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  1. Pleased to see Eirika get her Legendary alt to match Ephraims. The design is really good as well. Wish that the Halloween banner hadn't been so cruel to me this year (5% twice, and only one 5 star to date, which was a Libra), because I likely won't have the orbs to pull an Eirika this time around. I find it really upsetting that a lot of this thread has been bashing her though. Like, can't we be glad we're getting anything at all? Is it really terrible that she got a Legendary spot before someone else? I for one can't even remember the last time I was upset that a character was introduced into the game. In short, I just wanted to post that there's at least one more person who is happy to see this banner.
  2. Free Hinata sounds great to me, he's easily one of the units i use most for skill inheritance. I find that i pull a lot less Hinata that I'd like given how cluttered the red pool is. I'm curious what other units will be given out this way.
  3. Oh oh Hector vs Lilina is in a non-multiplier final hour!
  4. I'm pretty sure a lot of us Veronica players had 400 flags for this last hour, given the incredible lack of multipliers this whole gauntlet lol. Turnout may be surprising. I think at this point the biggest change I'd like to see to this mode is a removal of the score posting every hour. I'd like to see the score only posted at the end, when a victor is determined. Implement a new system that gives players an indication who is "ahead", but isn't clear by how much they are. This to me would at least give a better illusion of "Maybe we can catch up! Let's rally harder!" Also, multipliers need to go, as they've consistently killed my drive to be remotely interested in this mode outside of rewards and really ruins the whole "popularity" part of this event. I say this as someone who loves less popular characters, because victories with those characters via multiplier doesn't feel like a victory to me.
  5. Kinda sad Marth is gonna lose this, but I think I may join Hardin anyways. Posts in this thread have changed my opinion of him and I'd be down to see him get an alt with his original cavalier version.
  6. A part of me hope Alphonse wins, so that he can claim the title of "The Upset King". A bigger part doesn't, because I really wish Sharena had won it.
  7. Im okay with Olwen and Reinhart getting alts, but why are they literally the exact same design? At least make them a Brave/Legendary/more promoted looking/less promoted looking/older/younger/gender swapped/color swapped/ANYTHING. I literally voted Olwen as one of my favorite characters, but this turn is mind boggling.
  8. I actually worked this out myself and follow it for assigning elements as well. I wondered if anyone else thought to do this too. Too many choices when left in the air. Also, Anima was indeed replaced with Earth starting in the Tellius Series, fyi. Just need to figure out a system for characters before FE6.
  9. For the right one (I assume to be Sophie), it does look like the person has a ponytail, but I actually think it belongs to a weapon. The outfits and weapons are very hard to place for these.
  10. Looking at the hair, the one on right right actually looks like it could be Sophie. The one on the left looks like it could be Nah's hair (or less possibly, Nina.) I'm okay with both if so.
  11. Machua's so far at the top for me, even outside of Thracia 776. I'm going to cry if she doesn't use an axe.
  12. I was just thinking to myself today at work that evil versions of characters were gonna be an eventuality in Heroes, but I didn't expect it so soon. While I always prefer more of the FE cast being added in first, this banner does a good job at adding in an interesting twist of playable characters. I did assume these would have all been some cool form of boss battle instead, but oh well.
  13. I really don't like these Legendary Hero Fest banners anymore. 120 orbs gone to get a 5* Amelia at the end. Yet on the Christmas banner it took me only 80ish orbs to get 2 Holiday Lissa, 2 Holiday Robin, 1 Holiday Chrom, and a random Elincia off the same banner. I guess that's RNG for you, but still. I'll try pulling from these again when they have more legendary heroes to pull, so i can just pull every color without feeling like sniping a color.
  14. Actually looking at the poll showed me that there's 6 heroes I'm missing on this banner, and 3 of which I'd realllllly like to have. I wanted to keep trying for Mia and Dorcas, but maybe I will have to call it and save all my orbs for this. Top of this list is: Genny.
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