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  1. I really liked the guy. Had good content and upstanding personality (his episodes aside). Memes aside, he had a very bright mind. Huge bummer that was the way to go. And so young. He was saying some messed up shit for a while, but seemed to be "normal" again recently with a video stating that no more stunts. Really sad. I was following his disappearance on reddit from the moment his farewell video went up. It hit me like a hammer when I stopped looking at news for a few hours and then to find out the outcome. I really hoped they would find him safe and sound I heard the black and red joycon was his favorite combination. If I'll ever get the chance I'll start using that from then on. I'll also try to find a Joycon Boyz shirt from a legitimate source that benefits Etika's family. Joycon Boyz forever
  2. Warriors DLC (underwear), no? Also, Mathilda prison scene wasn't censored unless it wasn't considered that revealing.
  3. In-game environments, models and cutscenes look very similar to those of Warriors' (albeit less developed in some aspects since the game is much larger than Warriors and Warriors was rather short). Also, this game is being co-developed or rather was (the game is pretty much completed at this point) by Koei Tecmo so there really isn't any fuss using stuff from things they've worked on together. If anything, they have something to work off of rather than start from scratch or stick to 3DS engine.
  4. One copy of the class change item is. If you want more then you have to pay up. Also, from what I recall, you have to pick between witch and ballistician as your free option. I doubt that they'll have overclasses like they did in Echoes or at least at launch, because this game has gone through a somewhat difficult development cycle as the release date has been pushed back twice. Not to mention refurbishing the Warriors engine. A game that's originally in a completely different genre. Also, it's predictably the biggest FE game to date so a lot of work has been put into it. They might do something down the line, but for now it seems to me like they want to get this game out as soon as possible and are too busy to deal with something else. Maybe exp and item maps for a quick buck at launch is possible. But it remains to be seen. Only time will tell.
  5. Agartha... feels like a light novel if any of you have read any
  6. You can give her lancebreaker to break through pesky Effies and such.
  7. That evil looking guy is probably unrecruitable in non-BE playthroughs. He's loyal to Edalgard as stated in his bio. Dedue probably as well for Dimitri as his bio states him being indebted to him
  8. So Petra and Leonie can be recruited. Looks like they don't fall under the "certain character category"
  9. From when she first appeared I didn't really like her, but now that the designs are pretty much finalized she looks rather cute. If only Claude would have had the amount of swag Dimitri has post time skip then I'd have picked GD first. Still my second choice for houses though.
  10. I'm going to need a closer look at him. His hair feels off still somehow IMO. He looks like a fashion show reject. But again. Need a better angle Now this is the variety in character clothing I wanted. Ashe is probably my favorite out of these along with Lysithea Boy is Caspar big. Ashe used to be a twig, but he's got some meat on himself now
  11. It's also a seal. Though I guess you could put darting blow seal on her
  12. https://guide.fire-emblem-heroes.com/en-GB/category/character/ Updated
  13. It seems that Sylvain's brother appears in the game related to a quest in which he steals a relic and is a thiief
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