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  1. I can't seem to pull M!Corrin, Cain, Seliph, and Kagero
  2. I have two accounts. My main account on android and alt on my ipad. I have 15 *5 in my main now: I do spent some money on my main account, but not my alt account (luck has been on my alt account for pulling *5, but still I prefer *5 on my main :) ) Main account: Ike(+DEF-SPD), SpringCamilla(+ATK-DEF), Azura(+HP-ATK), SpringLucina(+HP-SPD), Chrom(+DEF-RES), Lucina(+HP-DEF), Ryoma(+SPD-ATK), Sharena(neutrallol), Effie(neutral), Xander(+DEF-HP), Catria(+SPD-HP), M!Robin(+SPD-DEF), Hawkeye(-ATK+RES), Camilla(+RES-SPD), and Elise(neutral). As for my alt account, I got: Lyn(+RES-DEF), Leo, Sharena, Faye, Marth, Abel(-ATK), Merric, Effie, Clair, SpringLucina(+ATK-SPD), and Takumi. I kinda forgot some of their boons and banes. Oh, I just realized I only promoted Sharena lol.
  3. Both Ryoma and Azura are -ATK, but Ryoma's boon is +SPD and Azura's +HP. Chrom's +DEF-RES, which is convenient boon and bane for his stats. At least, I finally have them!
  4. Thank you for the giveaway @Rezzy @VincentASM So I choose to pull on Hero banner cus it has a better chance on *5; that is, Ryoma, Azura, Takumi, and Hector. And...
  5. I keep getting Stahl *3 and idk what to do with him lol. And it's quite rare for me to get red orbs from summon, usually blue and green orbs. I forgot who else I keep pulling. Edit: Oh, I just remembered I also pull Fir for 5x. Pulled Stahl 6x btw.
  6. No, because I keep challenging my team to "Weak Against in Triangle Weps" units in training towers. The system keeps giving me such team and I'd love to see how much I can go, so I won't get bored anytime soon.
  7. I spent all 110 orbs on my 2nd account and got Faye in my 2nd full pull. She's -atk tho but it's fine. Thought I could be really lucky today, so I continued until I spent all orbs left - got me 2nd Leo. Definitely happy :)
  8. Well, I would love to have another *5 sword, but idk if I want to promote Marth as Lucina is also sword infantry like him. I prefer to get him *5 from summon rather than by feathers. Reinhardt could also be my first *5 cavalry blue mage which is really great to have and yeah he and his Dire Thunder plus +atk could just wreck lots, but I also want my buffing unit too. Too bad her IV isn't good even if Eirika does chip damage. I am so confused lol. I guess I'll have to wait for some more time and summons before I promote.
  9. I know Eirika is awesome as buffing unit, but is it worth to promote her to *5 for her +res-atk? I was just wondering if 39 atk max with Sieglinde matters or not, and my feathers could be of better use to promote others if not her. I have Reinhardt +atk-hp but I have Robin and SpringLucina for blue mages. The only sword *5 I have is Lucina.
  10. That's because Japanese players have complained to IS for Ike. They've posted replies of those alot in so many Heroes twitter's posts lol. And finally after all the complaints, Ike will come to us.
  11. I've played this game since the release date and just joined in the forum. ID: 6258075094 My leader is Sharena and she may always ever be the leader, because I think I rely on her so much on defense arena I just let her have the seat. Edit: Ike came and changed my defense team. He's on the front now.
  12. Announced "Choose Your Legend" on this summer - and Ike's voice of this version
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