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  1. @Bob of the A That was fixed very early on after release, I'm about to drop a patch thats dubbed version "final 3" in a few minutes depending on when you see this post it'll be up. It fixed a few enemy class issues and classes with wrong weapons since Fiora's little bug was fixed
  2. Don't worry all these issues have been fixed and a tad more. I won't be able to update the link to a newer patch until later
  3. Oh I'm sorry, I don't come here too often, I should've looked at it more Yeah anyway about to get a new patch out. V. 1.3
  4. This is Fire Emblem Blizzard Lance. A hack that was heavily inspired by Kobazco's Fe8 WR hack. A weapon reversal hack changes all unit's and enemies classes to a class that uses a weapon type that has advantage over it (i.e Mages to Shamans, thieves to wyvern riders) Since I only used Kobazco's as inspiration instead as a truly loyal creation for fe7 there were some changes I made that I thought would be more intersting. Lyn- Uses Axes/Armads Eliwood- Lance Cavalier/Maltet Hector- Swords (Lances on promotion)/Durandal Dorcas-Thief Karla-Warrior Athos- Can use Armads, Maltet,and Durandal It Changes Lyn mode and Hector modes to completion only, future plans for Eliwood modes may be happening in the not so distant future. All modes are open on a clean save fortunately Latest version can be obtained here: Other notable changes include: Afa's drops now give +20% Critical boost is now +30 Thieves promote to Rogues Aesthetic Weather(no movement penalty from weather) Deployment Changes on Brigands and pirates can use Hero crest, thieves can use Ocean seal. Both can use Earth Seal. Potential Changes in future Jerme and Jaffar Nerfs replacements for Forblaze and Aerola Coherent "Hard" difficulty for Hhm Eliwood Mode support Thanks to ltranc(for finding alot of problems) and Booshka,Granola, and Sergeant(for being willing to play all my memehacks) Credits: Brave Hector by Nuramon Female brigand and Zerker by eCut and Skitty Female Warrior by Black Mage, TempMael, and 2Wb Seth knight by Kenpuku,Aruka, and Nuramon Master knight by Trueblade1990(St. Jack) Halberdier 2,0 by The Blind Archer Monk repalette by Teraspark FE6 priest and bishop(Repallete) and Cleric(repalette) by Eldritch Abomination Rogue repalette by Feaw Axe Lyn(unpromoted and promoted) by Vilkalizer Sword hector by Zane Avernathy Archer with pigtails by DerTheVaporeon High magus by MrKnight and DerTheVaporeon with extra thanks to ltranc for almost every single palette in the hack (DM me if I missed anything)
  5. So why does Athos get randomized in Recruitment order as well? I feel like if order is randomized that he should stay where he is at the end of the game
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