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  1. I didn't know what I was supposed to do on my first go so I just remade my team for the second battle. BB, Mash and friend's Merlin. I whittled away all their health while leaving them alive so that I could finish them off when I switch in Chacha. After Chacha burns out, Melt comes in and the rest is history.
  2. From what I understand Poster Girl won't be appearing on the Thanksgiving banner unless it's a typo. Last year's had the event CEs for Ilya and someone else who I can't remember I'll be very sad if we don't get event CEs this time around. I really want Poster Girl
  3. From what I read you were having a really hard time. I hope you're feeling better now.
  4. Lif part was cool, but even if I am a weeb this is so goddamn offensively bad anime at it's worst.
  5. Seems like Santa Quetz rerun is on hold for now until mid December so that the new Santa welfare arrives on time. I was expecting Anastasia, but Nightingale is not a bad choice. Artist is most likely the same. Not the biggest fan of them but they've probably improved by a whole lot after all these years. My guess is that she'll be a caster with a kit similar to her normal self's and Ascelpius. We might get our first welfare support servant in a long time since Iri and I guess BB if you want to consider her that, but she's more of a DPS. I saw antlers on the event banner so maybe reindeer cosplay? The 24 hour maintance thing was a epic disaster. From what I understand App Store hadn't received the update or something and by the time they did no one was available at DW office to give the approval for maintenance to continue to it's ending. Kind of bad management, but it was more or less out of nowhere. Aniplex is the service provider so some blame falls on them, but then again it goes to show how much of a grip DW has on their balls that even a maintanace can't be approved of without their consent. The only negative thing I really have to say that hasn't been addressed is that I'm fearful that broken streaks for SQ wont be addressed. EDIT: I misunderstood how streaks and total log-in days works Oh, SWII song is coming out. Nice
  6. Steve Jobs died for this. Fricking App Store
  7. My account is on ice right now. Content is rather boring and waiting to personalize units takes too long to even care. Unless they add another way of f2p customization in 4.0 I'm out at least until the next summoning pool change happens. Also, the way they handle weapon refines for older units is outdated a bit leading some units to humiliatingly bite the dust. Compare Fredrick with the new Ephraim.
  8. I had a horrible nightmare. The goose from Untitled Goose Game was JP's Christmas welfare.
  9. So yeah. After a month I'm back. Probably needed a break again. Ditched Heroes for good this time unless it's 4.0 launch has anything that redeems the current state of the game. GBF on the background, but I'm okay with not trying to be too invested in it's competitive aspect. More often if not, welfares get a damage bonus so it can end up making farming easier for you. I understand wanting to focus such an amount of embers on something else, but we get plenty of events without welfares already. Then again, FGO does a good job of characterizing most of it's servants so I wouldn't be surprised if so many servants are a priority. Take this with a grain of salt, but there's rumours of the next welfare for Christmas being If true, I for one welcome our sweet overlord welfare. Again, if true. But I have to wait 2 years then. Oof.
  10. The whole dragons lose their mind along with other things is an overused trope at this point. Unless it applies a unique twist, explanation or variation then it's lazy and unimaginative writing
  11. I did it. But it's not some kind of massive spoiler.
  12. Better than whatever the heck the finale of book 2 was with Laegjarn.
  13. It's a bit too early to tell, but the second Breidablik might bring changes to the summoning pool or summoning in general in the near future.
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