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  1. Also, those two don't have the pink color filling for their supports unlike the same-sex supports that do.
  2. Tomas, Jeritza and papi don't appear to be on this list
  3. Maybe the S-rank slot appears after the time-skip for those that aren't Byleth. Hoooo boy. Aside from Byleth, Flayn only talks with dudes. Watch out for this one.
  4. You give away the ring your father give you. Oh wait, that's a demerit. You lose somethingšŸ˜ While I was never a fan of sandbox dating simulation aspect of FE, I do prefer most characters having a few possible romantic partners like in the GBA era.
  5. Might have just been Thani and her source didn't understand that Rhea's and Sothis's S support might be different from the others
  6. Interesting tidbits. Dimitri and Edelgard don't have any supports with anyone from their opposite houses. Do they have some kind of feud or something? Gilbert either finds himself unfamiliar with the other houses or is Blue Lions exclusive. Seems that Rhea and Sothis are NPCs. I don't think he's that young. He's recruitable so of some age to the point that he can fight
  7. Seemingly odd exceptions of Rhea's and Sothis's S-supports worded differently by IGN as well as same-sex S-supports highlighted with purple filling. Some characters can't talk to one another, but it seems that cross house supports exist. Neutral characters won't be able to support every character. For example, Ashe can achieve an A-support with Petra. Either S-supports don't exist for non-avatar ships or there are paired A-support endings that are delayed to the end like in the GBA games unlike the avatar's possibly instant marriage/S-support when achieving it.
  8. Hmm. IGN said there are 3 same-sex S supports for both genders yet mention Rhea and Sothis can be S-supported in the same sentence. Bit confused. Maybe S support for those two is platonic or something. Like the Owain Lucina one in Awakening that's listed as "companions" Yep. Only 3 for both. Same sex are highlighted in purple. Rhea and Sothis don't seem to be considered as normal S-supports for both genders. Might be something like the paired endings in the GBA era. Thank god you can't lewd the dragon loli
  9. Unless he has trainee BST, I'll fodder him. DC+Chill Spd in one package is something blue lance units with decent speed want because blue and red tend to have faster melee units that green. Also, blue has color advantage over red so you're getting benefits for neutral and strong match-ups. I can't believe I wasted orbs on trying to get Hector only to get shitty Kana and a poor flaw Lute. 150 down the drain from last months F2P stash.
  10. Seems like it was the likeliest conclusion. M!Byleth is the mythic hero of this month EDIT: He's not the mythic hero. He makes his debut there
  11. I didn't know where to post this, but it seems that Hilda is the loyalist of Golden Deer, like Hubert and Dedue are for their houses.
  12. She's seemingly the lowest ranking of the 3 "those who slither in the dark". Not too spoilery. Also, probably because of her standing she'll probably be the first of them we'll fight.
  13. I really like how their weapons reflect their personalities. Edelgard is cold and distant towards others. Dimitri is chivalrous and prefers fighting on equal footing as his opponents. Claude is a low risk high reward kind of guy. Of the remaining banners this month there are 2 that Byleth could potentially appear on, but if past patterns are anything to go by then only 1. With Rhajat we saw that they convey to the player that there'll be another banner with a new unit featured. This doesn't seem to be the case with Heroes with Close Defense which leads me to believe that male Byleth is the mythic hero of this month. If the cutscenes are anything to go by then Cronya is a dagger unit with quite possibly gen 3 dagger BST if they truly get the same treatment as archers. Bow Alm is in the 160s, spring Loki 155 if I recall correctly. I hope she has a prf or at least a brand new inheritable weapon
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