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  1. It's good, but the ones used for monastery and other leisure activities is rather dull
  2. What part is saying having martial prowess meant to insinuate him being a noob? That's a compliment In that case then yes. Anyone with talent in one field can be a teacher. However the game tries to come off as Byleth despite having expertise in one or two fields of knowledge, can teach people things he probably needs to study himself. Of course Byleth's proficiencies do play a role in how well you teach, but there really isn't anything stopping him from teaching about riding pegasi or wyverns. Also. Regarding Jeritza
  3. @Julian SoloOh. You're talking about making the writing more coherent
  4. Manuela is a nurse and Hanneman a scholar. The teachers in this game seem like homeroom teachers I guess, but it could've done a better job at that. Also, are all the teachers supposed to be knowledgeable in each skill field? Byleth has martial prowess, but that's on par with Jeritza being a fencing instructor. It's not made too apparent before becoming a professor that he's some kind of tactician. If anything, Jeralt was the one giving orders during the prologue.
  5. I'm going to throw a curveball and say FE5 remake. I know there would be issues with it getting a remake before FE4, but why not lol.
  6. People say nukes are the end of the world. They're wrong. Its when world leaders become fellow weebs are then things fucked up.
  7. TBH I find it a bit odd how Byleth has the ability to teach despite being only a mercenary who's ignorant about a lot of things and has no experience being a teacher. I dislike this kind of handwaving. I do agree that maybe he could've started out as a teacher's assistant or something and following Manuela's hospitalization or something he's thrust into the professor role. Of course this would require rewrites (I personally think the timeskip is the best and worst aspect of the story that would need the the length of the time skip significantly reduced, but that's a story for an other day)
  8. Someone already mentioned freelance stuff about Kurahara so I'm not expecting her to appear again in the near future. I better keep tabs on her's and Hidari's future projects whether or not I can tell heads or tales about guessing the artist for the next FE game. Are the character portraits also done by her? Are they not just adapted from her designs? Maybe a similar case as Fates with a lot of the character designs being done by another person? I personally like her artwork and look forward to seeing it again. The pet peeves about the uniforms and class outfits should fall on the art director if past interviews are anything to go by.
  9. Oh wow. This difficulty shits on a lot of the ways people played the game. Stride can actually be dangerous and being tanky is going to help a lot
  10. Probably just a vocal minority acting up. In one week they'll find something else to hate on.
  11. Slow and steady. Or would you rather sell a kidney?
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