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  1. Character surviving when they clearly should have died. Some BS asspull or something saves them. Have the courage to kill off your characters. Even the MC. Shift of POV isn't an entirely foreign concept. Bit of a shounen gripe. If you want your MC to preach about hard work and all that in your stories then don't give them some kind of unique OP ability/power to render all that worthless. Lee should've the true protagonist of Naruto.
  2. SMTV is alive. Plus Nocturne remaster. Aaaaah. I feel all warm and fuzzy. The JP Direct had a few more games announces although they've yet to receive a release date for English audiences. Sakuna looks like a fun 2D action RPG. And Ryza 2 for the Atelier fans. Been considering getting into the series myself so all the more better.
  3. Surprised at her not being in her Emperor attire for this round. Was expecting Armored Lord to be in a regular banner and Emperor as the legendary alt. Maybe for CYL? Raging Storm is pretty tame. The beast damage and dragonstone requirement for follow-ups severely dampens it. She might have a shit ton of attack to justify just running GF+BF instead of damaging specials, but at that point she starts to fall into the abyss that is aXe ArMoRs.
  4. Fallen 3 if Anankos in Tap Battle is anything to go by
  5. Nice. Free DC fodder. Just what my vanilla Marth wanted. I gave him Shield Pulse yesterday. Hoping for an art upgrade in the near future. Mayo's Marth alts really are damn adorable and regal so I'm hoping for them to be the one to give him that
  6. Eliwood looks so damn nice. All the more reason to invest in Blazing Durandal. My recent investment in him paid off luckily enough
  7. I recall it being discussed that it doesn't. Same applies for rally strength. It seems to be more like rally might and might blow.
  8. Only ones that I have played a great deal of and remember. I have played every entry post FE3 tho. I personally prefer using a 1-5 rating since I can be more precise where I'd like to put a game FE5: 8 Bit clunky, but unique gameplay; likes to take risks; good story. FE6: 4 The only thing that brings me back is randomized runs. FE7: 7 Leaning more towards a 6 than a 8. Somewhat decent gameplay, but goddamn is the story atrocious. FE8: 7 Map design feels very claustrophobic; story is cookie cutter, but it does it's job. FE9: 9 Probably the "best" FE game, but the animations man. I keep on swinging over the Ike takes over the mercs thing, it's stupid how it's just accepted, but at the same time Shinon and Gatrie do leave. Apparently has one of the worst highest difficulties in the franchise tho it's JP exclusive. It being removed was for the better tho the game can be a bit too easy. Plot is sometimes a bit too convenient. The base from Tellius is one of the best in-between chapter menus to have existed within FE. Game designs decisions that seem to work. FE13: 6 The entry that got me invested in the series and got me to buy a 3DS. Has a lot of balancing issues to the point that one small tip of the scales can snowball into absurdly broken units. Map design is atrocious, especially on higher difficulties. There's a difference between poorly designed maps and no map designs. The story has pacing issues, filler arcs and the villains are pretty terrible. While it takes mechanic cues from previous FEs, most of them are shoehorned in to the point that they're poorly designed if not redundant. Lunatic is pretty atrocious and I heard + is godawful. Imagine ambush spawns, but with Lunatic stats FE14: 4 They were trying to do something. They were obviously ambitious, but pandering at the same time. Some priorities weren't where they were supposed to be. There are stories of there being a schism between the devs for who should the game be appealing towards to. Doesn't help that the devs lied through their teeth about the state of the game shortly before release. Don't get me started on the DLC. Conquest is good tho... For it's gameplay. FE15: 7 Leaning more towards a 8 than a 7. Map design is definitely atrocious, but this really isn't meant to be a standard FE game the same way FE4 is tho it's less obnoxious in it's barrier of entry. I'll give it points for trying to do something new. Some design decisions are thrown in just because, but others work out really well. Has the best presentation in the FE series. Feels distant from modern FE, but in the places it does it does it's job well. Story stumbles at places, especially endgame. I really need replay this game for the purposes of a length and thorough analysis/review. FE16: I don't know how I feel about it My honeymoon period with the this game is pretty much over. I'm making a lengthy and thorough analysis, but I've got military service shortly coming up so that'll be delayed until the end of the year.
  9. To get CF is kind of a hassle so you'll need to look up a guide to unlock it. I should warn you though. It's quite something. I can say that much🤣. Tho there is a good moment with Dimitri in it towards the end.
  10. Immortal Corps gives +10 avoid. Alert Stance + 15 and the upgraded version +30 which isn't that hard to achieve on Claude of all people. You can then place him on a forest tile, but even then I've seen him battling enemies in the 30s when they try to attack him with all of the above active EDIT: just checked, no forest i n this case (only one Stance can be used and in this case it was AS+). Throw in a adjutant for the support bonus. You also have Blessing to fall back to in case of bad RNG (it lasts until it's used up).
  11. I'll give a vote to Dimitri as the dude's side representative of potential CYL winner. Waiting to see the female's side with the midterms if there's anyone there that I like. Money. They need to know which characters along with their post-timeskip version would make the most money.
  12. Lorenz since any mage can use Thrysus and they'll be out of enemy range. Also really good pick for BE since he can act as an adjutant for Ferdinand bcs of the whole "close ally" hidden mechanic that adds additional boosts to support bonuses. Sylvain's lance can come in handy if you want to use it. Any character that gives good battalions from their paralogues. Might be worth looking into flier ones.
  13. If he's defaulted to sniper then oh boy, Hunter's Volley will come in real handy.
  14. The system needs an overhaul. I think you shouldn't be allowed to vote for the same character multiple times. This avoids "fan club" voting and shows which characters were at least popular on a much larger scale. I can't tell most of the time whether a character is popular in some circles or if they're a popular character in the franchise. Maybe have more votes given with the intent of making you choose characters that aren't in the game yet.
  15. Based on previous hero fests they're units that are in the regular summoning pool or at least appeared in a new heroes summoning banner. They'll also be good units, but more importantly premium fodder for SI purposes. My pick for each color is Duo Ephraim, Igrene, Osian and Brave Camilla.
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