly helps in the long run, with rewards such as orbs and feathers, stamina potions and dueling swords, and even units and sacred seals, they all have effective immediate usefulness for your demands. Arena. The game's form of PvP. Not live, but instead you'll be pitted against the enemy's defensive team controlled by AI. This creates lots of breathing room for the player so that you can focus on raising units without worrying about live battles. It's also scaled towards your team's overall strength, ensuring that you will (almost) have a chance to prevail in the fight. Exciting & Accessible Events. Grand Hero Battles, Voting Gauntlet, Tempest Trials, Paralogues, new summons~ All of these are exciting events that anyone can enter, barred by only your Stamina! No tickets required!
  11. Continuing on for @Anacybele's Minerva, I agree with Aria (No longer Saint Elimine ;w;). 50 attack is just more in contrast with Michalis's power, and the speed... oh the speed. You can double anyone really, makes Minerva a much more offensive oriented than Michalis could ever hope to be. The +Res will give her more tankiness against magic. You'll find it more useful than you think, once you realize mages have a harder time killing your Minerva, and their abundance in the arena.
  12. My thoughts exactly. I even have more than a thousand flags left here in hopes for a multiplier. Welp. I'll be on the unranked side, just because I'm not as active in FEH anymore, but I still got my good units, so I'll take it steadily. The incoming hero fest would fix all my remorse. :)
  13. I'm a little guilty. I have my own 4* Wrys and I'm taking him as one of my healers alongside Azama, Clarine and Lachesis. ^_^ Just in case something like the Chain Assault is expanded upon, and the HM. :)
  14. Well, continuing from here... All that matters is that anything can happen once you start playing the Tenth Stratum. Just be prepared that you won't win every single game in Tenth Stratum runs. There will probably at least be some losses due to the broad variation of team setups.
  15. I saw a dub of this comic yesterday. It was so sweet to anyone who made an Eliwood x Ninian pairing. >w< (I really need Ninian since I have a 5* Eliwood... Damn it~!)
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