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  1. I'm just going to echo what PM1 said. "A Solo or a rouse skill would have synergy with the solo condition of the weapon. Gharnef, Conrad, Gangrel, and recent Nemesis also have Chill Atk already. Nemesis already having it at 4*. Spd/Def 2 was locked to 5* Tana but at least now it's more available."
  2. I understand why he'd have Chill Atk because of his weapon, but damn. Spd/Def 2 on Kris. Skills on 4* and TT units still kinda suck. At least seasonals give us good inheritable weapons. When they aren't beast units that are mediocre. Male Kris skills
  3. Male Kris is the TT unit... Foddering him is easy then. Only thing he has going for him is being voiced by the VA of Giorno. Would've really liked Clarisse or female Kris as the TT reward, but alas. It is what it is. I have nothing against the idea of the banner, but they could've added more canonical dark mages to it.
  4. Flame Emperor without their helmet. That's some kind of BK whale version stuff all over again.
  5. Oooo. Maybe it's a cult or black magic themed banner. Alchemy seems likely as well given a certain character's origin Seen mentions of a Arabian Nights banner as well
  6. I found it funny that miss leaker made a account for SF to talk about said "leaks". Anyways, seemed interesting with some mechanics being mentioned, but it sounded equally as bad as it did awesome. Also, someone went out of their way to write the Pirate Emblem leak which read like bad fan-fiction once you laid your eyes on it.
  7. I do recall at least one seasonal TT having the previous year's seasonals as bonus units. Maybe that? Or all of the units are summonable or free at the time like how they handle VG.
  8. Hot springs 2.0 maybe? I don't mind it if it's not exclusively Fates characters. Could be 3H centric banner cause sauna in that game.
  9. With that tome and stats it's easy to see why he'd never see combat. Regardless of color he's hardly a threat in combat. His point is to be as annoying as possible to you, the one who controls the units in AR-O. Not unreliable chip damage that doesn't do anything against you with a unit like him even if he was colorless. It's a bit of wasted effort to not have anything on him that let's him deal more debuffs. You can build up on his good Res stat for sabotage skills since his prf doesn't rely on his stats unlike Iago and he's already debuffing already as it is.
  10. He's a support like Iago that's too inconsistent to be of use in PvE. Most use you're getting out of him is in AR-D by sitting in a corner. That's what I've seen most people say about him. And people that care about that stuff already use Iago. The argument about him being colorless has merit when he's a combat unit like Bram or H!Xane, but he's not.
  11. There'd have made no difference in him between being colorless or red in what he is right now. He'd still have the same role and stats. People getting excited over what's basically a sticker's color at this point. I can understand some frustration over translation of a character into the game, but... They've taken a lot of liberties in the past. Nemesis' problem is his shitty weapon. They should have never have made those crappy first combat per phase effects.
  12. Young Tiki is just more moe shit that you've seen several times before with her other alts. Art isn't bad, probably just alt fatigue or something that people are experiencing. At the end of the day, resplendents are an art upgrade and in the case of Y!Tiki, she really needed it.
  13. Another 5 star only... I would like to get Feh pass, but only if it's for the resplendents that are 3-4 star. Oh yeah, a majority of last year's resplendents were 5 star locked. I hope this isn't a continued trend.
  14. Oh yeah. Previous datamine text dump mentioned it being the likely timing of the version update.
  15. N before Miranda is this year's Raigh. I hope that she's at least a more modern Lilina with her statline.
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